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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Ttg Back Up After Anaphylactic Reaction?

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So DS went to the endocrinologist today. Just a routine check up. So we are going through his labs. His D is high so we can cut his currant dosing. His TSH is spot on, yeah.



His tTG is freaking high again. Not just a little high either. One point below "moderate/server positive".  His last tTG was in January and it was FINALLY normal after years of issues and finally getting a dx of thyroid issues and getting him on synthroid. 


Why. Nothing has changed. NOTHING.


SO here is my question.  DH had a failed milk challenge on Friday. Ana fail. It sucked the big one.  I had the blood drawn for the endo the morning of his (also failed-ana) baked egg trial.  So the draw was about 72 hours post ana #1.  He was fasting (as he needed to be for the egg challenge).  


Is there any way that his body and IgG, IgA, IgWhatever could have ramped things up so that his tTG-IgA was falsely elevated?  My brain is mush. I can't go over this in my head any more cause I am just so spent and frustrated and a million other things right now. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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His tTG could still be high due to autoimmune thyroid problems and/or celiac disease. It can take years for tTG to go back to normal after starting the gluten-free diet. Plus, getting thyroid meds right doesn't neccessarily mean that the thyroid is no longer being damaged. It will slow the damage in some cases, but it doesn't always stop it.


Take me for instance, I have celiac disease and thyroiditis. My initial tTG IgA was >200 with a reference range of 0-20. When I was diagnosed, my TSH was 14ish, my Free T's were in the bottom of the reference range, and my TPO ab was 33.8 with a reference range of 0-34. after one year gluten-free, and finally getting to a full replacement dose of natural desiccated thyroid, my tTG IgA was 34 (still high), my TSH was 0.11, Free T's were at the top of the range, and TPO Ab went down a bit to the mid-20s. I know my thyroid issue could be keeping my tTG up, or it could just be my body being reluctant to stop making tTG.


It was possible that the tTG reading was a bit of a fluke but it could be accurate. celiac disease and thyroid problems is a lot for a body to deal with.  How is his TSH anyway? When my TSH was "normal" at 5.8, 5.2, 3.8, and 2.7 (ref 0.2-6.0), I still felt hypo. Many people with thyroiditis find they don't feel well until the TSH is near a 1. I hope he feels well.


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He feels fine. He's acting "Normal" (he's 6.5 ;) )


His tTG's were back to normal for about a year after his thyroid issue was taken care of. He started at over 100 and SLOWLY went down after he was gluten-free (he's been gluten-free for 3 years).  After a year and a half of them not returning to normal we started down the thyroid path so that's been under control for over a year now. His TSH is great (it was checked at the same time).  That is all why I am so confused :(


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I did speak with his allergist. He thinks there is a possibility that there was enough immune disruption that it could very well have been a false positive. He said to keep doing what we have been and to recheck them in 3-6 months.


I feel tons better now!


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    • artificial sweeteners?
      Some artificial sweeteners give me a stomach ache/bloating.  some do not.   Its pretty immediate.  I have never heard of a food intolerance that manifests like the flu or a virus.  Maybe your bars were bad/food poisoning?
    • Gluten free diet, positive celiac screen...what should I eat now?
      I think it might be worthwhile to call the GI's office and talk about their plan now.  Find out if they can setup the endoscopy now, rather than wait until your appointment.  Tell them what your positive result was, or make sure they have a copy of the test done and the result.  If they want another celiac antibody test panel, you might be able to get that done ahead of time.
    • Pins And Needles
      Just came back to update! There was a cancellation at the neuro so I got in this past Tuesday. Physical exam normal and he didn't suspect a neuro disease. Plan was to run some bloods & then MRI if nothing & then EMG if nothing in the first two. He said he sees autoimmune folks every now & again and sometimes they get to the end of the testing & nothing is found. Told him it wouldn't be the worst thing. So bloods for vitamin deficiencies, MS and Lupus were run. I also went to family dr and adrenal testing was going to start. Got bloods back yesterday and it was NOTHING I expected. All was normal but the B6. I am toxic! Look up those symptoms & I'm the poster child! It started 10 days into gluten-free diet. Just not sure why. Stopped my multi vitamin & feel the twitches are way less in the past 24+ hours. I just knew this was something I added or took away. B6 is water soluble so I should flush it but I'm not. Why? That's the next round. Thanks Cristiana and everyone else for your replies and eyes to read my freak out a few weeks ago. 
    • artificial sweeteners?
      A few weeks ago I ate a quest bar and ended up feeling a bit sick for the rest of the day, and that night I started feeling nauseous and had the chills, shortness of breath, and ended up staying up all night because I just didn't feel well. I thought maybe it was too much fiber or protein, I definitely don't get enough of either (working on it) so I thought perhaps going from barely any to quite a bit could be it. Then I scrapped that idea, thought it was corn. I've heard that corn can cause symptoms similar to gluten.. but I eat other things with corn in them on a regular basis, so nope. Finally, I thought maybe it could be artificial sweeteners. I'm not a big fan and generally try to avoid them so I haven't had them in a while. Well, yesterday I had another quest bar left so I opened it and took the smallest bite in the world.. I mean it was practically a crumb. I also happened to eat a piece of sugar free gum so it could have been either one. But shortly after I started to feel kind of 'off', which turned into the same overall bad feeling that I had last time and I didn't sleep until 7am because of it. The reaction wasn't as bad as last time, but it definitely wasn't pleasant. But whether it was the gum or the bar it seems hard to believe that such a small amount would make me feel that sick.. Though if I had that much gluten I would be dead to the world for days, so maybe not THAT unlikely. However, I then noticed that the antacid that I sometimes take if I get glutened or something has sorbitol in it and I've never felt sick from that. So does it just happen that sorbitol doesn't make me sick but other sweeteners do? Also, I've never liked drinking diet soda because for as long as I can remember it has made my stomach upset. Not like this, but just that 'off' feeling for a couple hours after drinking it. Does anyone else get sick from artificial sweeteners? I'm hoping this is it, otherwise I'm kind of at a loss. I can't think of anything else in those bars that would make me sick and it doesn't seem like a coincidence that I got sick both times I tried eating them. I know it wasn't gluten either because I ate pretty plain things both days, nothing out of the ordinary that would do that. Plus the reaction is different. It's similar to gluten but not the same, with gluten it's (at first) just my stomach and with this like I said it's just a general sick feeling. What do you think? 
    • Mcdonald's French Fries
      Great discussion! These are my take-aways in researching this site and several others (not just for McD's but other items like beer & wine for a friend who crafts his own, but I am very sensitive +other digestive issues) 1. Cross contamination is always a possibility so be aware, be prepared & be safe. 2. Gov't regs regarding gluten-free claims are not great. Plus they deal in Parts Per Million (ppm) so as long as it is below the threshold, it can claim gluten-free. Your allergy & my sensitivity will be triggered at different levels, so we may react to to something that is less than 0.001ppm & is labeled as gluten-free. 3. Some cooking/processing procedures can destroy the offending allergen  (this case, gluten). I got this from 2 sources. One when I was trying to learn about gluten-free alcohol products. The other from a friend whose daughter is severely allergic to peanuts, coconut & a few other items. She spoke to the Allergist about a food item her daughter was exposed to but did not react as expected (thankfully!). After looking into it, the doctor explained that even though the allergen is listed, it may not have been the part of the food that she is allergic to (I know I am explaining this poorly, sorry) &/or the processing of the ingredient can alter it on a molecular level so as to not cause a reaction. Apparently the opposite is true: processing changes can cause us to react to things we otherwise wouldn't. 4. I don't find McD's to be greasy (you should see how I cook!). But it is so full of chemicals it's no wonder humans don't process it well. 5. COOK :-D   Certainly, I am not an expert & I know I probably didn't interpret everything correctly. So, if you have more info to help correct my "take-aways", it would be welcomed. Thank you!
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