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  1. Hi. I was diagnosed October last year and has spent the last year learning to live with celiac disease. The bread: You get used to it, I thought it was horrible the first months, but now I almost can't remember what "normal" bread tastes like. Another thing I found difficult was being the "difficult one" when eating out, but as someone said to me: If you feel like you are being difficult asking for special food, just think about how it's going to be easier for the next celiac eating in the same restaurant. A few tips: Baking: Doves gluten free self raising flour (very good for fairy cakes that tastes almost just like "normal") Pasta: Doves farm gluten-free pasta Baguettes: Schär has got some good ones Bread: Fria (frozen, I toast some each time I need bread) Travel: Toastabag - reusable toastbags that makes it safe for you to use toasters everywhere I hope this was of some help to you. - Heidi