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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Possible Milk/soy Allergy   

      Thanks Vicky -

      I suppose I'm still in a bit of denial and hoping for the best. I wouldn't wish food allergies even on my worst enemy!

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    2. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Possible Milk/soy Allergy   

      No one?

      I'm so confused because we just had the most perfectly pleasant day with none of the troubles we had over the weekend...wouldn't it be more consistent if it was a food allergy?
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    3. Corkdarrr added a topic in Celiac Disease - Parents of Kids or Babies With Celiac Disease   

      Possible Milk/soy Allergy
      Hey all -

      I'm hoping someone on here can give me some more information on all this.
      My daughter is two and a half weeks old and up until about two days ago, it was all smooth sailing. I am breastfeeding her and she's been eating fine and gaining weight normally.
      Two days ago she started getting extremely fussy, crying until she's hoarse, she vomited up something with bloody mucus and then this morning I found a little blood in her diaper as well. Last nite after an excessively fussy episode, we took her for a car ride which put her to sleep. But then she slept for SIX hours - and would've kept on sleeping if no one had woken her up! This also meant she went almost eight hours between feedings - and she definately didn't nurse like she hadn't eaten in eight hours when she finally did eat.

      Anyways, we took her to the pediatrician this morning and she told us that its most likely an allergy to milk and/or soy and that I should eliminate it from my diet for a few weeks and see if it helps.

      My biggest question is this - if it is a food allergy, why isn't she screaming after *every* feeding? I have been eating dairy all along, but never an excessive amount (i.e. cheese and butter in foods and an ocassional bowl of ice cream, but no glasses of milk). So far today things have been okay (cross your fingers!!) and she's eaten several times.

      Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    4. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Celiacs And Appendixes   

      I've never seen or read about a correlation between the two.

      A good friend of mine who is Celiac had her appendix out several months ago. Really, the Celiacs just made it harder to diagnose because she spent hours convinced that she'd just eaten something wrong and her stomach was acting up again.
      It wasn't until the pain became intensely localized and she was unable to stand that her boyfriend dragged her to the emergency room.

      I would still take her to the doctor if it gets any worse - especially if it becomes worse than a typical glutening.

      Good luck!

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    5. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Progresso Soups   

      Oh Sweetfudge, I cried, too!! The Progresso's Cream of Mushroom was just way too thin and watery to make casserole with!! I know there's ways to thicken it up, but nothing is the same as Campbell's gelatinous mass of can-shaped soup...

      Anyways, I had a can of the Chicken and Corn Chowder last nite and it didn't appear to affect me adversely, so that's good news! It was delicious because I did not have to physically prepare it.
      Granted, my entire system is all sorts of messed up and so I pretty much felt like crap to begin with. Basically nothing got *worse* after my soup. The real test will be once I get back on track.

      Thanks for the input, y'all!

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    6. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Progresso Soups   

      Thanks Laura -

      That's my logic, too.
      Plus after I put my post up I started to do some more Google-Research and it seems that Progresso is quite good, in fact, about listing gluten ingredients.

      I guess all my questions will be answered in about an hour or so!!

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    7. Corkdarrr added a topic in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications   

      Progresso Soups
      I was just at the grocery store staring longingly at the ease of the canned soup aisle when I decided to pick one up -

      Progresso's Chicken Corn Chowder and Progresso's Southwestern Style Chicken both have no gluten ingredients listed. While checking other varieties I realized that they are good about listing the main allergens at the bottom of the ingredient listings, so that gave me confidence.
      Also I know that their cream of mushroom is gluten-free and I've used it before with no reactions.

      Anyone tried or had any reactions to either of these soups?

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    8. Corkdarrr added a topic in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications   

      Johnsonville Brats
      I know I've read on several occassions that Johnsonville brats are all gluten-free - except, of course, for the beer brats. We just got a new, fancy, shiny grill and I had a brat today for lunch. The kind that has cheddar infused into the deliciousness of the bratwurst ...ooooooooh, but it did NOT sit well.
      I don't know if I feel like I was glutened, but it definately sits in the right time frame and symptoms. First I got unbearable pains/cramps and then the D started.
      All has calmed down now, which is excellent and speedy, but I'm just wondering if anyone has had a reaction to these. I even went to the fridge between trips to the bathroom (I totally washed my hands, though!!) and double checked the ingredients. Didn't see anything suspect - thoughts? Anyone else been glutened by Johnsonville?

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    9. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Keeper/mooncup   

      Seriously...I'm 25 and I've never even heard of this concept!

      I checked out the Diva Cup and the Instead online and found stores locally that carry it. I'm SO giving it a try!

      - Courtney
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    10. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Amy's Soups   

      I know a lot of people have had problem's with Amy's products. I've personally had problems with some of her frozen entrees.

      But I had a can of Amy's tomato soup a few weeks ago and had no problems with it. It was the first time I'd ever tried it and YUM!

      Based on my experience, I'd say it was the candybar

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    11. Corkdarrr added a topic in Celiac Disease - Publications & Publicity   

      Anyone see Scrubs on tonite?

      They mentioned gluten in a one-liner and my boyfriend and I couldn't stop laughing until the commercial break...fabulous.

      It may have been an insignificant joke, but at least they said gluten!
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    12. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Feeling A Little Bit Sad   

      Hey Jen

      I can SO sympathize. I've been gluten-free for 7 months now, but I still feel like I need to find a doctor who will prescribe me valium specifically to be taken before going to the grocery store. It's so frustrating! Especially because before all this happened, I used to LOVE to cook. Now it's a huge daily struggle just to figure out what I'm going to eat with the minimum amount of effort.

      I'm sure it gets easier...I'm just not sure when it gets easier!

      Hang in there

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    13. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic So I Had Some Blood Work Done   

      I have been hypothyroid for over 13 years. And just in the last few months I have finally found a competent doctor.
      I would highly recommend that you find a doctor who prescribes and understands Armour thyroid. For a lot of people it makes a HUGE difference.

      You can find doctors that prescribe this type of med several ways:
      1. ask your local pharmacist for the names of the doctors who prescribe armour
      2. visit and do a search
      visit the above website. on the right hand side choose the link for 'Top Drs' and search for your state

      Even though I felt blatantly hypo and my gut feeling told me I was hypo, My tests kept coming back 'normal,' but as Georgie was saying, the thyroid tests are inaccurate and their ranges are HUGE. So if I'd ever thought enough to actually ask to see a copy of my test, I probably would've caught this sooner. So much for trusting your doctor...

      If your doctor is on the wait-and-see with borderline low thyroid numbers it might not hurt to get a second opinion.
      Keep us posted!

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    14. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Helping Your Adrenals   

      I always thought my thyroid was the problem. And it IS a problem. It's just that it all links back to my adrenal glands failing. From what I understand, anything you do for your thyroid without helping your adrenals is like a band aid and it will never really address the real problem.
      I have just started on AdreCort and several other supplements to help my adrenal glands get going again. This is being monitored by both my doctor and her nutritionalist/herbalist guy.

      The more reading I do about the thyroid and the adrenals, the more I am convinced of their complexity and links to eachother. I'm also glad I never tried to treat it myself - it doesn't need any more help going haywire!
      I'd suggest you read the books, 'Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome' by James L Wilson and 'Living Well With Hypothyroidism' by Mary Shomon.
      I've never been a big 'health' book reader, but these two were basically about me and I tore right through them.

      Per the thyroid, the important thing is to raise the dosage slowly and to listen to your body. You'll KNOW when you've passed the happy point and gone hyper.

      Also, I see you're from Wisconsin. I grew up there heavy in a background of nontraditional medicine. That's the link to my doctor from back home who still does email consultations with me. They are in the Milwaukee area which isn't *too* far of a drive from Eau Claire...

      Hope this helps!
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    15. Corkdarrr added a post in a topic Anyone In South Carolina   

      I'm here in Columbia with Turtle!

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