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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

      This FAQ on celiac disease will guide you to all of the basic information you will need to know about the disease, its diagnosis, testing methods, a gluten-free diet, etc.   Subscribe to FREE email alerts What are the major symptoms of celiac disease? Celiac Disease Symptoms What testing is available for celiac disease? - list blood tests, endo with biopsy, genetic test and enterolab (not diagnostic) Celiac Disease Screening Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Test Results Can I be tested even though I am eating gluten free? How long must gluten be taken for the serological tests to be meaningful? The Gluten-Free Diet 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free Is celiac inherited? Should my children be tested? Ten Facts About Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Is there a link between celiac and other autoimmune diseases? Celiac Disease Research: Associated Diseases and Disorders Is there a list of gluten foods to avoid? Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) Is there a list of gluten free foods? Safe Gluten-Free Food List (Safe Ingredients) Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages Distilled Spirits (Grain Alcohols) and Vinegar: Are they Gluten-Free? Where does gluten hide? Additional Things to Beware of to Maintain a 100% Gluten-Free Diet Free recipes: Gluten-Free Recipes Where can I buy gluten-free stuff? Support this site by shopping at The Store.

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  1. I got a test from boots because I pretty much have all the symptoms of a celiac and also my mother has celiac. I'm 17 male. I have added the image of my test ....... What do you think? It's kinda faint 
  2. Hello all,   Thank you for providing a space to chat and gain support. I am hoping to learn more before my endoscopy which is this coming Wednesday. I just received my bloodwork results. I do not have them in hand, but the gastro doctor called to inform me they were positive. He stated my celiac panel number was "163", he said he's seen higher and anything over 15 was a positive for him.  Which number is this, the tTg?  I would be relieved to finally get a firm diagnosis and start towards feeling better. I've always been health conscious and the diet does not worry me. I just want to feel better someday! I also deal with severe anxiety and am in CBT. My CBT therapist has been so helpful! So that anxiety has me jumping down rabbit holes that they will find something even worse.   Thanks again and hello.
  3. Five months ago I developed symptoms. I felt a tired, low energy, and in the head not feeling all there. A slight sore throat coming on, the feeling you get when you're *about* to get sick. Problem was, I never really got sick (no cough, no runny nose, no fever) and this "almost sickly / tired / foggy feeling continued." For days. Weeks. Months. I went to the doctor. Tests came back normal for things like thyroid checks, vitamin B12, mono, Epstein-Barr, etc. The only thing was my Vitamin D that was insufficient at 23 (30 is normal). I took Vitamin D pills and now my level is 36. The symptoms continue. Some are less and others are more, but the overall feeling is definitely still there. Over the weeks of taking the pills, I'd feel better for a few days, then worse for a few days. Rinse, repeat. The primary symptom during this whole time is what I call brain fog. I see the term thrown around and I don't know if it's the same as what other people say it is but generally I use brain fog because it feels like my experience is clouded in my head. Like having a layer of cloud in your brain fogging things up. Physically it feels almost like a headache, but not quite. It feels almost like being dizzy, but not quite. It feels like tiredness and extreme exhaustion, but that has lessened in recent months and it feels more like a headache. Sleep doesn't change it. There are no noticeable patterns. Even when it's not severe, I feel like it's "always there," my head never feels fully clear. Seems to come in waves. I might go 3-5 days without a severe episode, then it is severe for 3-5 days. Or it might show up in the middle of a day and continue for the rest of that day. Some symptoms came and went: most notably temperature extremes: night sweats, or feeling very cold and shivering. These were quick episodes and stopped after the first month. They happened maybe less than 5 or 8 times. Maybe it's unrelated. The sore throat died down in recent weeks. But I do consistently get cold extremities, which I never used to get. And dry lips, which I also rarely got and only in the winter. And new symptoms appeared in the first month: weakness / feeling of internal 'wobbliness' in my muscles, particularly in my thighs. Not 24/7 but sometimes, kind of like the cycles from before. It wasn't involuntary movement. But I definitely could feel weakness / wobbliness. This has died down in recent weeks. One night I felt tingling on my hands, but that symptom never returned.  MRI results are normal. With the exception of something my neurologist described as something about the white matter that is part of normal aging (I'm in my mid-30s), but can appear in people with migraine headaches. I think I will talk with him again to discuss this further because I do not really understand it, but he assured me the MRI was normal. I felt the 'brain fog' prior to and while getting the MRI (symptoms at medium severity). So here I am today, feeling about the same with brain fog / headaches and pretty much always feeling like something's a bit off, like feeling cloudy. I can still do things, exercise, run, go out with friends. But the brain fog / headaches sometimes really kick in sometimes, it seems like in phases. Then I read about gluten sensitivity. I see symptoms like 'brain fog' and headaches and wonder if it might be related. I do think at times after eating heavy meals the fogginess / extreme tiredness came on. But there are days where I eat gluten in cereal and I don't notice an increase in symptoms. Like I said before it comes in waves. 3 days at a time or half a day or 2 days. It's not like after every meal 30 minutes later I feel it then it goes away. But perhaps it's related to *how much* gluten I eat.. My doctor said he does not think it is a gluten issue, but that I can try going gluten free for a few weeks to see if symptoms improve. I'm currently tracking my symptoms and food intake to see if there's a pattern. So I'm just wondering if anyone else here experiences these symptoms and if you think it might be a gluten issue. Thank you for reading.  
  4. IMPORTANT: I trust my doctor, I am willing to answer questions, but I want you all to know that where I am in the process of getting a diagnosis requires me to have an endoscopy- a positive blood test in my situation does NOT give me all of the information the doctors need. With that being said, here's my story...   This past Friday was the end of my eight week gluten challenge, a blood test, and another day in the land of waiting around for a specific diagnosis.    I am here to tell you that I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, but only one biopsy was taken at my endoscopy in the summer, so I get to repeat the process of another endoscopy on February 19th, 2015. However, there are a couple pieces of GOOD NEWS that I want to share with all of you.   1. I got my blood test results today and there is no question about it- I tested positive just like before. Why is this good news, might you ask? I was told that if the test wasn't positive "enough", I'd have to keep eating gluten until I returned to being positive so that I could have my endoscopy. Before, I had been five months gluten free, so the last eight weeks were awful physically, emotionally, mentally, and even socially. So I'm so happy to be headed towards an actual label of a diagnosis that I can DO something with to feel better.   2. I did NOT end up in the Emergency Room YAYYY  . ( There were several panic attacks, many bouts of stomach pain/problems, and my depression/anxiety skyrocketed during the eight weeks, fatigue was over the top, and this will continue to be the way it is until after the endoscopy because I MUST eat gluten to get an accurate biopsy/sample, but I'm just SOOO happy to have made it this far! ) 3. I am my own advocate for my health. It was April of 2013 that things first went haywire, but I will not give in or give up until I feel better and get a diagnosis!   Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment here or instant message me if you do not feel comfortable with posting to the public forum. I invite anyone and everyone to ask questions, partially because I enthusiastic about helping others in any way I can, but also because I need to pass the time until my endoscopy    Good luck to everyone on their own individual journeys~ Val  
  5. Lost

    I'm at a loss.  I still haven't been feeling well and it's been over a year since my diagnosis.  I have recently gotten new doctors, moved to a different hospital, so I had all my yearly labs drawn from a new doctor.  My vitamin levels are all normal, barely, but normal.  My antibody levels have flat out stalled since I had them drawn in August.  They haven't gone down or up.  My new GI seems to think I'm some how getting glutened.  My daughter and I eat all the same foods, use all the same products and her antibodies are completely normal, the only thing different is I take Thyroid medication which I have called on and am told it's gluten free.  I never go out to eat, barely eat anywhere but home.  I don't feel like I'm getting glutened, even low level cc usually makes me get headaches, brain fog, the whole gamut.  Have I just not given it enough time?  I'm still losing weight, not nearly as fast as I was before, but still losing it.  My energy levels are next to nothing ( TSH is normal) and I'm dizzy all the time, fainting a few times a week.  My boyfriend and I have been over our house multiple times and find nothing.  I guess I'm just lost on where to even start looking.
  6. Hello, I am new here, thank you all in advance for the advice.   I just got the blood tests back from my doctor and he neglected to even mention the results from the celiac panel that he ran. After having the nurse print a copy of all of the results, I noticed 2 abnormalities in the findings and under the interpretation it is noted, "Serological evidence for celiac disease is present. Consider IgA deficiency. Here are the results from the 3 tests;   Tissue Transglutaminase: 1.  Immunoglobulin A: <15 Tissue Transglutaminase AB IGG: 9   So from my understanding of these results, the IGG was positive, and the other 2 were negative but my IgA was well below normal limits. Why did my doctor fail to even mention these results and should I be concerned?
  7. Hello all,   So in 2011 I was tested for antibodies for celiac.  Everything came out negative, but my doc did a biopsy anyway.  That came back way positive.  Then I went gluten free in Jan of 2012, and pretty much every symptom/bad thing/illness/problem I had completely went away!  My doc then diagnosed me with celiac.  Now, recently my sister did one of those gene coding things with my mom and my mom has the celiac gene, HLA DQ2.  So do y'all think it's logical that I have that gene too?  If so, why didn't I have antibodies?  My doc said (and no, I don't have too much faith in her), that if I didn't have antibodies there was no way possible to have the gene, but it looks like I probably do have the gene, but why then no antibodies.  She tested me twice for everything (I think).   Thanks, Linda
  8. *sigh*   So my bloodwork showed everything normal exept slightly positiv DGP IgG. My biopsi was kind of negativ. I do have some inflamation in my small intestine, 'similar to that of celiac', but not enough for it to actually be celiac, it seems. I have just about the whole list of symptoms for celiac, including perifiral neuropathy, and when I eat gluten I will throw up within 15 min. That was offcours making the gluten challange quite trying, but I feel confident some gluten made it all the way down to my intestine every day.   Obviously I can not have gluten, for whatever reason, and the european 'glutenfree' foods hold alot of wheatstartch, of about 20 ppm of gluten, this is enough to give me some symptoms. So I only eat naturally glutenfree foods and tht works well for me, but I just can not understand how docs can say I don't have celiac, when none of my tests are negativ and with the symptoms and high sensitivity that I have? Also, at the same time, I'm thinking that as I am more sensitive than most, my tests should be 'more' positive if all this was caused by celiac? I have had some of the symptoms ever since childhood, so this is not a new thing ,but I have eaten very little gluten the last few years.   Is it posible that I have had non celiac gluten intolerance for many years, that is just recently starting to develope into celiac? Or are the two not conected?   Some of the reactions I have seem sort of like allergic reactions, like itches, puffy face and stuffy nose, so I am now beeing sendt to a allegy specialist to see if I might be allergic to wheat, but I don't feel like that fits all thet well.   Does anyone have any thoughts or information aboute cases like this?
  9. I am looking for some interpretation of lab results for my son, who is almost 6. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and began a gluten free diet. He has still been eating gluten. Because of my diagnosis we decided to test all 3 of our kids for the disease. Two of our children are definitely negative at this time. Our oldest has the following test results: Gliding Ab, IgA 17 (normal ref 0-19) TTG Ab, IgA 35 [H] (normal ref 0-19) Endomysial Ab, IgA <1:10 (normal <1:10) IgA serum total 68 [L] (normal 70-310) His pediatrician says his lab tests were negative for celiac. I received a lot of push back from him about why would I want to get my kids tested just so they could have a diagnosis and that doing a food sensitivity panel may be more helpful if we are "worried" about gluten. Anyway, besides the point. Looking at his labs, there definitely seems to be things that point toward Celiac. I realize the 35 ttg is not that high, but he is also low IgA. He has moderately severe reflux, which he takes Prevacid for 2x/day and while not ADHD, he dos have a hard time being still and concentrating. We are waiting to see his Ped GI which I assume will want to do an endoscopy. Any thoughts or interpretation?
  10. Thank you for reading!   I got accepted to a nursing program and had to take a PPD test. I took the skin test and it came up positive. The bump was red and slightly raised. I don't have insurance right now so I didnt the quantigold test since I hear it's expensive. Since my school wanted a chest xray, I got that instead and it came up completely normal. My doctor said I may have latent tb, in which case I would have to start antibiotics. I've heard that the antibiotics can cause nausea and stomach discomfort, which I'm sure feels much worse when you have Celiac. I'm not at a point where I want to be sick for 6 months taking the abx while going to school. The doctor said that latent Tb can become active with a weakened immune system, and mentioned examples such as chemotherapy... so far I'm overall a healthy person but of course things can always change.    I'm going to determine pricing for the Quantigold test and see if there are any support services. I haven't had a PPD skin test in forever; if I did I'm sure I'd remember if it came up positive.    Anyone have any experience with this? Has anyone had to take the antibiotics and, if so, were your experiences similar to that I described above? 
  11. Hi all, If anyone could help me figure out if my little boys blood test results for celiac disease are positive I would be so grateful. I actually have celiac disease myself and was diagnosed 15 years ago thru a different blood test and then biopsy. My son has been having all sorts of health issues since he was basically 9 mos old. Delayed in every milestone, chronic diarrhea, constant infections/viruses , failure to thrive , a tic disorder, and major behavioral problems similar to ADHD and anxiety which the ADHD meds don't help but rather exacerbate his tics and make his stomach sick. We saw a gastro at children's hospital a couple weeks ago and he did several blood tests. He said he could tell me already that he is lactose intolerant and wants to do some breath test which we have to set the appointment for. But, I got copies of his be results yesterday when picking up sterile containers for stool samples and can't figure out if this test is positive or negative! It's driving me crazy. Im usually really good at blood results. I didn't know this was a celiac disease test because the first thing it showed was his SELENIUM is HIGH. Then I googled the actual test which is the tTg ab iga and saw it was for celiac. Here is how it reads and I'm confused by the exclamation point on both of the results. Does anyone know what this is saying? Thanks so much for any help. (TTG) Ab IgA. < 1 ! Selenium 142 H ! (55-134) Mcg/L
  12. Apparently both my son's have high tests results...I was wondering if there are any doctors that will give a positive diagnosis off of the blood test alone.  Meaning no biopsy?   Thanks! Alex  age 4 Deam Iga Index 212.3 Gliadin IgA postive Glia IgG Index 137.9 Gliadin IgG positive TTG IgA index greater than 100 TTG IgA AB positive Robert age 6 Deam Iga Index 115.5 Gliadin IgA postive Glia IgG Index 60.1 Gliadin IgG positive TTG IgA index greater than 100 TTG IgA AB positive
  13. Sorry I am new here and not sure if this has already been posted...   I just got a call from my pediatrician and she said my 3 year old son's blood work came back and all the markers were positive for Celiac.  She said the next step is to get a scope and biopsy done to confirm.  She also suggested the whole family get tested for it.     So my questions are....if all the markers are positive is the scope necessary, doesn't that tell us he has it?  Can all the markers be positive and the scope come back negative?     Thanks for any info you all may have!    
  14. Hi Im new to all of this first off so any bit of info will be extremely helpful! Our baby girl started falling off the charts around nine months and just two weeks ago at her one year apt was marked as failure to thrive! her dr order a CBC and a celiacs test...her test came back positive! We are waiting to see a GI dr. Some of my questions are how accurte are these blood tests on babies? Her test results on her Tiss transglutam AB, IgG was a 16.1 on a scale of anything above a 6 is that a really high positive??? My second big question is what should I expect at the GI Dr? Will they do further tests? What types of questions should I be asking?? Sorry im just so lost and want to help my baby girl
  15. Hello Everyone,   I'm still in a bit of shock from hearing from my GI on Monday that she thinks I probably have Celiac.  (My blood tests are below.)  She said that it wasn't for sure and scheduled me for an endoscopic biopsy next Wednesday.  I've spent yesterday and this morning reading as much as I can about this disease, as it wasn't even on my radar at all!  I don't have any stomach or intestinal symptoms that I can tell, although I have several other health issues (massive thyroid issues, extremely low Vitamin D, bladder problems, and quite a bit of problems with mental focus).    Here is my question--my doctor didn't want to stay definitvely if I have celiac or not.  She had a "let's wait for the endoscopy results" attitude, although she did refer me to a nutritionist and made sure I made an appointment for next week.  So, given the results below, is it possible that I don't have celiac?  Is the doctor just being doctor-ish by not saying I have it for sure, or is there really a chance that the biopsy could come back negative?  I've been trying to figure this out by Googling, but I'm getting more confused.  Of course, I can just wait for the results, but it's driving me a little crazy...   Since the "IGA,Serum" came back in the normal range, does that mean anything?   Thanks for any and all input!!! Dee   P.S. - Also, if there are any questions that I should ask the doctor or the nutritionist I'd love to know.  I feel like I just don't even know enough to know what to ask yet...   P.P.S. - here are the results: ANA SCREEN,IFA                              Positive ANTI-NUCLEAR AB TITER            1:80 ANA PATTERN                                   Homogeneous Reference Range:        <1:40         Negative         1:40-1:80     Low Antibody Level         >1:80         Elevated Antibody Level (tTG) AB, IGA                                        66    Reference Range:       <4 No Antibody Detected       > OR = 4 Antibody Detected ENDOMYSIAL AB IGA               POSITIVE ENDOMYSIAL AB TITER          1:40      Reference Range:    <1:5     IGA, SERUM                                   260      Reference Range:  81-463    mg/dL        
  16. Hello, I have been reading numerous posts prior to posting, and I know I am not the only one to go through this but I guess I am looking for people who actually have done it. I live in Ontario and I am a 23 years old female (even though that does not change anything it sets in with the rest of the story). Here is my story : After puberty, I started having fainting spells constantly... We did numerous tests, and all of them came back negative, expect for an iron deficiency which was unexplained. At that time I was 14-15 years old. The years went on, other issues came up, at 17 I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility, my iron level was still very low. I had very long cycles (3 to 7 months), which often had to be triggered with medication. After a 4 months treatment on Clomid, I became pregnant at the age of 19. Knowing that my chances to have a child were very low I decided to keep my son (nothing to do with the story either but I just wanted to point it out for the rest of the story as well). I had a fairly easy pregnancy. But after having my son, I had an unexplained hemorrhage. Anyways, after having my son things started going down, I was going through a really rough time, started losing a lot of weight (I was only 125lbs before I had my son, 115lbs a month after I had him). Anyways after I had my son, I started noticing that I was dizzy very often, my vision was getting worse, I was always constipated (unless I drank beer). I started consulting different doctors (mainly walk in clinics because I did not have a family doctor for myself). One doctor told me that my dizziness was due to the fact that I stood up too fast probably (??????) Another doctor told me that it was probably just the way I held my head (????????) I kind of gave up at that point. After consulting another doctor for getting the flu back to back without a couple of months. The doctor finally decided to do some blood work, Celiac wasn't tested then, but my vitamin levels were. It came up that my iron was extremely low. I was put on 3 pills of iron a day for 3 months. 3 months later I finally had a family doctor. I got tested and my iron level was still low, but since the iron pills were making me sick (so I thought) I was told that my body could probably regulate itself since it was almost at normal levels. About 6 months later, I went back to the doctor's for unrelated problems (so I thought), my doctor told me that my issues were more than likely due to stress. We tested for my iron again and it was very low again, I was put on another 3 months treatment. I never ended up going back to get tested because I was tired of doctor's excuses. Then my boyfriend noticed that I was losing my hair, I had a bald spot the size of a tennis ball... I was FREAKING out. I assumed it was due to a lack of vitamins, so I started taking vitamin supplements on top of the iron pills that I had been taking for about 5 months now. By that time, the dizziness has gotten worse; I would faint after moving the bed, or taking 2 shovels full of snow, or even going up the stairs. My hair had gown an inch in 3 years, and I kept having unexplained bladder issues. My mind was always foggy, my vision had gotten worse, I had changed prescription twice within a year. My stomach was always feeling upside down, but I blame that on the iron pills or my cycles. I would go to the bathroom only twice a week, something even less (but I was used to that so i thought that was normal). The least I would go was every 2 days. I went to the doctor's after 2 months of being of vitamin supplement and my hair not growing back. She said it was Alopecia and that it was probably due to stress (AGAIN). But she said that it was time to test her iron levels... as she was saying that, it is like lighting struck her, and she told me that perhaps I should take the blood test for Celiac decease. The only downfall was that the test was $60. I get to the lab, and the test was in fact $125 for a full test. I needed to know.... I was supposed to have the results within 24 hours. A week later, I still had not received a call from my doctor's, I assumed it was good news. But I figured I would call to make sure that my iron level were okay and that I would be ok to come off of the iron pills. When I call the receptionist tells me "Oh you were next on my list", instantly I think "oh noooo, what is wrong?", she says " The doctor would like to see you, Your blood work is positive for Celiac, but she says it is not urgent so I will book you for our next available appointment in 2 weeks." I started researching Celiac a little more deeply and EVERYTHING just made so much sense. My grandmother had died of small intestine cancer, even though she always ate healthy. I decided to not wait for my doctor and try out the gluten free diet. Within a week my vision was clear as water (still with glasses on of course), my brain was not foggy and I cleaned my car for an hour and a half without fainting. I was excited, FINALLY, finally I knew what was going on, and finally I knew that I was not just crazy. After 2 weeks I started having normal stools, even though I still only went to the bathroom every other day, I did not have to go 5 times to the bathroom in order to get anything out. On the day of my appointment, the doctor told me that my iron level was still very low, my Vitamin D level was extremely low, along with my B12. She had not tested for any other vitamin levels but she assumed that my other vitamin levels were low also... Now it explained why I had had to slap myself in the face in order to stay awake when driving. 2 out of the 3 tests came up positive (TtG and EMA). However the doctor said that she wanted to make sure that it was not a false positive. She said she would sent me for an endoscopy, HOWEVER I would have to eat really bad (gluten) again until the appointment. I prayed that the appointment would be scheduled soon... I've dealt with issues all of my life, I had no issues going through another couple of weeks of that. Though I got the call yesterday and my appointment is at the end of august (in over 3 months). After the appointment I started eating gluten again. My vision started getting blurry after the second day, I started falling asleep at the wheel within 12 hours, my stomach cramps, acid reflux was back within 12 hours. I refuse to go through this for another 3 1/2 months.... But I feel like I would be a woos if I just gave up and did not go. Plus, let's admit it, Gluten free food is expensive, being a home owner, mother of 2 and having a boyfriend who eats very well, financially we just get by. The extra expense isn't easy to deal with. In order to get a tax refund for gluten free food, I need a note from my doctor... Has anyone done it? Waited 3 months+ after a positive blood test??? Please re assure me, I felt so sick last night that I started crying and told my boyfriend that I could NEVER do it.                    
  17. Hi, I have stalked around on this forum for a while and finally decided to sign up today and ask all of you seasoned celiacers a question about my lab work. I have had some serious neurological issues, mainly my eyes being very sensitive to light and feeling dizzy, so my neurologist ran a panel of blood work on me and besides a low Vit. D, a slight titer of dsDNA which is so low considered neg. only one came back positive. This was the Deamidated Gliadin Peptide IgG. It was weakly positive at 24. 30 being strong postive. So I googled what Deamidated Gliadin Peptide was and a whole slew of celiac articles popped up. I had a biopsy in 2008 which I was told was negative for celiac disease, but I think my Gastro only took one biopsy. I want to be realistic here and not keep barking up the same tree if I don't have celiac disease, but I was shocked to see the DGP IgG positive. Do you guys think this test could correlate with other possible diseases? They did do other celiac tests like the IgA and Ttg test which were in normal ranges.Endomysial test also normal. I guess what I want to know is, with this one test being positive, should I look further into celiac disease or should I not worry about it? Thanks for any input in advance.
  18. I was diagnosed with Celiacs several months ago. I then had both my daughters tested since I also was positive for both Celiac genes. DQ2 and DQ8. My older daughters results showed >100 on t-Transglutaminase (tTg) IgA (o-3 is normal). She is now on a gluten free diet. Neither myself or my daughters have or had GI issues associated with Celiacs. My younger daughter got a 4 on the same test, which is considered Weak positive. She also got the following results on Deamidated Gliadin test: IgA 8 (0-19 normal) IgG 15 (0-19 normal) Her pediatrician said she does not have Celiac. Do you agree with this? What does weak positive mean? I just wondering if I should pursue this further for her. Thanks!
  19. Hi,   I got a copy of my blood work and my HLA-DQ8 is positive, could someone please let me know what that means???  Is that why they had me do the endoscopy??? Thanks in advance for all your help.
  20. So, after reading a post here the other day, I was intriqued by the the book, Breaking The Viscious Cycle, which describes the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). You see, after a period of over one year (very strict adherence to the diet), my oldest son's ttg IgA levels are still positive (currently at 95 down from a starting point of about 150+). His DGP levels are negative and have been for while, which I read means that it proves he has no gluten in his system. But, the positive ttg IgA level means his gut is still not healing. He has no symptoms other than low growth. So, we bought the book and are starting within a few days. I bought the yogurt maker today (along with an ice cream maker, because I want to make homemade ice cream from the yogurt). I'd love to hear about anyone's experience with SCD.
  21. Hello all, I am super frustrated with my diagnosis journey over the last 15 years... a new city, a new diagnosis. Can you tell me if this looks right to you? For the last 15 years i was told I had severe eczema, that could not be controlled properly but by high potency corticosteriods, topical immunomodulators and sedative antihistamines. Now I am told it's not eczema, it's Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Blistering rash, rarely gone more than a few weeks if at all, symmetrical (elbows, knees, feet, hands, underarms, hips, stomach, buttocks), severe itch. I am on Dapsone 25 mg 2x daily and now completely clear. Diagnosed Dermatitis Herpetiformis (Dermotologist). Blood tests done, then told to go GFD (Primary Care Doctor). Asymptomatic gastrologically, endoscopy done, told I don't have Celiac (Gastroenterologist). But if I have DH I have celiac disease right? Why can't all these doctors agree? Anyone's spots look similar? Initial skin biopsy (punch): eczema negative, puritic vesicle observed Immunoflorescence IgA skin biopsy (punch): Weak Postive Blood Serum Celiac Comprehensive Panel (Quest Diagnositics - Ttg, EMA & EMA Titers): Positive Small Intestine biopsy (EGD): negative Thoughts? (pictures from Oct 2012 - prior to biopsies, tests & Dapsone use)