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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

      This FAQ on celiac disease will guide you to all of the basic information you will need to know about the disease, its diagnosis, testing methods, a gluten-free diet, etc.   Subscribe to FREE email alerts What are the major symptoms of celiac disease? Celiac Disease Symptoms What testing is available for celiac disease? - list blood tests, endo with biopsy, genetic test and enterolab (not diagnostic) Celiac Disease Screening Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Test Results Can I be tested even though I am eating gluten free? How long must gluten be taken for the serological tests to be meaningful? The Gluten-Free Diet 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free Is celiac inherited? Should my children be tested? Ten Facts About Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Is there a link between celiac and other autoimmune diseases? Celiac Disease Research: Associated Diseases and Disorders Is there a list of gluten foods to avoid? Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) Is there a list of gluten free foods? Safe Gluten-Free Food List (Safe Ingredients) Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages Distilled Spirits (Grain Alcohols) and Vinegar: Are they Gluten-Free? Where does gluten hide? Additional Things to Beware of to Maintain a 100% Gluten-Free Diet Free recipes: Gluten-Free Recipes Where can I buy gluten-free stuff? Support this site by shopping at The Store.

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  1. I'm trying to find a decent place to get an endoscopy for celiac -- I had a highly recommended doctor at Kaiser, but am now on Anthem Blue Cross, and an endoscopy is very expensive at UCSF where my GI doctor recommended it.  It can be 10,000$ without insurance, would still be $2000 with my great no-deductible EPO plan! Other places seem to be much cheaper (as low as $1000, which would end up costing me $200). But I have no idea if they are reputable and competent at celiac diagnosis (all I have is the the occasional yelp review, usually for a colonoscopy...). Do you have any recommendations? Or know someone who might, who I can private message? I can check to see if they are covered by my insurance.    For reference, it's important that the doctors be pretty competent -- my previous endoscopy was negative, but my ttg tests are 4x normal and going up every time I'm tested -- so I want to have confidence that I won't get a false negative!
  2. Hello everyone!  I'm back after a year of still no answers.  Finally seeing a new group of doctors since I recently got a new job.  My new primary doctor thinks I may have celiac and wants me to get another opinion.  Going to see the new gastroenterologist next week and I can't wait to go.  I'm hoping to finally get some answers to the issues I've been having.  Although it will be a huge lifestyle change I think I will be relieved to know that everything I'm feeling just isn't in my head.  Doctors are so quick to tell me all of my symptoms are stress-related.  Here is a little background about me!     May of last year I started realizing I was loosing my eyebrows (Still haven't grown back!!) - initially thought it was my thyroid, all levels were within range though.  I'm also not loosing them on the outer corner of my eye but more towards the inner corner (Doesn't really matter I'm sure).  Tested my Iron and my ferritin was down to an 8 when in previous years it was around 200 something.  No bleeding episodes and my menstrual cycles are light.  I started  researching hashimoto's and iron deficiency and started seeing stuff about celiac.    In the lab I work in I was tested for tTg IgG/IgA, Gliadin IgG/IgA and Total IgA.  I was not deficient in IgA and I'm not sure if the testing for gliadin was deaminated or not (don't believe it was).  I don't have my exact results for the tTg IgG/IgA or Gliadin IgA but I remember they were within normal limits, but my Gliadin IgG was 3.59IV and a positive was anything greater than of equal to 1.1.     I also had the genetic test done and I was negative for HLA-DQB1*02 and HLA-DQB1*03:02 but I was positive for HLA-DQA1*05.  I know this isn't diagnostic in itself for celiac disease.    I had a endoscopy and the report read as follows:  A. Duodenal mucosal biopsies with no significant microscopic abnormality.  No diagnostic histology features of celiac are appreciated B.  Gastric antral and oxytocin mucosal biopsies showing chronic gastritis.  Reactive foveolar hyperplasia is present.  H. pylori is negative   The material present is partly tangentially sectioned.  The villous crypt ratio is about 3.5.  There are intraepithelial lymphocytes but they don't seem to be significantly increase in most of the villi.  There are inflammatory cells in the lamina propria including plasma cells and lymphocytes with an occasional germinal center. They are normal to slightly increased in number.  No histologically diagnostic features of celiac are appreciated.   Really hoping this new gastro will shed some light on all of my questions...  Trying to eat as much gluten as I can tolerate before going for testing. I previously did not experience any GI symptoms but now I have been experiencing stomach pain (not everytime I ingest gluten but occasionally) The pain comes in waves, the pain builds up then subsides..I'm okay for a little while and then it happens again.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!    
  3. I am so glad I found this forum...I just discovered it tonight!  I am hoping you all can give me sound advice as to what to, here is my "story":   A few years ago (at least 3), I started to have serious skin issues. I broke out head to toe in a rash that was so itchy, I couldn't stop scratching. I went to 5 different doctors to get a diagnosis of dyshidrosis. The "rash" is primarily on my hands, and it is rare that I do not have any sores on my hands. I also tend to break out on the underside of my arms, into my armpits a bit. The other issue I seem to have is constant diarrhea. I get the bloated, gassy, cramping feeling, and at times, don't even think I'm going to make it to a toilet (sorry if this is TMI.) I went to my doctor (PCP) about this too, and he said I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I can take Imodium as needed. So, I live with Imodium in my purse, and at times, don't leave my house. I even wake up with diarrhea lately! So, two weeks ago, my dad insisted that I start on a probiotic. He bought me one with 15B active cultures per tablet. Well, it hasn't helped at all. So today, he started urging me to see another doctor and not to accept the diagnosis of IBS.   What do you all think? Reflecting back, the skin issues and digestive issues seem to have started at about the same time, but the stomach has gotten worse. I don't know if I'm vitamin or mineral deficient, although I do know that my body does not absorb folic acid, so I am always deficient. OH, I must edit this to add that I am fatigued ALL THE TIME! I could never take a nap before, now I can sleep at any time of day. Not sure if that makes any difference!   Should I be okay with IBS as a diagnosis or should I press further? Please help! I don't just want to jump into going gluten free, as I have 3 kids and a husband and that would be really difficult to do.   Thanks for any advice you could give me!   Megan
  4. Hello,   I need to see a doctor who specializes in Celiac post-diagnosis care. Someone who knows what to test for in terms of deficiencies and other food allergies. Gastroenterologists tend to be more focused on diagnosing Celiac and then prescribing a gluten free diet as the after diagnosis treatment, which isn't enough in my case. My doctor isn't comfortable following up on my chipped teeth and broken bone, muscles strains, etc., as signs of deficiencies. It would be nice if I could see an MD who specializes in Celiac. Does anyone in Colorado, particularly in the Boulder-Denver area, know of a doctor who is familiar with the complexities that can arise post diagnosis on a gluten free diet?   Thank you everyone.
  5. Hi Friends!   I have been gluten free for 2+ years but don't have a formal diagnosis because every time I go to the doctor, they want to test for everything else, or imply that maybe this is all in my head and I am so frustrated I could burst.   When I eat gluten, I get all the symptoms up to and especially nausea, joint pain, anxiety, muscle weakness, headaches, and brain fog. I've been to a gastroenterologist, and allergist, and my GP, and they all sort of throw up their hands and say they don't know what is causing it. Yes, I have had skin tests for all sorts of allergies, nothing came up. No, I have not had blood tests or biopsies. Symptoms were pretty well controlled on gluten-free diet, but now I seem to be reacting to corn as well and since it is getting worse, I need to see someone. I live in San Francisco. Any suggestions?   Thanks!
  6. Can anyone recommend a gastro who understands Celiac disease in my area?
  7. Hello! I'm looking for a GI in NYC that specializes in celiac disease. My GI doesn't have a lot of experience with celiac, and I think I'd benefit from seeing someone who does. Anyone have good recs for a doctor they love?  Thanks! 
  8. Let me start off by saying thank you to anyone who reads this whole thing...cause it's going to be long.  And if no one reads it, maybe it will help me to type it.  Because right now I'm angry,sad, frustrated and confused!!!        In January, after months of all day diarrhea, headaches, brain fog, pain, I went to see my GP and he had the results of my bloodwork.  He said you've tested positive for H. Pylori and Celiac disease.  I hugged him.  There was an answer to it!  I was so weak and tired (the D was 10-20 times a day) I didn't ask questions.  He said stop eating gluten and I did.  The week before I'd found out that there were polyps all over my gallbladder and that it would need to come out and the week before that there were polyps on my uterus that needed to be removed.     I really didn't know anything about celiac.  I spent 2 weeks detoxing and then had surgery to have my gallbladder removed and my uterine polyps removed.  I recovered from that and then really got into this board and started reading.  I kept seeing things about needing a biopsy...but I didn't have one.  At this point I was more than a month gluten free and was finally feeling better.  I could see improvements in my life and it was such a relief.  I knew I didn't want to ever eat gluten again.   Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor again and had some questions for him.  Why no biopsy?  A lot of people think you need one to have a diagnosis.  His don't need a biopsy.  I asked about re-running my antibodies to see if my 5 months gluten free was paying off.  He said you don't need to do that.  It won't show anything.  What???  I asked about testing my children.  He said you don't normally need to do that until they are at least teenagers.  What?  I've got one teenager so...He tells me he's going to check the guidelines on testing.  He leaves the room.   During this time I am freaking out!  WTH!!!  Am I allowed to type that?   So...he's gone for a while.  He comes back in and says...well, I'm not sure.  I need to talk to a GI.  Maybe you should have had a biopsy.     I left...devastated.        6 phone rings.  It's my Dr.  He talked to a GI.  He's very sorry.  He learned something today.  He should have had my do a biopsy.  And he learned that there is a link between celiac and thyroid (I've been hypothyroid for 14 years) and some cancers...just like I told him and he dismissed me with a "I've never heard of that."  Now that I've been gluten free for 5 months.  I could eat some gluten for a while and then do the biopsy.  I told him if I get even a tiny bit I will be sick for a week.  Ok, so that's not a good idea.  We can do the gene testing.  But he will need to check to see how much it is before he sends me for that.  Sometimes it's stupid expensive according to him.   I'm not eating gluten to do a biopsy.  I'm so confused.  Do I have this thing or not?  Does it matter to have the biopsy or not?   I'm looking for another Doctor.  I'd like one who focuses on the whole human being...not just a symptom.  Any thoughts on how to find one of those that takes insurance?   Thanks for letting me vent!
  9. Vancouver, Wa

    Does anyone know of a good dietician in the Vancouver, Washington area?
  10. Hi! I finally have my positive diagnosis of Celiac and while I know it's a tough road ahead, i'm so happy to have it!  I'm ready to start feeling better.   The first doctor who tested me for Celiac misread the blood paperwork, told me I did not have Celiac, and ordered more tests for me. She wanted to check my gallbladder next, and even prescribed me drugs for calming my bowels.  I took the celiac results paperwork to another doctor and within minutes was told that it was a very strong possibility I had it. He didn't order the endoscopy because I've been gluten free for about a month now, and feeling better. I also didn't need to have that info for my own piece of mind - the bloodwork was enough for me.   I want to report the first doctor who misread the paperwork. I am not a vengeful person - I don't want to get her in trouble, but I don't want others to suffer like I did with the wrong information.   Would you consider reporting someone who was so clearly wrong? Anyone have any advice so I can help other people who might be seeing her?   Thanks!   Ami
  11. Hi everyone I'm new here, but not new to 'possibly' celiac or gluten intolerance. I live in Canada so it's been a difficult road. I'm 46 years old now, and oddly, I've read that this is the age when testing is finally underway. My family physician just on Tuesday refused to test me for celiac because my iron was normal. Here's a bit of history. I started having IBS symptoms at 16. Felt like fight or flight, butterflies, diarrhea after eating no matter what it was. At 23 I was diagnosed with no testing or bloodwork with IBS. Told I was too young to have anything wrong. (not sure if this was the doctors mentality) - by 26 I had tried every elimination diet there was, except wheat and the rest of the gang. At 28, I started having wicked pain, started in my hands, went into my kneck, knees, lower spine, shoulders - and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and migraines. Lost my job over this. Roll forward to 31 still with constant pain, fatigue, diarrhea, bloating, gas, depression, anxiety, skin problems, ah but I was pregnant with PCOS. How did that happen? I had the worst pregnancy, threw up every single meal I ever ate, being extremely careful, nausea 24/7, very low iron, then constipation. - I lost 41lbs. Healthy, little small, baby girl. Had my gallbladder removed 7 months later. Not related to gluten (or perhaps it is?) had a hysterectomy at 34, followed by major spine surgery. Still, the diarrhea continued. At 38 I had a second spine surgery, this time, a bigger surgery and I bled out needing a massive blood transfusion. I was sick for about 18 months following this and recovering. (a triple fusion). I had discussed the possibility of this being celiac with my doctor recently, who is relatively new to our family, having not taken much interest in my history, (except the fact that I had had gallbladder removal, and she blames this for my diarrhea, plus  I am overweight, so she doesn't believe its gluten at all causing my issues) I was very skeptical this was going to work out. She seemed on board, but due to the iron being normal went on about the cost etc. as this is covered by our medical system. So now, I am stuck seeing a gastro on May 6th. She wants him to go ahead and do the biopsy without doing bloodwork first. (which costs more, I'm dumbfounded) She was very huffy with me, so I got online and ordered the test from a company online. Has anyone else done this kit? I had quit gluten for some time, everything within 4 days got better. I hadn't felt that good in years. I continued but realised to test, I will need gluten for the test, so here I am with horrid pain, gas, diarrhea, migraine and a general feeling of being run down. Fingers crossed the test will come to at least tell me yes or no. Thanks everyone for listening. It's nice to get this on paper.  Ember ps - I also have lactose intolerance as well.  
  12. Hello there,    I've been an undiagnosed Celiac since I was 15 years old.  My mother, bless her heart, noticed that I'd always been a really skinny kid and with puberty I was really not gaining weight and was oftentimes both sick and w/ diarheea.   Fast forward six years and I'm 21 years old, 6'4'' and about 170-190 pounds depending on if I'm eating a bunch and exercising a lot.    I'm quite physically active and with the years i"ve learned to cut more and more gluten out of my diet, and yet even with all these great advancements I still sometimes find myself making 4 to 6 bowel movements in a day.   It's embarassing and I don't talk to people about it and I just move on and try to forget about it, but I decided that I need to stop living in denial before I get complications due to this unhealthy behaviour. I don't want to get colon cancer or something and have to use a colostomy bag or something.    The worst part about all of this is the most recent news delivered by a gastro specialist whom I met with yesterday. He told me in no uncertain terms that I need to basically start eating like 4 pieces of bread a day which is just absolutely ridiculous given the fact that it's going to poison me. I'm going to lose tons of weight, muscle, I'm going to feel disgusting, I'm going to have horribly painful intestines and I just don't feel comfortable doing this.. not to mention the ridiculous alienlike probe procedure wherein I apparently must sign off a waiver saying I acknlowedge the risk of not only having a camera shoved down my throat and into my stomach but I must also be okay with medical students being in attendance as well.   SO apart from feeling like a total guinea pig I also feel like I'm being instructed to do something that my body seriously does not want me to do. I feel confused and scared for my health and extremely frustrated and filled with anxiety over all of this bullshit. I am a university student and I have finals soon and I can't afford to be a mind-fog diarrhea zombie for a month and a half.   Not to mention I work hard labour in the summers in desolate locations in order to pay for school -- so all of this will ahve to happen in September or something.    I understand and acknowledge a lot of you poor Celiacs out there have a LOT worse than me and all of this must sound so trite and conceited where other people have seriously worse-off condititions from me, I've just always kept sort of a blind eye to this celiac thing and I know that eventually I'll have to come to terms with it and I'd rather do that at age 21 before I get something worse from all oft his UNHEALTHY intestinal distress which persists even when I have a strict diet..    I could really use some advice from people who have been through this stuff. I don't understnad why I need to eat gluten for a month before an endoscopy when I've already got such bad bowels to begin with.      Sincerely,    Captain Toilet, written in durress on the toilet, because he's always on the F*@*@N toilet waiting to expel gas so he can fall asleep. Its extremely annoying and I'm done living a life of this bull$h|t    
  13. Online Doctor

    Hi. I'm looking for an experienced doctor who has experience and is up to date with the latest research about celiac. I don't want to go to him, but rather chat with him online or send him an e-mail with some questions I have. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum.    I recently went gluten free (it's been about a week and a half) because of some stomach issues and migraines. I thought gluten might be connected, so I decided to cut out gluten to see if it made me feel better. Before cutting out gluten, I did an Advocare cleanse for 24ish days, and didn't eat many gluten filled foods during that time.    Long story short- I feel SO much better already. The very dull pain i've always had in my intestinal area is completely gone, which has never happened. I know it hasn't been long, but I am also not going to the restroom as much (used to go 2-3 times a day).    So now I'm reading the forums, and I am kicking myself for cutting out gluten before I was tested for Celiac. With the cleanse and going completely gluten free, I'm not sure how accurate the tests would be.  I absolutely hate my doctor, and was hoping to find a new one, which is why I didn't go in the first place before cutting out gluten myself. So my question is... If I call and schedule an apt for blood work, how long do I need to be eating gluten first? Also- what should I ask for? Just a celiac blood test?   Thanks so much for your help! This forum has already been tremendously informative and helpful. 
  15. Hi there,   Can anyone recommend a good gastroenterologist in Toronto?   I have been gluten free for several years and haven't been tested for celiac yet.  My husband would like me to get tested (which will mean eating gluten again a for a while  ).  My doctor (a holistic MD) is willing to refer me to a gastro doctor, but asked me to give him a name.   Any recommendations?   Thanks!
  16. I have celiac an hashimoto's disease. Need to find a doctor who will help with my thyroid. Cannot take regular thyroid meds due to lactose in them and can't find a doctor who will listen. This is my first post and I need help. I feel like my life is over. I have been sick for 4 yrs and have been to every specialist and physician in the area. Everyone says I am crazy. I finally was diagnosed with celiac and hashimotos but I can not take the medicine. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to ALL medicines and must take small dosages but every doctor says that I am over reacting. I know my body. I am so frustrated. I lay in bed with no energy, constant mental cloudiness, body aches, and if I take the thyroid meds my heart rate accelerates, have severe mood swings, tingling all over and hot, and it hurts my stomach. I CANNOT have dairy but no one will send my script to a compounding pharmacy. Please help
  17. I had a negative biopsy last December after an 8 week gluten trial that triggered a whole host of new symptoms for me. I went to see a new gastro last week because I'm still having so much stomach pain and he was the absolute worst. He made some confusing comments to me that I was hoping for some insight on.   Me: "What should I do about the stomach pain? I never, ever had upper stomach problems before the gluten trial." Him: "Well, you absolutely don't have celiac but you've changed the way your digestive system works." Me: "What?" Him: "Maybe you just can't eat quite as much gluten or other foods as other people can."   He said a lot of ridiculous things during our appointment and went on to diagnose me with IBS (shocking!), but I was really baffled by the "you've changed your digestive system" comment. Is that a legitimate claim? What does it mean?? I couldn't get him to clarify...
  18. We had an appointment with an ENT on Wednesday and may have found the best doc ever. Our 26 month old was sent to see this doc due to snoring, suspicions of apnea, and regression in eating. We were talking about her other health issues and mentioned she was gluten free because she had issues when she ate it such as constipation, rashes, screaming, and anemia. Told him our ped said to assume it was celiac, and he said if our ped ( who is also his kids ped!) said celiac it's celiac! Finally an official diagnosis for 1 of my little monkeys. On the negative side he suspects EE, which I knew more about than the resident who was with him as our eldest was supposed to be scoped for it a 2 as well. We were just expecting to be told she need her tonsils and adenoids out. They also suspect central sleep apnea. Anyone have a child diagnosed with EE this young?
  19. Just over a month ago I suspected that I might have Celiac Disease, so I went on a gluten free diet for one week. It was the best week of my life and I felt incredible. Then, my doctor told me to re-introduce gluten so that I could get an endoscopy done. I am really angry with her because she did not mention to me that I would only need to re-introduce gluten if I was going to put off the endoscopy for three months (I had it done within one week), and now I am needlessly suffering. I re-introduced gluten for five days (pasta/bread/pies three times a day) and i thought that I would feel amazing again as soon as I stopped eating the gluten, but it has been four weeks since then, and I still feel lousy. Has anyone else had a similar experience? How long do you think it will take me to start feeling amazing again? I am so angry with this doctor. When I initially went gluten-free, I felt incredible within days but it has been a whole month after this challenge and I am so worried I will never feel that incredible again. Please help me!  
  20. I am going to my doctor as soon as he is back off holiday but I would like to know if this could possibly be Celiac, if anyone can help?   Every now and again I would always seem to get an upset stomach. All my life I've suffered from constipation, only going once a week, twice if lucky lol. I also have chronic fatigue, find it hard to concentrate/suffer from brain fog. A few weeks ago things started to get really bad, I bloated so much and had stomach pains, cramps, gas, lack of appetite and feeling full quickly when eating, I also felt pressure in the middle of my stomach a while after eating. The bloating never stayed constant, it went down a while and came back. About a week passed and the bloating and other symptoms stayed although my appetite increased slightly. The symptoms were the same up until this week were I have felt all the same symptoms other than lack of appetite, this time I've been feeling so hungry I eat more than ever. I went on a diet in November and was losing 4lbs a week and then gaining 2lbs or so. The only thing that has changed is that I am eating more pasta, noodles and wholemeal bread than ever before. I only ever have a small amount of milk in a coffee as the slightest bit too much starts to make me feel nauseous and I don't eat other dairy products either. I also had a sharp pain last week on my left side near my belly button, it feels slightly tender now but I havn't had the same feeling since. Also I have dry skin mainly on arms and scratches don't seem to heal I end up with scars from small things. Also really easily irritated lately and my family have noticed it too.   None of my immediate family seem to have these problems other than me, there has also not been anyone in the family diagnosed with Celiac.   Thanks for any help.
  21. I have not been eating much gluten lately, which wasn't on purpose..but I noticed positive changes and am now hipping to get tested for it...I KNOW it's celiac..I'm so positive..but I need the proof or my parents won't believe me. I've been eating so much bread, getting ready for my doctors appointment...but I'm just so scared that my test will be negative..or that he won't even listen to me when I tell him what I think I have!! What should I say to him, and what tests should I request?? This is very important to!!
  22. Miami Doctors

    Could someone recommend a doctor in Miami who is experienced with Celiac Disease? I've been gluten free for 5 years but my symptoms are starting to come back and I wanted to see a doctor knowledgeable about the disease so I don't waste my time. Thanks in advance.
  23. The doctor's visit went really well, I think. I am so thankful to have the GP that I do and that I am in Houston right now with some really amazing medical care. My GP sent me to an absolutely wonderful specialist who's been in the field for 40 years, I believe, and seemed incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. He didn't want to say I had Celiac/Coeliac just yet, which I can certainly understand and respect since I haven't had any tests yet (although part of me was kind of hoping for an instant diagnosis). He did, however, acknowledge that something was indeed very wrong. He wants to see all of my scans, tests, etc. that I've had over the past year or so. He's hoping that maybe one of the many CT scans I've had will show something- he said a CT scan is like a computer, a good one can do a lot and really tell you all kinds of things. I have to make calls to Canada, Florida, and to hospitals here in Houston (I should really not travel so much) to get the information I need, but it will be worth it. On top of that, he has ordered a full blood screening, including genetic testing, for both Celiac/Coeliac and for IBD. I'm still really hoping for the Celiac/Coeliac- it seems so much easier to cope with than something like Crohn's. I'm not sure if my symptoms really fit any of the inflammatory bowel diseases anyways, but better safe than sorry. He also looked at my hypoglycemia (which I had been treating as a disease itself due to the large amounts of diabetes on both sides of my family) and the fatigue that I had associated with it (apparently that wasn't right) as symptoms of something bigger. He said that people naturally had hypoglycemic tendencies, but the fact that mine was so severe was most certainly because something else was causing it. Same with the fatigue- low blood sugar should only cause the shakes and general woozy feeling, not make you this tired. He certainly seemed interested in the fact that my stomach cramping and such stopped with the gluten-free diet during the 4-5 days, so hopefully that's a good sign. I can't believe I'm saying that Celiac/Coeliac is a good thing, but I would be so relieved if that's what it was (it could explain everything as far as I can tell). The other tests! I almost forgot about all of that. I was originally scheduled to go in to see the doctor for my consultation January 3rd, but due to a cancellation, I was able to get in today. Due to some other miracle cancellation, I am able to get in for my endoscopic biopsy NEXT WEEK. Talk about lucky or some sort of Christmas miracle. It does seem silly to be praying for something like Celiac/Coeliac, but words cannot express how much I wish that's what it turns out to be. I've already scoped out gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in all of the cities I tend to haunt. I'll be going back to eating gluten-free right after my biopsy since I did start to feel so much better last week. I will probably eat gluten-free regardless of what the tests say, to be honest. Let's just hope that since everything is happening so quickly and smoothly right now that it's a sign of good news and good health to come.
  24. Here it is- the big day, or at least it is in my opinion. I am hopeful that after years of trying to figure out what's wrong with me, I might finally have an answer. Not only would it be an answer, but it could explain all sorts of those little random things that you don't think matter or could be connected to anything. I wasn't supposed to get in until the first week of January, but I had to call last week after not being able to eat for 2 days to see if they could please call if and when they got any cancellations. I suppose I got lucky, but now I'm very anxious to see what he has to say. After having done a fair amount of research, I can't tell you enough how hopeful I am that this is it. This is a list of pretty much everything I've ever had wrong with me and I have found some sort of connection to Coeliac (plus this will help me know exactly what to tell the doctor in a few hours): -hypoglycemia -have been "diagnosed" with IBS and GERD -fairly constant nausea (I'd say a good 90-95% of the time) -heartburn requiring prescription medication -stomach aches where I break out into a cold sweat, start shaking uncontrollably, and feel like I'm going to vomit (although I very rarely do) -inability to have a BM (chronic C), and when I do, I don't think it's very healthy -sharp pains in my abdomen (typically on the right side), sometimes so bad that I can't get out of bed -for the past year or so, I've had bouts each month where I vomit for a day, then have the big D for the next couple days, then I have the abdominal pain so badly that I cannot move for what seems like weeks at a time -I can't maintain my weight (I jump from anywhere between 105-130lbs. and I should be 115-120lbs.) -fatigue (I can sleep for 10-13 hours and feel like I haven't gotten any sleep at all, and not just in an oversleeping kind of way) and I just look tired (I have dark circles under my eyes that make it look like I've been punched) -I'm either starving or I can't put anything in my mouth without feeling like I'm going to be sick -when I was a baby, I had horrible colic and needed to be put on a predigested formula -when I was in high school, I had to have 2 surgeries for chronic sinusitis -for the past year or so, I seem to be breaking out in a red, lacy rash (sometimes with bumps) randomly, similar to an allergic reaction -I have had problems with depression and anxiety for the past 2 years -I get dark spots on my teeth and have had comments from my dentist and orthodontist when I saw him years ago about the enamel on my teeth -bloating and a general feeling of being full or like there is undigested food in my stomach -gas -fairly severe and painful abdominal cramping -pain in my lower back and neck -my skin has gotten much paler than it had been in high school -family history of bowel problems There you have it, probably way more information than you wanted to know. I'm actually having a hard time staying awake while writing this. Oh, something else I should probably add: I was busy with university finals as well as being in a friend's wedding last week. The weekend before, I couldn't eat for a couple days, and when I did, I was very sick to my stomach with the big D (that's when I called my doctor about getting in earlier). I ended up losing 4lbs. over the 2-3 days, which isn't unheard of because of how often and how much my weight fluctuates, but I was at the end of my ropes. Not eating or sleeping because of being so sick does not generally lead to good performances on big tests or standing up at the alter as a bridesmaid. Since I had no idea what else to do, I went gluten free for the few days (I know I'm not supposed to before my tests) to see if that would help me get through the week. It was the first time in I don't know how long that I was able to eat without feeling nauseous or getting stomach cramps. I was only gluten-free for 4-5 days (hopefully not long enough to mess up any tests I'll have in the near future), and have been back on gluten since Sunday. I feel miserable. We'll just have to see how to doctor's appointment goes.