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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. West Coast Canuck added a topic in Celiac Disease - Related Disorders & Research   

      H- Pylori
      H-pylori question: Due to persistent and worsening abdominal throbbing, I had an endoscopy done three weeks ago, even though have been gluten-free for several months. Multiple biopsies were taken in the duodenum (upper small intestine), and one or two in the stomach.

      No evidence of celiac disease was found in the intestine, and the villous: crypt length ratio was normal. Perhaps the C.D. was caught early before it progressed too far, and I healed quickly. At any rate, celiac disease not the direct source of my current stomach throbbing.

      The stomach biopsy found helicobacter pylori-associated chronic gastritis, likely the cause of the throbbing. Today my doctor prescribed me dual antibiotics (clarithromycin and amoxcillin) for one week, and a proton pump inhibitor (acid reduction) for eight weeks.

      Wondering: anybody else have problems with h-pylori c/w gastritis, and how was it treated? Did it take care of the problem? Thanks in advance.
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    2. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Cigars Have Gluten!   

      Any updates on whether swisher sweets, old port, colts or other cigarillos are gluten free ?
      Used to enjoy one here and there, but since celiac disease diagnosis am waiting to confirm they are OK before having another.
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    3. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Communion Bread   

      My Catholic parish has a seperate cup for the handful of us who are celiac.
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    4. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Background Body Throbbing/ Heart Pounding   

      Thanks very much everybody. Saw my family doctor, going to have B12 and thyroid checked, and then be referred to a G.I. specialist.
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    5. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Background Body Throbbing/ Heart Pounding   

      For the past couple years I gradually noticed an increase in what I thought was heart palpitations.  Turns out it was the gut "throbbing", and in January 2014 I was diagnosed with celiac disease as well as several mild to moderate food allergies.
      For the first couple months, the throbbing became less prominent.  However, I'm getting worse again in the last month, and it's keeping me awake at night.
      Am pretty sure I have not been glutened.   Suspect it is related to food allergies, but for some reason it is getting worse, not better.
      Has anyone else noticed this during the initial months of recovery, and it does it go away eventually ?
      Any input much appreciated.
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    6. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Vodka   

      Thanks for the info.  Good to know things may improve with time & healing.
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    7. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Smoking Products?   

      I used to smoke a couple colts, white owls, or swisher sweets on the weekend. Was diagnosed with celiac disease recently and am concerned about gluten in cigarillos, so I contacted the companies. They advise that their cigarillos are gluten-free...but I'd like to confirm with fellow Celliacs before going down that road again. Anyone out there have the odd cigarillo and any advice to pass on ? Would be much appreciated.
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    8. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Vodka   

      Was diagnosed with celiac disease only 3 months ago. Am still quite sensitive to a few things (spicy food), but fortunately moderate amounts of potatoe vodka (Luksusowa) go down the hatch very nicely.
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    9. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Healing Expectations - Nausea   

      One thing at a time....isn't that the truth.
      3 months ago when diagnosed, doctors gave me no idea what to expect, just don't eat gluten they advised.  So when I went gluten-free I figured I had the celiac issue figured out.  It wasn't until I started visiting these online forums that I realized how long the intestines take to heal.
      In addition to food allergies, my gut is really sensitive to mild spices, second hand smoke, too much wine....anything on the strong side.  Slow and easy works, introducing only one new food at a time.
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    10. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic gluten-free Beer - What Do You Drink?   

      Bard's is is glutenberg. I've had no issues with either one, and they are both made from gluten-free ingredients.
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    11. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Healing Expectations - Nausea   

      I'm a recent addition to the club too (almost 3 months). I did not have any problems with nauseau, but a lot of bloating and throbbingof the gut area. Symptoms got a lot better within a few weeks of going gluten-free. Also have had some reactions to food allergies.

      I've been told by both a dietician and fellow celiacs that healing of the gut can take anywhere between a few months up to a year or two. Also was advised to proceed cautiously with any food allergies, even mild ones. Getting tested for allergies might be an idea, as many celiacs have problems that way.

      All the best, and hope you continue to heal.
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    12. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Tendonitis ?   

      Hi sweetsailing: Many thanks for your post, and happy to hear that you're making progress. Really helps to have reason to be hopeful that things might improve over time. I'm two months into the gluten-free diet, and already am noticing that some of my shoulder and neck issues are less of a problem than before. As for the finger and wrist tendonitis, I'm going to go back to physiotherapy and hopefully will make some progress. Glad to hear that approach is working for you.

      These forums are really helpful, as fellow travellers have so much useful information to pass along. My experience with doctors has been that while they are very good at getting tests run and making the diagnosis, their knowledge doesn't extent too far beyond that at this point. Perhaps that will change with time. Thankfully these online forums exist.
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    13. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Tendonitis ?   

      Also, in the last month or two before I was diagnosed, started getting a lot of neuropathy in my left foot, which I had never had before.
      Since going gluten free (2 months ago), the nueropahty is a lot less noticeable.  Hopefully the tendonitis will do likewise.
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    14. West Coast Canuck added a post in a topic Tendonitis ?   

      Might have to switch.  Had put the better part of four years into classical guitar and really loved it.
      Am hoping it's related to celiac, but if the tendonitis doesn't go away, might try keyboards instead, it's not as hard on the annular finger, which is where the problem is.
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    15. West Coast Canuck added a topic in Celiac Disease - Related Disorders & Research   

      Tendonitis ?
      Six months ago I had to quit playing classical guitar due to tendonitis in finger, wrist and forearm on my strumming hand. Before long, desk work and using a computer were aggravating it even though I'd quit the guitar.

      Coincidentally (or not), I felt really lousy in general last year, had the docs run some tests in Dcember, and just after New Year's was diagnosed celiac. Since going gluten-free have noticed the wrist is a lot better but I stilll can't pick up the guitar without the tendonitis flaring up.

      Has anyone else had tendonitis issues prior to celiac diagnosis? Did your condition imrpive as your antibody level declined off and body healed?

      I'm hoping that as I heal the tendonitis will go away....really miss playing guitar. I realize it's possible the celiac disease and tendonitis are not related, just found their timing rather coincidental.
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