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Posted 11 May 2013 - 03:16 AM

I'm a 15 stone 6ft 5 man who doesnt do illness - six months ago I was flying a helicopter, I got on a plane on my own last year and drove across Florida. Three months ago I was diagnosed with Coeliac. Over the weekend I was obviously contaminated by a large quantity of gluten - Tuesday morning on the way to work I was hit with the mother of all Anxiety attacks, the top of my head went numb, I went dizzy and the pressure in my head had me on the verge of concerning myself that I was going to black out/ die or have a stroke. I drove myself to A&E. My blood pressure was normal, pulse a healthy 68bpm, but I really did not feel myself, they said it was a stress attack. Yesterday I cried like a baby in front of my girlfriend (I dont do crying), I felt I was losing control of myself. This morning I woke feeling the same - the release of adrenalin makes my legs shake. I got out of bed put my trainers on and ran probably the quickest mile of my life, 30 mins later I still feel dizzy, my head is still numb, but the panic has gone. I am due another check up this morning with my doc and will hopefully rule out other possible conditions, which judging on the speed I ran that mile I would imagine would rule out MS? When you feel you are slipping into the Anxiety imagine yourself in a good place and focus on it, stop your mind from racing, that makes it worse, easier said than done I know. I feel relieved that 99% this is the cause of gluten and Coeliac. I wish you well and I hope you improve - it is easy for it to dent your confidence in going out the door, dont let it.

Thank you Chris, the anxiety and spaciness is the worst thing I think. It robs us of everything positive,Courage, confidence and determination. My blood result was negative for Celiac but I think I may try cutting out Gluten anyway. My vit D was low so that I think can contribute to amxiety etc as can low b12 which I also have. I hope things improve for you soon.
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