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Ridiculous Conversations

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Posted 01 February 2014 - 02:04 PM

Thanks Adalaide and Laura.  I have a family Superbowl party and it will come up since I can't eat any of the food there.  I'll have to try out the sad face when asked about weight. :)

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    It needs to be about 20% cooler.

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Posted 01 February 2014 - 04:38 PM

Don't forget to make sure there will be lots you can eat! And maybe bring your own dip because someone will always contaminate the dip. A-L-W-A-Y-S! And if you stab someone with a wing tomorrow because they make you mad, blame it on drinking too much. (You did buy gluten free beer, right?)

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"You don't look sick or anything"

"Well you don't look stupid, looks can be deceiving."


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Posted 03 February 2014 - 08:09 AM

I was supposed to make me something for The Super Bowl Game but I was sick the day b4 and didn't get to it! Pfftt! So I suffered watching everyone eat hubbs Corn and Gluten stuff! LOL It's ok I didn't eat a touch of it! 

What really really bothers me is a couple of Celiacs I know who purposefully eats or drinks something with Gluten in it. I just cannot grasp that in my brain! Do they not get what they are doing to them selves? Crazy! 

Was at a restaurant with a friend and we ordered a salad. The waiter asked if I wanted the the Honey Lime dressing that came with it. I said no thank you. My friend says "It's honey and lime!" "Why can't you eat it?" I said "because theres not Just "Honey and Lime" I am not going to eat a salad just to get sick on the dressing. 

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Recovering Gluten Eater 

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Posted 18 April 2014 - 11:59 AM

I was diagnosed with Celiac a week after Christmas.  So far my coworkers have been asking me if I can eat fruits, vegetables, and meat.  Pretty much anything that ISN'T naturally gluten free.  Nearly everyone in my family has asked me if I will or have lost weight because so and so went on a gluten free diet and lost weight.  Or they tell me that it's okay to eat the turkey because not all of it touched the stuffing or a little bit won't hurt me once I heal.  Then I have friends who keep telling me it's "not a big deal.  There are lots of gluten free options."  Most are trying to be understanding but don't get that this is forever.

I love this thread, I hope it keeps going...


I am getting the same comments as you.  I was only diagnosed a week and a half ago (by biopsy, no bloodwork done yet) and everyone I've told has given me some form of "Oh, that'll be EASY!  There is so much in the grocery store that is labeled "Gluten Free" now!"  Which, ok, that may be true...but....EASY??  And I don't think anyone really gets the "forever" bit yet, too. 



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Posted 19 April 2014 - 03:07 AM

Good thread. I was just thinking about these conversations the other day, when I had one of them on a message board I belong to. My favorites have already been mentioned here, but I'll just mention them again. :)


1. "My sister/cousin/whoever is coming for dinner and she's gluten free now. What can I cook?????!!!!!" or, a cousin to this question is "Oh I'm so sorry [when they hear I can't eat gluten] -- what can you eat now???!!!???!!!" (always said with all the drama of the exclamations). -- On my message board I always answer: "if you have no other food intolerances then you can eat everything that's not wheat, barley, or rye, and oats because of contamination." Then I start listing everything. hehehehe


2. Me, calling a new pizza place: "Hi, I'm wondering if you have a gluten free crust?" 

Pizza guy: "um.. glucose?"

Me: Thank you. {click, as I hang up}


3. Random person at my church: "I'm thinking of going gluten free because I want to lose weight. [insert eye roll from me] Do you have a good wheat bread recipe?"

Me: "um, wheat bread has gluten in it."

Random person: "No, I mean wheat. Not white bread."

Me: "um...." [omg]


4. Me at monthly soup dinner at church, to woman who brought chowder: "What are the ingredients in your chowder?"

Woman: "Oh it's safe for you -- potatoes, corn, milk, onions, salt and pepper."

Me: "That's it? Sounds good." 

Woman: "Yep, that's it. I knew it was safe for you."

Me: [because I wasn't born yesterday and I know how these things go...] "And did you thicken it with anything?"

Woman: "Yes, just a little bit of flour. But it's only a little bit in that big pot of soup, so it's okay."

Me: "um..." 


5. Single neighbor [i.e., no family to be cooking for]: "My doctor said he wants me to try going gluten free, but omg I don't know what to cook! It's so difficult to figure it all out! How do you do it?"

Me: "You know, it's really not at all difficult. Restaurants are harder, and parties too. But if you're cooking for yourself all you have to do is avoid wheat, barley, and rye. Cook anything else you want for yourself."

Neighbor: "Like what?"

Me: "um..."


Can you tell that I feel like I spend a lot of time saying "um..."? lol. 


But seriously, I understand that people don't understand about gluten. But I don't get it when people don't seem to realize that "white bread" is made from wheat just as much as "wheat bread" is. Really? do they think there's a grain called "white"? omg. 


And the ones who think that "just a little bit" won't hurt. 

Well, I'm past all that at this point. And I also don't care what other people think, and I don't care if I'm eating a salad and everyone else is eating a burger. And, I won't go to meetings in restaurants any more. We seem to have  a lot of people at my church, including the pastor, who want to meet at restaurants. But in addition to gluten it's usually too noisy for good conversation. So now I won't. My answer is always "it's okay, go ahead and have the meeting there. Let me know what you talked about." I'm always hoping that I'll be able to get out of the meeting, actually, but usually they have it at the church because "we want you there also." ugh.  <_< 

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Posted 20 April 2014 - 05:10 AM

But seriously, I understand that people don't understand about gluten. But I don't get it when people don't seem to realize that "white bread" is made from wheat just as much as "wheat bread" is. Really? do they think there's a grain called "white"? omg. 


I had an otherwise very intelligent friend tell me that Italian bread was safe... because it's Italian, not wheat.  Apparently there is a grain called "Italian" too.  And it's gluten-free.

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Age: 44

Positive Bloodtest: Oct 1, 2013

Gluten-free since: Oct 2, 2013

Celiac confirmed by Biopsy: Oct 29, 2013


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Posted 20 April 2014 - 10:01 AM

Besides all the usual
"I could never eat like that"
"So what is there left for you to eat"
"I would die if I had to eat gluten free"

This is my favorite. I can't even begin to try to type out the whole conversation but...
Apparently I was suppose to keep exposing myself to a little amount of gluten by eating out and not being so strict with it at home. So it's really all my fault that I'm sensitive to gluten for not continuing to expose myself to a little cc once in a while (even though cc symptoms were as bad as actually eating gluten). And if I expose myself to tiny amounts over time maybe I could build up a tolerance again and not be so sensitive to gluten anymore. Then I could eat out and allow gluten in my house.

I gave up trying to explain that's not the way it works.
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Posted 20 April 2014 - 07:17 PM

When I was unexpectedly kept in the hospital overnight after getting my gallbladder taken out, I had a 45 minute drugged up conversation with the dietary supervisor to figure out what they could make me for dinner.  Everything on their end was great except them wanting to put my gluten-free bread in a gluteny toaster, but the conversation was probably ridiculous on her end because of poor little me on all these drugs they gave me trying to ask coherent questions.  Took a few minutes for each question to get out of my mouth, but I eventually covered all the bases!  


Me: "Ummm... sooooo... okay soooo um you DO have gluten free bread?  Wow .... uhhh....  well that's great so like, um.... yeahh.... ummmm.... sorry I was going to ask you something I have to think really hard right now on all these drugs... oh yeah do you put the gluten-free bread in the ummm whats it called... oh toaster... used for regular bread?"  


Her: "We don't have a gluten-free toaster so for the sensitive people we can put it on a plate and just heat it up with plastic wrap over it, would that be okay?"


Me:  "Wooooaaaahahhhh... ummm... yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh!  I love bread!!!!!   Ummmm.....  ummmmm...... yeah."


-repeat for 20 questions, 40 minutes later... haha

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I am my husband's "Silly Yak Girl" :)
I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January 2013. I also have Lupus and Common Variable Immunodeficiency(CVID) for which I am on IVIG.

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