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Ttg Back Up After Anaphylactic Reaction?

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So DS went to the endocrinologist today. Just a routine check up. So we are going through his labs. His D is high so we can cut his currant dosing. His TSH is spot on, yeah.



His tTG is freaking high again. Not just a little high either. One point below "moderate/server positive".  His last tTG was in January and it was FINALLY normal after years of issues and finally getting a dx of thyroid issues and getting him on synthroid. 


Why. Nothing has changed. NOTHING.


SO here is my question.  DH had a failed milk challenge on Friday. Ana fail. It sucked the big one.  I had the blood drawn for the endo the morning of his (also failed-ana) baked egg trial.  So the draw was about 72 hours post ana #1.  He was fasting (as he needed to be for the egg challenge).  


Is there any way that his body and IgG, IgA, IgWhatever could have ramped things up so that his tTG-IgA was falsely elevated?  My brain is mush. I can't go over this in my head any more cause I am just so spent and frustrated and a million other things right now. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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His tTG could still be high due to autoimmune thyroid problems and/or celiac disease. It can take years for tTG to go back to normal after starting the gluten-free diet. Plus, getting thyroid meds right doesn't neccessarily mean that the thyroid is no longer being damaged. It will slow the damage in some cases, but it doesn't always stop it.


Take me for instance, I have celiac disease and thyroiditis. My initial tTG IgA was >200 with a reference range of 0-20. When I was diagnosed, my TSH was 14ish, my Free T's were in the bottom of the reference range, and my TPO ab was 33.8 with a reference range of 0-34. after one year gluten-free, and finally getting to a full replacement dose of natural desiccated thyroid, my tTG IgA was 34 (still high), my TSH was 0.11, Free T's were at the top of the range, and TPO Ab went down a bit to the mid-20s. I know my thyroid issue could be keeping my tTG up, or it could just be my body being reluctant to stop making tTG.


It was possible that the tTG reading was a bit of a fluke but it could be accurate. celiac disease and thyroid problems is a lot for a body to deal with.  How is his TSH anyway? When my TSH was "normal" at 5.8, 5.2, 3.8, and 2.7 (ref 0.2-6.0), I still felt hypo. Many people with thyroiditis find they don't feel well until the TSH is near a 1. I hope he feels well.


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He feels fine. He's acting "Normal" (he's 6.5 ;) )


His tTG's were back to normal for about a year after his thyroid issue was taken care of. He started at over 100 and SLOWLY went down after he was gluten-free (he's been gluten-free for 3 years).  After a year and a half of them not returning to normal we started down the thyroid path so that's been under control for over a year now. His TSH is great (it was checked at the same time).  That is all why I am so confused :(


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I did speak with his allergist. He thinks there is a possibility that there was enough immune disruption that it could very well have been a false positive. He said to keep doing what we have been and to recheck them in 3-6 months.


I feel tons better now!


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