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Thinning Hair

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I am a new member to the Gluten-free lifestyle. My test were inconclusive because I did them a month after this lifestyle change since August 2012. I have no doubts in my mind though that I have Celiac because of some mistakes and horrible reactions in the beginning of this journey. Currently, I am dairy, gluten, corn and egg free which has been difficult but rewarding. I have noticed that most of my symptoms have left, I am no longer fatigued, lethargic, depressed and bloated (which is amazing!). However, over the last three months or so my hair has been thinning drastically and my scalp has been incredibly itchy. I have always had more than enough hair (donated my long locks twice) so having my hair fall out is a huge issue for me. I am seeing a new doctor NEXT MONTH, which is hard when you've been waiting for months for some help. So I am sending this out to you guys... have you experienced this before? What am I doing wrong? Any help you can provide is appreciated.


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Celiac kept my hair thin but once I went gluten-free I started to get new growth; my regrowth is about 7 inches long now.


After I was gluten-free for three months though, I had an autoimmune attack of some sort where my joint became very sore, I was more fatigued, and my hair started falling out like crazy.  It was getting to the point where people were noticing. I am pretty sure that it was caused by another auto immune disorder. I had recently started treatment for Hashiloto's so it could have been my body adjusting to the hormone, or it was from another AI disease (I suspect I have a connective tissue problem like Lupus. It lasted about 3 months.


My guess would be that another health problem is causing your hair loss (unfortunately) or you've been glutening yourself pretty badly and hairloss is the result.  Is it possible that you have Hashimoto's or another AI disease?


Low nutrients can cause hair loss too. I think low B's can contribute but I don't know much about this area.


Someone on this forum told me about Biotin which is a supplement to encourage healthy hair growth.  It did nothing to stop my hair loss (as far as I can tell) but it is growing in better now than it has in at least 5 years.


I hope your hair loss stops and you find answers. I know it's hard to deal with, especially as women when thinning hair and baldness is often harshly judged.  (hugs)


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I believe the most common causes of thinning hair is a sign of either genetics, nutritional deficiencies, or stress. Since you suddenly are depriving your body of all dairy, gluten, and eggs then maybe you are nutrient deficient? Hair is the first thing to go when you are lacking vital nutrients. My suggestion is to take a vitamin for your hair. I use one called nzuri (amazon it) and after about 1-2 months my hair feels so much softer and healthier. If I stop taking it my hair gets very dry and hard, and just springs off my head. 


Good luck, I'm happy to hear your other symptoms have cleared up, but be careful when restricting things from your diet.


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I believe the most common causes of thinning hair is a sign of either genetics, nutritional deficiencies, or stress....


...Good luck, I'm happy to hear your other symptoms have cleared up, but be careful when restricting things from your diet.

I doubt she has restricted too many items from her diet - she only cut four items and of those (milk, gluten, and corn) they are are unessential to our diet or not easily digestible. Only egg (as far as I know) contributes to our health.


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I suggest you take Biotin vitamin supplement.  Most Americans are laking Biotin because it's main food source is animal liver.  Wether you avoid it for taste or the warning that animal liver is too toxic from environmental pollution.  It is beneficial for hair and fingernail growth and metabolism.


A good daily vitamin supplement may be a good idea.  Talk about this with your doctor.  Tests should be done to see any vitamin defiencies you might have.


Hair grows in cycles an active growing stage, rest stage, and falling out.  Stress and illness can make hair fall out or switch to the next phase of the cycle. 


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      I don't eat chocolate often, but I have never had a gluten reaction to Toblerone. I trust it to be gluten-free.
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      I am so sorry for how your feeling.  I can sympathize; over time I notice I couldn't have any type of gluten free products.  I read that since you don't have villi in your small intestines you have no defenses, meaning even the tiniest bit of exposure causes a flare up.  I even have to be careful when I purchase products by reading the labels to ensure it says manufactured by a nut, soy, milk and wheat free facility.  Be very careful, unfortunately
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      I have been reading a lot about leak gut syndrome which is new to the medical community in the sense that they don't know how to manage it.  If (you are female) make sure to do a yearly pap and uterine check to ensure there is no issues there.  If you are not a female then definitely confirm with an endoscopy if your small intestines are still damaged.  I am looking into doing the leaky gut diet to see if it will help, the book I am reading is "Eat Dirt" by Dr Josh Axe.  Especially since I notice anytime I am exposed to gluten by accident my symptoms are worse each and every time.  I know get severe back and rib cage pain, with bloating, gurgling and diarrhea with severe nausea.  I am willing to try anything and I am now reading this book and applying the diet to see if I can heal my intestinal lining.
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      Ok so I had my colonoscopy & endoscopy last Thursday. Don't get results until July 13th as GI is on vacation. I've had bad pain in my lower left abdomen that wraps around to my lower back as well for the past 4 days..even hurts to touch lightly. Went back to the ER & they did an ultrasound & CT scan. The Doctor said that I have "prominent" lymph nodes in the area that is painful as well as thickening & inflammation of my Sigmond colon? Um ok what is that all about? Kind of freaking out over the whole swollen lymph nodes thing. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? 😒
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