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  1. She accepted, you guys! #watchinghistory #DemsInPhilly

  2. There are #dncinphilly #donkeysaroundtown for all 50 states so I did what any good Tar Heel…

  3. I just voted for Brice Johnson for the @Wendys #WoodenAward. Cast your vote here:

  4. @LCBingham I literally lol'd at the byline note at the end. #GoHeels

  5. It's always a #GDTBATH but today is particularly sweet. I love being able to sing the alma mater with fellow fans wherever I live

  6. Best month of the year! CC: @mollym__ @CarlyB_UNC

  7. Love this!

  8. If you change artist->attorney, this is how I start all my convos "@kanyewest: Hi Grammys this is the most important living artist talking."

  9. @GMers1 if you find out, please let the rest of us know

  10. @TurnerWalston I thought this against ND when we had the clock issue then it happened again this game! Clearly home team operated

  11. Having to explain my new name to everyone, I get it. Though in my heart, she's always HRC

  12. RT @GoHeels: #KeepPounding

  13. Who else thought Obama was about to make a Friday Night Lights reference there?

  14. @amazon I need to clean out my kitchen in order to kick start two goals - an organized apt and a healthier diet!

  15. Today I bought all food, ordered the pep. pig, & even prepped my New Year's dinner. So now I'm taking bets on how it goes horribly wrong.