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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

      This FAQ on celiac disease will guide you to all of the basic information you will need to know about the disease, its diagnosis, testing methods, a gluten-free diet, etc.   Subscribe to FREE email alerts What are the major symptoms of celiac disease? Celiac Disease Symptoms What testing is available for celiac disease? - list blood tests, endo with biopsy, genetic test and enterolab (not diagnostic) Celiac Disease Screening Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Test Results Can I be tested even though I am eating gluten free? How long must gluten be taken for the serological tests to be meaningful? The Gluten-Free Diet 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free Is celiac inherited? Should my children be tested? Ten Facts About Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Is there a link between celiac and other autoimmune diseases? Celiac Disease Research: Associated Diseases and Disorders Is there a list of gluten foods to avoid? Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) Is there a list of gluten free foods? Safe Gluten-Free Food List (Safe Ingredients) Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages Distilled Spirits (Grain Alcohols) and Vinegar: Are they Gluten-Free? Where does gluten hide? Additional Things to Beware of to Maintain a 100% Gluten-Free Diet Free recipes: Gluten-Free Recipes Where can I buy gluten-free stuff? Support this site by shopping at The Store.

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  1. After reading the label on the bottle of New Chapter bone strength tablets I see it contains wheat but they maintain that through a fermentation process they render it gluten-free and our FDA approves.  Everything I have ever read said distillation will remove gluten from the final product but not fermentation.  Any thoughts would be welcome    thanks, pasquale
  2. Hi -   I was diagnosed with celiacs last March.  Since then, my energy levels have skyrocketed!  I have tried to eat whole foods but in Minnesota and with my time constraints I haven't been as faithful to the whole foods.  I have a few foods that are gluten fee and tend to just eat and repeat     For the last month or so I have been feeling quite drained.  I am thinking that it has to do with the vitamins/minerals that I am missing out on now.  I have tried one gluten free vitamin called CeliAct but it gives me a stomach ache (not glutened, just too much for my touchy tummy).    Does anyone have recommendations on gluten free vitamins that are good and sit well with your sensitive digestion?
  3. Another List Of Unsuccessful Experiments

    Hi again, dear world. [size=4]This is my second blog post. In the meanwhile I have had a really busy time testing new theories about [color=#0000cd]my undiagnosed disease[/color]. Here is what has happened:[/size] [size=4]In the end of November I visited my GP, and got a referral to visit a gastroentrologist in February. At that time I was so sure that I had [b]Hashimoto thyroiditis[/b], and two months of waiting seemed a long time, especially because I was so sure that this horrible brain fog could be [color=#ffd700][i]maganged with a simple hormone intake[/i][/color].[/size] [size=4]Why I was so certain I had Hashimoto was because I had had some mysterious days when all my brain fog and tiredness went away, this could last for 6-20 hours. Within that time I could eat whatever I wanted (although I haven't risked trying gluten) however much I wanted without starting of symptoms (normally every food has it's max allowed quantity and following long recovery period). And I had this unfillable hunger, was over-energetic, and often I couldn't sleep for the whole night. Resembles [/size][size=6][b]HYPO[/b][/size][size=4]->[/size][size=2]hyper[/size][size=4]->[/size][size=6][b]HYPO[/b][/size][size=4]thyroidism, where the hyper period happens rarely (year 2014 only 5 times total). For many months I'd tried to induce these hyper-periods, but with very little succes. I noticed that if they happened, then usually [b]right after my body had gone through some kind of stress[/b].[/size][list=1] [*]Drinking 1l milk, 300g honey. Then riding a bike for 2 hours, feel really bad. Then eating rice, my heartrate goes to 90 (higher than usual when digesting), and got brain fog and tiredness. And then, after 2 hours, voila, I get 16 hours of clear mind and unsatisfiable hunger. [*]Drinking 1l milk. Then right away running very fast for 45 minutes. Then rest for 2 hours, then eat buckwheat flour. Again, 90 ppm. And voila - 14 hours of energeticness. [*]Drinking 1l yoghurt. 4 hours of foggyness. Then 6 hours of hunger and brightness. Did an experiment - eat 500 grams of the same rice withing these 6 hours. Nothing happened (normally I get more disturbing brain fog after eating 200g). [*]200g cocoa powder, following really foggy evening-night, then the next day - very little fog, energetic. [/list] Sometimes it also happens when I have [color=#0000cd][i]diarrhea[/i][/color]. And always after having [color=#0000cd][i]fever[/i][/color]. Sometimes also for a shorter period [color=#0000cd][i]after feeling very tired after eating[/i][/color], then taking a nap, and the following meal is fog free. So you see, it would seem like sometimes the [color=#ff0000][i]stressful events cause some kind of fever-like reaction[/i][/color], that first feels very bad, but then especially good (like the disease has been fought off with great struggle). Stressful event presses the deteriorated thyroid to do its job in an emergency situation (bad feeling), and then with a last struggle it releases an exceptionally big amount of hormones (following over-energetic feeling). Plus:[list=1] [*]I also have painless/feverless [color=#0000cd]throat inflammation[/color] (at least 3 years). Due to lack of fever/pain and the time it has been stayed (completely unchanged) it can't be viral/bacterial. [*]My [color=#0000cd]throat feels tight[/color] [*]Seldomly there is [color=#0000cd]radiating pain around thorat[/color] (in throat, cheek and ear regions) [*][color=#0000cd]No knee-jerk reflex[/color] (symptom of 1.hypothyroidism / 2.anemia / 3.spinal cord dysfunction) [/list] So, yesterday I gave a blood test, checked for TPO antibodies, TSH, T3, and T4 levels. [color=#ff0000][i]All were in very normal range[/i][/color][b], [/b]meaning[b] NOT thyroid problem[/b]. I really had hoped for 2 months that this test would finally reveal what's wrong with me, but again, disappointment. Later I did some background research and I found out that none of my 4 brothers-sisters and also my both parents had no knee-reflex, thus it is hereditary (and probably harmless). And my mother also has throat inflammation (pharyngitis), and she doesn't have hypothyroidism. Mysteriously each symptom my mother has fits into hypothyroidism profile (and she has ~80% of those symptoms) but the tests show negative, so I hope if I finally get diagnosed it will also shed light to her mysterious case. In the meanwhile I also tested all [b]vitamins[/b]+most of (bio)[b]minerals[/b] that there exists (figured if I have a celiac then vitamin deficiency may cause some symptoms). At first it seemed some of them worked (B6, B9, D, and Cr), but later experiments [color=#ff0000][i]proved me wrong[/i][/color], again! Then i figured I haven't tried [b]HCl[/b] (low stomach acid + SIBO would explain the immune reaction I get - undigested food enters bowels, immune system doesn't like it and attacks). Again, in the beginning it seemed to help a litlle bit, but later when I took 15x larger amounts (7.5mg Betaine HCl), it made a very little difference. And when I think about it, it doesn't affect my digestion even when I drink like 1l of water right after having a meal, so it really [color=#ff0000][i]can't be HCl deficiency[/i][/color]. (Stevie and Jordan say it also has to have pepsin in it, mine didn't have. But I really doubt it would make any difference in my case, because pepsin can't function in low-acid/watery environment.) Fortunately I did discover one thing that [i][color=#ff0000]helps me a bit[/color][/i] - [b]caffeine[/b]. When I tried black coffee it a while ago, then it induced a horrible fog. Little less worse with different teas. But now I got a Herbalife tea, that has some kind of raw coffee and tea powder in it, and it works much better - it actually helps me digest. So, I purchased caffeine pills, and it confirmed my results. Unfortunately they have quite strong side effects - mild [color=#0000cd]diarrhea, urination pain, stomach gases[/color] and [color=#0000cd]little pain in stomach[/color]. I will try to find some other raw coffee pulber that would not have these side effects. What the effect could be from:[list=1] [*]Caffeine [color=#ffd700][i]reduces inflammation and innate immunity[/i][/color]. Maybe it reduces inflammation in my stomach and tells my immune system not to develop a reaction to the foods I eat often. [b]Differentials:[/b] [*]Caffeine [color=#ffd700][i]activates blood flow + stimulates nervous system[/i][/color]. Maybe the nervous system/muscles in my bowel isn't active enough (don't get enough blood), actually the nonfunctioning nerve-gut axis is linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. [*]Studies have also showed that [color=#000000]caffeine[/color][i][color=#ffd700] [/color][color=#ffd700]stimulates thyroid[/color][/i]. - Now ruled out in my case. [/list] So, I'm waiting my first appointment with a new gastroenterologist in February (last one was 5 years ago). I will tell her everything I have tried in these 5 years, it will rule out a lot of conditions. And this time I won't let myself be diagnosed with "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" without doing colonoscopy and possibly endoscopy to rule out [b]Inflammatory Bowel Diseases[/b] or non-healing bowel damage from celiac disease. I am going to [b][color=#a52a2a]defeat this disease[/color][/b], and when I do, I will do everything to help science [i][color=#ff0000]eradicate[/color][/i] the incurable diseases/better [i][color=#ff0000]diagnose[/color][/i] them and give people [i][color=#ff0000]choices[/color][/i] they have no control over.
  4. I thought I was doing a good things by getting on liquid vitamins. I thought I could trust the label that said "gluten free" from nature's plus. I thought I could email them now and ask questions but their email page mysteriously doesn't work. The international email looks like goes through to them but who knows who is going to answer that.     My symptoms: Heat strain, palpitation, lethargy, pain down arms Nerve pain, numbness, tingling Cold hands and feet hot and cold flushes blue colored skin, dry ashy look dizziness, nausea, eye pressure in the left eye headaches wry neck, muscle spasms, muscle pain, ataxia like nothing I've experienced before Mood swings, depression, nightmares, daymares hay fever and pet allergies increased substantially indigestion, pain while going to the bathroom, bloating, swelling     I remember having all this before I knew I was a celiac. That was way back in highschool.   I was wondering where the hell all this came out of, checking all my sources and looking at everything with suspicion....then this morning after 3 months of taking the liquid vitamins by Nature'sPlus, I noticed on the bottle in fine print under "Source 70 Whole Food Complex" there it was.   Barely Grass is NOT gluten free when allowed to begin to seed or to fully seed, then harvested and put into the vitamins. NOT GLUTEN FREE!!!   This have put me back months in my gluten free diet and I've BEEN GLUTEN FREE FOR YEARS!!! SINCE 2004!!!   Not cool people. Not cool.
  5. Okay, so I have been gluten free for several years.   I was the first to need to in my family.  Shortly after my first blood test which did come back negative, while my electrolytes were badly falling amid a host of symptoms including digestive, it was recommended to me to try a gluten free diet (by a nurse practitioner whose daughter had diagnosed celiac, and who recognized the symptoms), and so I stopped short of getting an actual Celiac diagnosis.  Though, later, another member of my family on my dad's side did get an official one, and I have another relative who I suspect would, if she would get tested.    So probably, it is very likely that I actually do have Celiac and had a false negative.   Anyway,  for these years, I would have these random days that I might get once every few months, where I had energy the whole day, and my brain was just "on" and I could never find the missing link.   And then, also, along the way, I discovered that I would get occasionally really depressed, and for some reason taking a B complex really helped with that. But at this point, I didn't really regularly supplement.   I did start regularly supplementing B's and calcium this summer, when I got really bad and extreme energy loss, and that helped.  It wasn't those wonderful odd days like I talked about, but I definitely felt "better."   And then this fall.   I have asthma as well, and I got bronchitis this September.  I had to be on a medication that glutened me for several weeks for my breathing.   And that is really when it all started.   I think I must have sustained more damage in the area that B vitamins are processed, because I would take two ( and I calculated each of the values and made sure I wasn't going to receive a toxic dose by doing so on the off chance that I was absorbing fine) a day, and for a magic hour or two (and on some really lucky days, three) I would be great.  Cognitively clear, mood fine and memory good.  And then my body would process through the little that I had absorbed and I would crash.  My mood would become severely depressed, my cognitive and memory skills would massively decline,   I went on like that for weeks (I remember that though my B vitamin levels were barely above the low mark before I went gluten free, that they were and the doctor's didn't think anything needed to be done there, so I didn't think tney would be much help), just trying to supplement enough on my own.  But I was basically a useless bawling mop on the floor for most of the hours every day.   And then just about three/ or maybe four now, weeks ago, there was this wonderful sign on wall, an advertisement that my gym had put up for B vitamin shots (both b 12 and a b cocktail shot).   You can bet everything I hauled mine in to try that.   And it was a bloody miracle.   For about four-ish days straight, my mood would be perfectly even, my mind really clear, my memory on-target.  Now, unfortunately I can only get these shots at certain days and certain times because of when the doctor who does them is actually in.   And if I miss the window, I'm back to being the cognitively and memory impaired limp bawling dishrag on the floor, and often when I'm like this, the whites of my eyes have turned a funky greyish yellowy sort of tinge, until, of course, I can get the shots again, and then I am good for several days again.   I mean, what is going on here?    Does anybody else have any similar experiences?    
  6. Quick question about wheat grass and barley grass concentrate... Long story, short: I noticed "wheat grass concentrate" and "barley grass juice concentrate" as ingredients on a multi vitamins supplement I planned on buying (muscle pharm armor v). I reached out directly to the company and was told that this product IS GLUTEN FREE. Taking a risk, I purchased it. I have been taking the supplements for the past 5 days and haven't had any type of reaction. I'm a Celiac and I'm actually pretty sensitive to even the slightest CC. I've been living a strict gluten free lifestyle for almost 3 years now and I'm well aware of the yes/no controversy about these ingredients. I have never seen anyone with Celiac co-sign a product with wheat/barley grass, but yet I've had zero reactions after almost a full week. I'm wanting to know if anyone has: 1) Successfully used Muscle Pharm's "Armor V" with no issues 2) Successfully consumed wheat/barley grass [concentrate] The only explanation I can think of is that maybe this particular harvest of wheat/barley grass was grown the correct way that allows it to be deemed gluten-free... Or maybe that since this multi vitamin has soooo many ingredients, the amount of wheat/barley grass concentrate is so trivial that it's less than 20ppm? Really just looking for anyone with a similar experience. I said "long story, short" at the beginning of my post and now it's turned into "long story, longer." Thanks everyone!!
  7. I am looking for a nutritional shake or meal replacement product that can be added to kale and fruit shakes.  Most that I have found have wheat grass or other products that cause reactions. I am currently on the elimination diet and don't seem to be getting enough nutrients so rather than a vitamin form I was hoping to find a real food supplement.  Any ideas? Thank you - Catherine
  8. So what kind of Vitamins and Minerals do you take, and how much? I am just curious !! I suffer from lack of energy. I am taking Sub Lingual B12. 1 of my friends told me Vitamin D was good for energy.. I bought some but it didn't seem to help, I told my friend and she said she takes 10,000 IU's!! Is it safe to take that much? Is it because I am not absorbing ? My other friend told me that her Doc (same as my doc) said that taking B12 is a waste of time!! And Money!! She looked it up and said she read that being Celiac you are just not absorbing Vitamins and minerals so don't waste your time and energy taking them... Now I think I am absorbing some!! I told her my doctor is the one that told me to take them!! I don't know where she read this stuff from. Just wondering, am I wasting my $$ taking vitamins and minerals and all this stuff? Or Should I keep taking them
  9. Hi all,   New to the forum. Have had the biopsy (showed stomach damage at "3B") and am waiting on blood tests to confirm. In the meantime, have gone gluten-free and am looking for all the answers!   Question:   My doctor implied that after going gluten-free my stomach will heal and once healed, absorb nutrients normally again (simplistically). To this end, is there any reason / indication for long-term use of vitamins or other supplements assuming an otherwise well-balanced diet?   As it stands, I feel fantastic and don't seem to have any of the symptoms others seem to refer to on this site. My iron levels at my last physical (about 6 months ago) were perfectly normal (in fact, higher than the last couple of years and on the high side of normal). My only symptom (that alerted me to a potential problem) was uncontrolled acid reflux.   Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  10. Greetings All: I wish this were a feel-good post...   I was diagnosed with classic celiac disease 3-years ago and have felt progressively worse ever since. My symptoms prior to diagnosis were mostly neuro-related. I was reasonably fatigued most days, found it exceptionally difficult to focus on anything that didn't interest me, had anxiety and a somewhat sensitive stomach. I also had silent GERD. In comparison to today, I'd take that symptom profile any day of the week!   Now, most days are marred by bad brain fog, which sometimes blows off in the mid-afternoon or just sticks around all day. This has been exceptionally debilitating. I also am experiencing a level of fatigue unlike anything I ever experienced in the past, a much more sensitive stomach and inconsistent bowl movements. Sadly, these symptoms are consistent with a pre-diagnosis...not post-diagnosis.   I am somewhat at a loss. A recent follow-up endoscopy and colonoscopy provided no answers. The results indicated that my villi are healing and there were no mentioned signs of gastritis, crohns, ibs, gerd, etc. The only anomaly that I am currently managing is a sluggish thyroid, which my endocrinologist described as early onset hashimotos. I am currently taking tirosint, which I have been on for approximately a month. I also begrudgingly take achipex (ppi) for the gerd and Adderall for attention/energy. I would say the meds have provided some relief, but I have a long way to go before I can approximate anything resembling normalcy. I'd rather not be taking any meds, none of which I took prior to the celiac diagnosis.   I have had numerous allergen tests and tested slightly positive to certain airborn allergens and a whole bunch of foods. The food test was conducted by alletess shortly after diagnosis, but my GI doc dismissed the results. I'm wondering, now 3-years later, if I should have the test done again and closely adhere to the recommended foods/rotation, etc. I never knowingly consume gluten, but do occasionally consume other common Since my malaise/pain is constant, it's been very difficult to associate symptoms with specific foods...if that's even the problem.   I'm not sure how long it takes for the full benefits of tirosint to kick-in, but I'd love it if these issues were mostly/all thyroid related. As for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, I take a daily multivitamin, plant-based enzymes with most meals and a near-daily regimen of probiotics. Recent blood tests indicated that I am extremely low in iron and also am not absorbing iron well, but because of my stomach/thyroid issues was discouraged from taking an iron supplement. I suspect that my gut still has a long way to go, is constantly inflamed for some reason and needs a buddy.   Does the above resonate with anyone? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm all ears.   Thanks!    
  11. So, my GI specialist has strongly reccommended that I take multivitamins, especially while I am starting to be gluten-free and my insides are still damaged from gluten. What makes this tricky is that I don't tolerate multivitmains very well; Centrum complete (pill form) is the only multivitamin I've fully established doesn't make me really sick (they upset my stomach but not too bad if it's not the women's formula), and I *have* established that another brand (I believe Nature Made multivitamin pills) actually makes me throw up, even if I take them not on an emtpy stomach. Pretty sure nature made is gluten-free; I think it's just an issue with multivitamin pills themselves (it's not actually that uncommon). Problem is Centrum can't promise they are gluten-free, and I don't want to gamble, especially early on. The solution that I'm aiming for is gummy multvitamins. (There's liquid multivitamins, too, but that would be more of a last resort, since frankly they look and sound kinda icky.) Did a little bit of research inc. on these forums, here's what I found thus far that seem about as sure as possible to be currently gluten-free (in case this helps anyone else): Pioneer Nutritional Chewable Gluten-Free Vitamins & Minerals Country Life CHEWABLE ADULT'S MULTI 60 WAFERS Gluten Free Remedies http://www.glutenfre...le-multivitamin Alive!® Adult Multi-Vitamin Gummy http://www.natureswa...amin-Gummy.aspx Country Life® Chewable Adult Multi Vitafusion Multivites http://www.nnpvitami.../multivites.php Nature Made Adult Gummies http://www.naturemad...i-adult-gummies Sundown Naturals Adult Multivitamins http://www.drugstore...grape/qxp394938 So here are my questions: -Any additional multivitamin suggestions? Any preferences, and rationale for those preferences? -Does anyone know if the following vitamins are actually gluten-free (they may say "don't contain gluten" but don't promise they're actually gluten-free, which I gather I am to be skeptical of- or am I being paranoid?): -CVS brand gummy multivitamins -walgreens brand daily gummy multivitamins http://www.drugstore...tamin/qxp368946 -rite aid brand adult gummy multivitamins (I can't even find these on the internet on a cursory search!) -Any thoughts/opinions/personal experiences on taking prenatal vitamins for a little while? I'm not/shall never be pregnant, but I have heard of other women taking prenatal vitamins just to get the extra vitamins. My thought is it may make sense to use them for a little while while I am just starting out gluten-free (maybe the first month or two), since my GI doc is pretty sure I'm not going to be properly absorbing nutrients from food for months (hence the vitamin-pushing). -Any suggestions re: getting more iron? I eat very little meat (not vegetarian, just picky and lazy), so even if everything was healed up I'd still probably be a little bit anemic, though I do actively seek other sources of iron in my diet. Looks like liquid vitamins have iron but gummy do not. Have heard iron supplements are not gentle on your system. The solution to that particular problem may, of course, just be to suck it up and start eating meat more often, if I start suspecting I'm becoing badly anemic (or if tests down the road confirm that this is the case- last test I was only borderline anemic/not super badly iron deficient, which neither my doctor nor myself was super worried about). =)
  12. I would like to know if it is ok to chew CeliAct or it has to be swallowed whole.  I could not find any instructions on the proper method.   I know some vitamins have a protective covering so it will not dissolve until it reaches the intestines.   Then some other vitamins are chewable.   Which is the approved way so I get the most out of CeliAct.    
  13. I have just purchased calcium citrate vitamins shoppe brand and have been taking it and there vitamin d3 drops , does anyone know if the calcium is gluten free , it says "wheat free" but I have come to learn that's not always gluten free , any insight would be great . I have contacted the company and left a message on there machine ,just waiting for a reply . I also had the same concern about the vitamin d3 drops .WARNING Not all of there products are gluten free I didn't thoroughly check the product label on there chromium and paid the price, it contains wheat! ( very very small print ) . Dealing with the emotional backlash of being glutened . I have to take calcium and d3 drops everyday in large amounts for my hypo parathyriodism .
  14. Are the Women's One A Day Prenatal Vitamins gluten free? The ingredients looked okay to me, but these days you can never really be sure!
  15. My daughter, diagnosed celiac in November, so gluten free nearly two months now, is having a hard time no matter what she eats. She has a tremendous amount of damage - seen on her endoscopy / colonoscopy - and her GI told us that it will take 6 months to a year for her body to heal. My question is what have are you taking to promote healing? I would like to add digestive enzymes, more probiotics (currently she eats yogurt and drinks kefir), and maybe Vitamin C in addition to the multivitamins she takes. What has worked for you? I can't stand watching her suffer after eating for a year! I know that we probably need to cut out the dairy, but she is very resistant to this. For those of you who have cut out milk, do you have an easier time with cheeses? I am open to suggestions and trying to learn -- all of this is still quite new to us.
  16. I recently found out I have Celiac and we have been trying to get pregnant. I was taking GNC Prenatal Vitamin that said it was gluten free. I called them today and asked about cross contamination and they said the prenatal vitamins are produced on shared equipment with products containing gluten. I called a number of other companies as well and am running into the same problem - thier product is marked as gluten free but made/packaged on equipment shared with glutenous products. Does anyone know of a gluten free prenatal vitamin that would be safe to take? Thanks!
  17. I have a 10 yr. old son who has not yet been diagnosed but has been put on antacid twice daily. I have started gluten free on my own and noticed a big improvement on how he feels. My question is that my son is 5'3" tall 130lbs. In other words he is the size of an average adult. I was really wanting to purchase the "celiact" vitamin but noticed it said 18yrs. or older. would it be ok to give this to my son, maybe in a smaller dose, I just feel it would be beneficial to him. He already takes all other meds in adult dose and form not children meds.
  18. I have been searching far and wide for actual scientific information on pregnancy nutrition, especially for people with celiac. The problem is that there is so much woo(pseudoscience) mixed in with most pregnancy sites. The baby is too important to chance on some non professional just saying yea this worked for me. I am in my early 30s and the disease took away any pregnancy chances in my 20s. I am not going to get many more chances/years so lets make this count. Hard science only and I will be very appreciative for your help! I am coming to the community for help in finding papers and resources I can trust in developing my meal plans. Finds so far: Mayo clinic pregnancy nutrition site USDA Supertracker food plan organizer / tracker