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I haven't heard from anyone else on this board about cigarettes, and am wondering if they're ok. I'm not a regular smoker, but have maybe one cig. every 3 months or so. I haven't had any since going gluten-free, however (8 months ago.) Are they considered "safe" or it something we have to call the manufacturer about?


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cigarettes Are they considered "safe" or it something we have to call the manufacturer about?

Gillian, I think that you're referring to Gluten content (correct me if I'm wrong) in this topic, but I'd like to share a little of my story and Toot my own horn, so to speak. There is a cigarrette topic under Coping With Celiac started on 3-17 by Mario that I found very interesting. It has a lot of replies and in these, I learned that it could be contributing to my Celiac as well as ruining my health in other ways. I'd smoked for about 40 + yrs; 3 pkg. a day! Stupid ? YES!! but truthful!!

I had cut back to 1 pkg a day and could tell it helped but I still had problems. After reading this string, I bought a box of patches, finished the last cigarette in the house, put on a patch and haven't had a cig. since!!! I'm so happy to be free of them and feel a lot better. THANKS to all who wrote on this string!!

I still have days of temptation but they are getting less and with God's help and all the help I've received here, I know I can do this and stay clean. I'm very interested in responces to your question as I'd never even considered that they might contain gluten! There is so much knowledge here!

Thanks for listening! Granny


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Granny -

I heard through the grapevine that cigarette papers contain trace amounts of gluten. Whether this is true or not I am not sure. Like I said I didn't hear it from a doctor or manufacturer just a friend commenting on it. Sorry I don't know for sure or have more information. If you find out let me know because I'm around smokers all the time, and it would be a nice thing to know.

Sorry I can't help more!



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if the gluten doesn't bug you, the formaldehyde will! etc!


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    • Ok, that was my understanding of it too after some reading, but the fact that the result was under "celiac reflex panel" is what confused me.    I do have some unspecified autoimmune activity going on in my body. My inflammation levels are very high, my complement testing has come back off, and nobody really knows why. A total high Iga isn't a surprise in this case if it doesn't actually hab anything to do with gluten. Going gluten free made my inflammation markers rise rather than go down, so I'm inclined to believe I'm mostly okay with gluten, aside from some digestive issues that I believe are simply from the wheat not being fermented. Sourdough causes me no issue,  but soft white bread destroys me for example. Anyways, It's all very confusing and I wish I knew what the heck was going on with my body. 
    • maybe check exactly which blood tests you had done as well if the dermatologist doesn't know much about celiac its possible they didn't run enough
    • i think chips would vary from place to place depending on the ingredients where you go
    • Hey Everyone! Been celiac for 6 years, and it's my first time on a forum.  I assume my story is the same as most of yours: I was really sick and skinny and bloated, got diagnosed with celiac, went gluten-free and felt amazing, then slowly, but surely, the symptoms and elevated antibodies returned, no matter how OCD I am about avoiding cc. Basically I have what they call Non-Responsive Celiac disease.  I'm wondering, is there something ELSE that I can do? Clearly the gluten-free diet isn't enough anymore. I know I'm not alone in this experience. And I know doctors don't have any advice besides the gluten-free diet (and the new celiac drug that is apparently in phase III)). But do you guys know of any other tricks?  I went on anti-anxiety SSRIs for a bit to help with my anxiety problems, and that really helped my celiac. But now that I've sort of developed a tolerance to my low dose, the symptoms have returned. Anyone else try this? Or low doses or steroids/anti-inflammatory drugs?  I'm really sick of feeling sick. I even tried the Fasano (Gluten Contamination Elimination Diet) for 3 months, but it didn't really work. Any suggestions or tips would be much appreciated! Or even the names of doctors who have helped you!  
    • 60% of celiacs with dh test negative on the celiac blood work. Fact. Many people with DH have no digestive symptoms and only about 40% of them have the positive blood tests (serology) for celiac disease.
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