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Opinions Please On Stopping Gluten And Biopsy

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I had a biopsy yesterday for Celiac.  The doctor said my duodenum appeared normal.  I could still have Celiac though, right?   I had a negative blood panel last week.


However, from mid August to mid September (for 21 days) I was on the ketogenic diet.  So no gluten.


Then a few weeks ago, blood work via my oncologist indicated I have iron deficiency anemia.  Ferritin was 6 and they say that's pretty low.


So far there are no other reasons for the anemia (no bone marrow issues, no gastro bleeding, no girl issues).  I have been tested for those over the past week.


So what do you think?  Is 21 days of no gluten then 1 month of gluten good for a positive result if Celiac?


Thank you in advance!


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Did your doctor take six or seven tissue samples during your endo (biopsy)?  A visual means nothing!  My only symptom was anemia besides having been diagnosed with thyroiditis some 15 years ago.  But, I do have Thalassemia too which is another type of anemia and causes low hemoglobin too.  My ferritin levels have been as low as a 2.  


I can't answer your question about being gluten-free for 21 days and then eating it for a month before the blood test, but my blood test was barely positive.  My biopsy though showed moderate to severe damage.  


I hope this helps!


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Hi Michiganlynn,


If you are concerned it may not be a long enough time on gluten, you might be able to delay your doctor appointment for a couple weeks more.  It used to be the standard time for a gluten challenge was 3 months.  There is no guarantee it will be be a positive test of course.   Have you noticed any change in symptoms from stopping gluten before?  If symptoms changed on stopping gluten previously, that is  good indicator something is going wrong in your body when you eat gluten.


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    • Cyclinglady is absolutely correct, after hours of internet research the only gluten-free food available at JNB is a fast food chain called 'Nandos'. I was hoping for a bit more variety, but I'll take what I get.   
    • I'm so confused about my daughter's diagnosis.  I hope somebody can help.   My 4 year old daughter has a swollen belly, stomachaches, and lots of gas.  She does not have diarrhea or delayed growth.  Because of her symptoms and because it runs in the family (2nd degree relatives) I had her tested for celiac.   She was weak positive for TTG (IGA)  and strong positive for DGP (IGG)   TTG (IGA)  8   (0-3 neg, 4-10 weak positive, greater than 10 positive) TTG (IGG)  2   EMA: Negative DGP (IGG)  47  (0-19 negative, 20-30 weak positive, greater than 30 positive) Last week, she had her endoscopy.  The doctor found inflammation and little holes or bumps on her duodenum.  He started her on prevacid and said based on his observations, he was suspicious of celiac, but he would not be able to confirm until the biopsy came back. The biopsy showed no signs of celiac disease.  He said that he could not diagnose her with celiac without the biopsy report saying there was celiac damage.  He said he would categorize her as a potential celiac, keep her on a gluten diet and redo the endoscopy in a year or two to check for damage again.  My questions are: 1.)  If it is not celiac, something is causing her duodenum to be inflamed and have little holes or bumps on it, right?  Could it be a wheat allergy or gluten sensitivity?  What else could it be and how do they test for it?  Given her elevated celiac antibodies, how likely is it to be anything besides celiac causing the damage?  2.)  How likely are false positives for TTG and DGP?  I've heard they are pretty sensitive and specific.  Does getting two positives make false positives less likely? 3.) What have you done in this situation?  I want her to have an official diagnosis to make things easier at school and to feel confident that we are eliminating gluten permanently for a worthy reason, etc.  But, I'm having a hard time imagining keeping her on gluten and waiting for her to get more sick and have more intestinal damage just for a diagnosis.     Thanks in advance for your help.  I'm so overwhelmed and confused.  I hope someone has some insight and experience that will help clear things up for me.            
    • Yeah I actually live in Japan which is pretty similar, because Coeliac disease is rare over here so is the understanding and accommodating it. When I mention Gluten to some restaurants they think I am talking in English and they are unfamiliar with the word in Japanese.    So it seems I can write off my chances of getting some authentic Chinese gluten-free food at the airport, but at least there is a Thai restaurant in T3 so I won't starve. Its called  'Phrik Thai' for future reference.  
    • While in Boston I found Cheer's  Bloody Mary mix that says gluten-free on the bottle and have had no issues and  tastes pretty good 
    • I always assumed plain coffee was, but I have seen some controversy online about this. I know someone who is gluten free and only buys whole beans and grinds them herself because she doesn't trust how the grounds are processed.
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