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Ahhh! Diagnosed Celiac In June. Do I Know Hwich One?

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Feeling pretty helpless/hopeless today. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in June. Then had to have an ultrasound because my liver levels were also high. That came back as a possible fatty liver. But they also found lots of gallstones. How do I tell the difference between what's a celiac symptom/possible gluten issue and what's being caused by the food I eat and gallstones/gallbladder flaring up? I have a whole new set of foods I have to try to figure out now. When I looked up the symptoms for the gallstones, several of them were what I thought were related to the celiac. At least now I know why I have the burning pain in my stomach so often after eating. Maybe I'm getting bet than I thought on the gluten free diet. I thought I was still glutening myself somehow and couldn't figure it all out. I still have the fatigue, but some day that's better now. I am encouraged by the fact that the fatigue is not everyday, all day though. Has anybody else had both of these together? Any suggestions? I know I'll be ok, but for a little while I was pretty down. Between the two lists, I was thinking, "Where is it going to stop? Will I be able to eat anything?" Sorry, I'm just venting a bit I guess.


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Many of us  have  had  gallbladder surgery before  or  after  a celiac  dx's..... Do  they  want  to  remove  your gallbladder?

Healing  the  intestinal  tract  from  celiac  can  take  months  to  a few be  patient & try   clean  eating  , no  processed  foods,  going  dairy free  may help(  that  is also broken  down  at the  tips  of the  villi) no  nightshades,  no  junk  food  unless  you get to  craving  something.. Plain basic  food... corn  can  also  be  a problem  for many  & also  with  gallbladder issues....

I  would  add  digestive  enzymes, and  probiotics to help  digest  and  break  down  proteins, sugars,  &  so on.... 


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Thanks. I know it will take time. I just didn't expect the gallbladder stuff on top of the celiac so soon. I have been doing pretty well with the gluten free diet I think. At least now with the gallbladder diagnosis that makes more sense as I couldn't figure out why I was still having tummy problems regularly. I thought I was doing well on the diet and didn't understand where the contamination was coming from...I almost thought my husband was doing something to cc thing:)...not really, he's been pretty good. I think he didn't understand how serious cross-contamination could be in the beginning, but I had him read some things on this forum and he has been much better.

Doctor wants to see if I can control the gallbladder stuff with my diet, but says if I have a major outbreak he will recommend removal. He's going to monitor for now. Were your symptoms for gallstones different than the celiac? Is there a way to tell them apart? I'm assuming the gallbladder is what causes the burning pain in my stomach area right under my ribs a little to the right side, followed by gas. It can happen during a meal or right after, but I can also get it two to three ours later. It gets worse then. Diarrhea can come later too. It can be accompanied by belching and acid reflux. I can also have most of those symptoms with a glutening I think, but the glutening seems to be magnified...more gas, extreme diarrhea, bloating and weight gain, achy joints and muscles, headache, and exhaustion...and is more prolonged. Does that make sense? I should buy stock in GasX and Pepcid Complete and Imodium!


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    • I doubt it. I would think that would be a questions for the company that make them.    But if smoking makes you feel bad....and you are able to quit for several weeks at a time....why go back to it?
    • Hi. I've noticed that after a break of smoking (2-3 weeks) I feel bad, when I begin to smoke again.  Maybe they contain some additives with gluten??
    • Thank you everyone! Good to know I am not alone with this. I am asking for a referral to a new cardio. Hopefully it will all go away the longer I am gluten-free. It started up in February/March after a gluten challenge and mostly vanished until July when I had a lot of shortness of breath. It absolutely was CRAZY just a few days after the glutening. I was gasping for breath and the beats were all over the place just walking through a parking garage and I was only mildy anemic at the time.   But it seems to "quiver" and do funny things for a bit still. I sort of theorized maybe it was inflammation in the heart because after this last glutening, my head felt like it was in a vice and my eyes would sting or get stabbing pain hurt (that is finally going away thankfully...knock on wood).  The head/eye pressure I learned also happens to my sibling who has celiac and his naturopath told him that sometimes the brain gets inflamed. Hopefully I can meet the new cardio soon and feel confident that he is taking me seriously. It is sort of difficult to feel confident in the opinion of a doctor that your ticker is ok when they are not really listening and end up making you cry. LOL. A friend of mine in the mental health field recently listened to my story of doc after doc and test after test and said that it was akin to the folk story of blind men describing an elephant. A group of blind men all feel one part of an elephant (tusk, tail, ear, tail) and then compare notes only to find they all disagree.  In some  versions they argue intensely. In other versions they have to collaborate and listen to each other in order to "describe" an elephant.    
    • Good afternoon! I am new to this board and fairly new to researching Celiac Disease, although I had a general idea what it was. My health has become a huge mystery to me, and it's one that I am desperate to solve. The biggest issue right now is horrible, life affecting fatigue. I have been dealing with it for several years now- as many as 5 to 6. It has gotten progressively worse, and nothing at all helps. Sleep apnea has been ruled out. Intestinal issues are something I have dealt with for almost two decades. I'm 45, but I've already had two colonoscopies as well as two endoscopies. My first endoscopy was as a child for persistent, severe stomach pain. My last colonoscopy and endoscopy was two years ago. The only thing that has come from those is an Irritable Bowel type condition and GERD, which is pretty bad. My bowel movements have always been crazy. They can be very normal and healthy to completely crazy. I've had periods of persistent diarrhea to occasional constipation, which is a fairly new thing within the last year. Last week, I went from having diarrhea that morning to hard, round balls of stool by that evening. My most common stools here lately, though, are not quite diarrhea, but more fluffy, large piles. Gas is an ongoing, daily issue for me. I have copious amounts of gas every day no matter what I eat or drink. Most of the gas in non-odorous but it can be very loud. I am currently on a total of 60 mg of Ritalin per day just to function. I often add energy pills, purchased from places such as GNC, because the Ritalin isn't working. Yesterday, I took both doses of Ritalin and two energy pills, and I passed out on the couch after work. I work from 7:30am to 3:30pm, and my work day is nothing too crazy. I try to keep very consistent sleep hours and could easily sleep to 1:00pm or longer if I don't have to get up for something. I sometimes have short periods of energy in the mornings, but that is usually over by noon. The quality of my life is greatly affected. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because I am way too tired. I'm trying to keep up with my exercising, but that is also a struggle.  I have a history of clinical depression for practically all my adulthood, but it has been very well managed for the last four years. The fatigue is currently causing a great deal of depression, but it is very different from the clinical depression that I use to deal with. When I don't feel sleepy and tired, I don't feel depressed. When the fatigue sets in, I feel very irritable and sad. I realize that the stimulants can cause irritability, but I don't feel irritable or sad when I'm not feeling fatigued.  I've only recently began to explore that the fatigue and the intestinal issues could be related. I have always accepted that I have a sensitive, cooky digestive track. The increasing, unrelenting fatigue is what has lead me to exploring the possibility that everything could be related. I did have blood work last November. My doctor did not test for anything Celiac Disease specific, but she did do a Vitamin D, ferritin level and overall metabolic panel. All of that is normal. My thyroid level is also normal, and I do take thyroid hormone because I had half of my thyroid removed 11 years ago due to what turned out to be a benign thyroid tumor.  I just saw my doctor two weeks ago, and she increased the dosage of my Ritalin. That has not helped at all. She has never mentioned Celiac Disease to me before. I made an appointment for this Friday afternoon to talk about it, but I keep wondering if I'm even heading in a direction that makes sense. I decided to post here for some guidance. I'm sorry this has been so long. I'm not really into cutting something totally out of my diet just to see what happens. I also feel like that if I have something that is poisoning my system, I need a real clinical diagnosis of that. I feel like maybe I'm grasping at straws now and imagining a correlation that isn't there. I am not looking for a quick fix, but right now I have no idea what needs to be fixed. I am open to any information and/or suggestions. Thanks so much!   Jennifer
    • Celiac disease sufferers or those who embrace a life without gluten can check out Canada's Gluten-Free Market when it makes stops in London and ... View the full article
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