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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. Glutens gotta go added a post in a topic Urticaria And Celiac   

      coincidental that these 2 subjects are listed together....because  i have had cold urticaria since my teens, i am now 32. also, i tested positive for the dq8 celiac gene (in the process of other testing to get diagnosis). Also, around the same time , my 6 year old son started showing signs of cold urticaria- although his is much worse than mine ever was. he has since been diagnosed with allergies to grass, dog dander and cold. His ped started him on a daily allergy pill around one month ago, but he is still showing signs of celiac....most obvious hands and feet tingling and headache. i want to have him tested for gluten allergy, as my gut (no pun intended) tells me that he has celiac too. what are your thoughts
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    2. Glutens gotta go added a post in a topic Does Dq8 Positive=Celiac For Certain?   

      THANKS to all for your input. I am just trying to find my way in this new,foreign world. Just to verify that i didnt overlook "antibody" testing i did call my doc. For some reason, they said that they will do it, upon request and pre-payment.  I dont really understand why they didnt do it with all the other testing.  Plus, i have been off gluten for 4 weeks. 
      I am so confused and just seem to feel progressively worse and worse. I have a headache Every single day. I dont know  what to do next.
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    3. Glutens gotta go added a topic in Celiac Disease - Pre-Diagnosis, Testing & Symptoms   

      Does Dq8 Positive=Celiac For Certain?
      I have had symptoms that could be linked to gluten intolerance for years now. i am 32 now, but my first sign, constipation, started in my early 20s.  Finally, out of desperation i recently decided to get tested. Quite frankly, i assumed that the doctor would likely just tell me that i was gluten sensitive, tell me to cut it from my diet ect. As it turns out he did A Lot of blood work. I am very deficient in ferritin & vitamin D, my thyroid is very low, high leptin along with a positive DQ8 test. The doctor i see finds the gene test as proof enough to remove all gluten from my diet. He said that i most likely have Celiac, and since the other more definitive tests are difficult to get a black and white diagnosis that i should basically take the gene test as the only proof i need. 
      what are your thoughts? is the DQ8 gene enough proof for you? would further testing change anything about my future/diet?
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    4. Glutens gotta go added a post in a topic Withdrawal Symptoms   

      I have been recently diagnosed with Celiac and ive been gluten-free for around 4 weeks now.  i have had a headache Every single day.i have always gotten headaches quite frequently, but Nothing like this. my doctor put me on a ton of supplements which i have now stopped for 2 weeks. He suggests taht i start 1 back at a time, for 3 days to rule out headache causes.
      So my queston is, is this just something i need to get used to. i am miserable! even more so than before my diagnosis. and nsaids (i take too many, i know) upset my stomach so bad now. Do i just suffer through the headache and take nothing? 
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