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  1. Thank you for the replies! Diagnosed celiac. Since July 1st. I drink wine on a regular basis and it doesn't ever mess with me. I made the potatoes from scratch, no box mix. I have no clue. As I am sure you know, it can be so hard to judge where a person might even picked up cross contamination. I think that's my hardest thing since going gluten free. I know my kitchen is 100% safe but eating with others... is a challenge. And Thanksgiving was just a day and a half ago.
  2. Yes.... exes are exes for a reason .
  3. All I had last night out of the normal was Malibu Rum and Dailey's Pina Colada mix. I am not sure if it is possible I had a reaction to this? I also ate cheesy potatoes (dairy really doesn't bother me), and some dark dove chocolates (which I eat under normal circumstances and have never had an issue). That's it.