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  1. I just found out that I am intolerant to sugar cane (as well as many other things), so I feel your pain! I did have some suspicions, so I started using agave nectar for my tea and other things a couple of months ago. I am amazed at how many things have sugar in them now that I have to totally avoid it. Does anyone know... if I'm intolerant to sugar cane, would I also have a problem with, say, beet sugar? Beets came up non-reactive for me. I am looking for a natural, granulated sweetener I can use for baking. (I react badly to Splenda, NutraSweet, etc.) Agave just isn't cutting it. It makes things heavy and rubbery. I found some stuff called "Just Like Sugar" that I might try. I also have some granulated fructose, and I could even try dextrose I suppose, since it's from corn. Or do I need to avoid ALL sugars?