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Variable Overwhelm Encouragment Wanted :)

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Hi I'm Christy, long time lurker, first time poster.


I've been gluten-free since Aug 2012, self-diagnosed NCGI, sorta doing OK, I also have Fructose Malabsorption and don't do well with dairy, likely casein moreso than lactose.  So I'm currently gluten-free DF and have to weigh the limited foods I can eat to stay under my daily 3g free fructose limit, as well as the fructans, polyols and other FODMAPs that disagree with me.  I figured out the FructMal in April 2010 so I was mostly wheat-free since then.  FructMal is cummulative rather than all or nothing, so it took a long time for me to overcome the gluten denial, thou I had good improvement just from the FructMal adjustments.  There was so much detail I had no idea of, so I'm beating myself up for not knowing what I didn't know - silliness!


I'm just tired, not so much physically but emotionally.  If I look back at how awful I used to feel all the time and compare that to feeling awful now maybe once every week or two, I've made huge improvement.  But it's mentally exhausting.


There was gluten in stuff I missed for the longest time, like the Bonnie Bell lip blam I used DAILY.  At that realization, I got focused on double checking everything again.  My frozen green beans said "may contain wheat" so out they went.  Uncertain origin of vitamin E in lotion? Bye bye


Almost all my kitchen stuff I've replaced, or I make a best effort to make it safer. like my marble mortar & pestle is possibly glutened, so I use the pestle only to crush things in plastic baggies.  I haven't replaced my VitaMix container purely out of cost (they're $130), I scrubbed it & soaked in vinegar and since we use it at least 2x a day, I'm hoping that the fact that it's been washed 600 times since last possible minor gluten (cc oats) is enough.


Luckily, I gave my husband Wheat Belly to read and he decided on his own to go gluten free also shortly after I did, so that makes it much simpler.  My darling kitteh was already gluten free :meow: [said cute kitteh pictured in avatar]


So there are things I still need to do, like scrub down my cabinets and replace the shelf liner, I'm getting to them a shelf at a time, I greatly dislike the cheap plastic cutting board I now use, I need a bigger sifter, etc.  Most of the stuff left to do is just a time and money situation, so I'm making progress and yet it's frustrating.  I think I have a shread of lingering doubt without a firm diagnosis that it's a huge amount of effort when I'm uncertain.  I considered EnteroLabs or Cyrex, but would rather buy a new VitaMix 7500 for the same cost as the tests.


Sigh.  I do want to thank the community in general for all the support and answers I've gleaned over the past couple years, I'm finally posting cuz I'm certain I will benefit from interactive support instead of just lurking.  Plus I'm here if anyone wanted to know that a gluten-free DF Caramel Corn rice cake contains 0.056 mg Fructans - I enjoy FructMal nutrient math.


Thanks for listening




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Welcome to the board.  :) I hope you keep feeling better. The menatal absorption starts to go away with time. i know that celiac disease was all I thought about at first. It gets easier.  :)


I have a new Vitamix too. I LOVE that thing. I can make veggie/fruit smoothies that my second son (pickiest eater in the world- I swear he only eats beige food) will eat and enjoy.  Yeah!


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Welcome are in the right place.....we all have gone thru it...some very lucky souls transition quickly ... some not so quickly. Good news is it will get better..hang out...ask questions or just join in the small talk :)

I had one son that I used the smoothie trick on for years....he had no idea his yummy smoothie was loaded with veggies ... blueberries are great for making it purple ;)


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Nice to hear from you!

I really feel like a mental battle is overtaking me as the physical battle seems to be subsiding.



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Hi Christy!

It can be very overwhelming at first, but you sound as if you are figuring it all out very quickly.

We can be your cheerleaders!


As for the tests appliance dilemma,  I would most definitely spend the money on the VitaMix (although I suspect 600 washings in vinegar did the trick :) )

New kitchen appliances are probably more useful to you than any of those online tests, IMHO

Plus, who doesn't like a new kitchen toy?


Veggie Smoothies rock.


Hang in there!


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Thanks for the warm welcomes and empathy lovely ladies.  My disjointed rambling amuses me, impressive that you were able to decipher anything out of it!

Could I have chosen a more cryptic title?  teehee  I sometimes work myself into a tizzy over details or oversights, which is what I meant by variable, maybe I should have said occasional overwhelm.

FructMal eliminates smoothies for me : pout : luckily I use my VitaMix for soup, "cheeze", "pudding" and I make my own arsenic rice milk : grin :
Wow, I just checked, I posted my recipes so long ago on my blog, I never updated them to the gluten-free versions.  I refer to my recipes as "reasonably palatable" to me they are terrific, but to a person without intolerances they are bland or weird.  Funny thing, I greatly dislike having to cook or even prepare food, yet this has forced me to have to adapt and get creative.
I do truly appreciate you all responding so quickly and enthusiastically, and in trying to reply, I am having this flood of stuff I want to share and I think it would be better if I used the blog feature here for that, I just didn't want to leave yall hanging while I write a novel of my gut history : winkiegrin :
[sidenote: For reference, I am a professional goofball, which does not always come across in text, and I have a habit of overusing emoticons to relay that hence I adopted DIY style : likethis : so don't worry that the forum software is having a glitch.]

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I confess...I did wonder about the title and thought maybe you got "spell-checked" ...


then figured...well, I am pretty sure I know what she means. :D  


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    • Celiac - Not yet diagnosed but feel like I'm dying.
      Hi Dylan I just wanted to join SLLRunner in welcoming you to the forum and yes, do ask to be tested for Celiac and Chrons. My nutritionalist told me that celiac disease is a great mimicker of many illnesses which I think must make a doctor's job all the harder when it comes to diagnosis.  For many of us it took us  a long time to get a diagnosis - for about eight years before my own diagnosis I had ulcers,  odd migraines and hallucinations on waking, anxiety, elevated blood protein but no obvious cause for it, anemia, numb hands and arms in the mornings, and eventually the abdominal pain and severe diarrhea. It was all scary stuff but  it was only when I got the last two symptoms, for six weeks, that I was tested for celiac disease (for the protocol here in the UK is that if you have a new gastric symptom for more than six weeks you should have further investigations).  I still wonder if I hadn't had that gastric pain and diarrhea whether my doctors would have even thought it was celiac related? After all you have been through it is not surprising that you are feeling depressed.  A lot of people feel very depressed and anxious before their diagnosis.  You are doing the right thing seeing a new doctor, and hopefully you are just around the corner from getting some long awaited answers.   Keep us posted.  You will find  some great advice here and support during your journey.  All the very best.
    • Costco
      This forum post came up when I Google searched Kirkland Dish Soap. I called them today and they said there is no gluten in the dish soap. Janis 
    • Food tolerance issues post-diagnosis
      In light of the studies that found some probiotics that are labeled gluten-free yet tested over 20ppm I wouldn't touch them. Now those would be the powder or pill forms. Yogurt is not affected by that. Since you don't have a problem with dairy then I would say eat some yogurt every day. I like Chobani Greek because it has more kinds of cultures. Remember now that powder or pill forms of probiotics do not come under the gluten-free labeling law. The same for OTC & prescription meds. You need to check every single one of those. There are a few online sites where you can check things like that or ask here but as far as prescription meds -- call the manufacturer EVERY TIME. I also wanted to tell you in case you didn't already know that since celiac is genetic and can present at ANY age then all your first degree relatives need to be tested every 2 years in the absence of symptoms and immediately if symptoms present between the 2 year periods. As far as the digestive enzymes go, I tried Digest Gold for a short time & it really didn't seem to do anything for me however I will say I had a lot of issues going on at the time so I might not know if they helped or not. I decided to quit them in order to take that out of the equation so I could try to pin down what was causing me distress. The fewer things in the mix you know. I have heard people report the same as your consultant said. Some say they helped & some say they didn't. Remember Jammy, you're just in the beginning stages. I KNOW you want to heal & heal FAST. Been there, done that! It's like this: you didn't get sick overnight & you're not going to heal overnight. Patience is the watchword here. It's hard I know! You just want to get on with your life. We can all relate.  Again, I'm going to say to eat foods easy on your gut. WELL cooked foods. No raw carrots, coconut, nuts & stuff like that. Easier on your gut would be nut butters.... peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter etc.... It's sort of like being a baby ---  soft, easy to digest foods. Bone broth is a great healer for you gut & extremely nutritious as well as being easy on the digestion. Here's just one recipe:
    • Food tolerance issues post-diagnosis
      Thanks for the tip! Will try that out in the next few days. By the way, has anyone had any joy with probiotics or digestive enzymes in terms of symptom relief/speeding up the healing process? I asked my consultant about this when I saw him last week and he said that some people find them beneficial while others don't, but obviously I'm keen to try anything that may help, with uncomfortable fullness/bloating/gas still being my main issue  - is it worth giving them a go?
    • Are The Following Gluten-free?
      I realize that this is an old thread but I would just like to say something about label reading. Just because a product says gluten free on the label doesn't mean that you don't have to read any further and can have complete trust in the product.  There are a lot of products that state that they are gluten free on the package and then you find out that they are processed in plants that also produce wheat products. If you are super sensitive, you need to know that information. I am afraid that there is no escaping reading labels in supermarkets unless you know that the company makes it's products in a truly gluten free environment (even then you should read labels because ingredients can and do change, even in products made in gluten free facilities), It's a pain to stand there and read labels but if you are super sensitive, you might just have to do that. For example, I am gluten and lactose intolerant but also sensitive to nuts and sesame. While it may be fine for other gluten intolerant people to eat something that's labeled gluten free which is produced in a gluten free facility that also processes nuts, for me it is not.. 
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      Hello cycling lady, have you noticed my picture is showing up as you?  Have no idea why but it's rather disconcerting to see my picture and your words 😉  Do you know how to fix it?  You seem to have far more experience with this board than I do
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      Hi There, I don't know if there is a place for videos in the forum. I just watched "The Truth About Gluten" I think it is a good video. I would like to share it somewhere but don't know where it should go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Here is the link if you have never watched it. Thank You,
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