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Gluten-Free Shopping In Chicago

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I live about 3 hours north of Chicago and intend to go grocery shopping in the near future. I live in a small community by comparison and I figured with Chicago so large that my options for shopping gluten-free products would be a lot better there. What stores in Chicago are well known for having good buys for gluten-free products? I plan on making a trip to Chicago every couple of months to stock up.


We are also interested in going to an entirely gluten-free restaurant/cafe/bakery etc while visiting, any "must haves" that people would recommend?


I was recently diagnosed with Celiac, so any help would be greatly appreciated :-)


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    • Hi Schlafentzug, The usual diagnosis process is a blood test for antibodies first, followed up by an endoscopy to check for gut damage.  You have to eat gluten for 12 weeks before the blood tests. It sounds like your brother may have celiac disease also.  His gut lining villi were damaged by something, and villi flattening  is a common celiac disease indicator.  Being shorter than other family members is also a common indicator. The excessive gas is probably from bad digestion.  The gut damage interferes with proper digestion and some enzymes aren't made.  Lactase is made by the villi in the gut. You should definitely get tested and before going gluten-free IMHO.
    • That's supposed to say on call physician, not in game.  Stupid autocorrect.
    • To answer your question about water retention, fluid retention in the arms, legs and face is called edema.  It is a symptom of a variety of medical conditions.  Some of those conditions are benign and will resolve themselves with time, and some are quite serious and require medical attention.  For example, edema is quite common in the last stages of pregnancy.  It can indicate pre-eclampsia, which is serious, and so it needs to be monitored.   Anyway, I suggest you get a same day appointment to see your doctor, or an in-game physician at a quick care clinic, if he/she is not available.  At least get it checked out, to make sure it's nothing serious.  They will want a urine sample, so make sure you don't tinkle right before you leave the house.
    • Welcome Sara!  It sounds like you may not have had the complete celiac blood panel.  It sounds like your doctor is woefully mis-informed!  Why bother testing when you have been gluten free?  Can he not read Dr. Google? (My neighbor is an ER doctor and he consults with a medical version of "Dr. Google" at times because doctors are supposed to know how to research besides cramming all the medical information into their heads.)   Anyway, you can either get back on gluten and get re-tested (must be on gluten for 8 to 12 weeks) or stay gluten free.   The University of Chicago's celiac website is the most consumer friendly (besides knowing their stuff).  Study this page and the other pages..... If you continue to stay gluten free, it's for life.  Read every label.  Research and study up!   There is a steep learning curve.  Our Girl Scout troop studied Australia.  We tired the Vegemite for fun.  But not me.  It contains gluten.  Just reinforcing that you must know for sure if whatever you are eating is gluten free. Abir gave you some good advice too!   Take care.    
    • Welcome! You can start by asking for a celiac blood panel.  The catch is that you have to eat gluten daily for any of the celiac tests to work (including an endoscopy/biopsies).  So, do not give up gluten until you rule out celiac disease!   Here's more information: Have other illnesses like Crohn's, stomach ulcers,  EOE, etc.  been ruled out (regarding the vomiting)? Smoking can make all things worse!  Really, where did here that? Stop smoking now.  It is a horrible thing to do. What the *&^%?  How can you even afford to smoke?  I can cut my parents some slack because back in their day, it was cool, glamorous and everyone was doing it.  But that was before they figured out that smoking kills.   Now, it you do it, you're either an idiot or you are trying to fit in with your peer group.  Harsh?  You bet.  Because I care!   You might even heal that vomiting thing...... Anyway, we are here to support and help.  I'm off the "Mom" soapbox for now.   By the way, did you know if your brother actually had a full celiac blood panel?  If not celiac disease, what made his villi flatten?    
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