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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    Celiac Teen Book

    Started by flagbabyds,

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    I got this e-mail from a woman I met at our Celiac walk. She is putting together a book about celiac teens and she wanted stories from teens around the country. I wanted to post it here so you could write for it too. her e-mail is You can e-mail me if you have any questions or e-mail her. My e-mail is here is the e-mail. I really hope some of you write for this. It will be a really good book.

    Hey girls!

    My name is Reyanna (ray-AWN-uh). I met you at the

    Celiac Walk.

    Mary-Lou (a woman from Southern California) and I are

    putting together a book for teens with Celiac... I

    mentioned it to you at the Walk.

    Well, I was just wondering if you all wanted to

    participate. You can write a story for one or more of

    the chapters. If you want to write for more than one

    chapter (like three chapters), then write different

    stories for each chapter. Share a positive experience

    you've had in any of these areas. We want this book to

    be encouraging and positive for other teens so make

    sure to show that in your story.

    I know there were more teens at the Walk, but I only

    met the three of you. If any of your friends from

    R.O.C.K. (7th grade through college) would be

    interested, let me know, and I'll send them an email

    as well. :)

    Here are the chapter topics:

    1. Family Support (and what the impact is when

    family members also have celiac)

    2. Friends (how friends can help ease the peer

    pressure and be a support)

    3. Junior High (how younger teens balance

    having celiac along with the other peer pressures of

    junior high)

    4. High School (does celiac interfere with many

    of the routines and activities of high school?)

    5. Going Out To Restaurants and/or With Friends

    (What are your favorite restaurants? How does this

    diet affect your choices in restaurants/fast food

    places? Does anyone use a restaurant card?)

    6. Applying To College (How has celiac affected

    your choices in colleges, location of colleges, etc.?)

    7. College (What is campus life like without

    all the gluten containing foods? What are some tips

    you can give others regarding this time away from


    8. On Your Own For the First Time (Is it easier

    of harder than when you lived at home and had someone

    else cooking for you? What are some of your secrets

    to adjusting to this lifestyle?)

    9. Power of Support Groups/Websites (What

    affect, if any, have these groups had on your psyche?

    What have you learned from them?)

    10.On-Line Food Shopping and Grocery Shopping


    11.Dealing With Other Food Allergies Along With


    Here are frequently asked questions so far:

    1. Where do I send them?

    You can just send them to me.

    2. One big story or separate stories for the separate


    Don't make it one big story, write a different story

    for each chapter you are planning on writing for. :)

    3. Do I write about my diagnosis and symptoms while

    answering the questions?

    It's your call. If you think it sounds good, stick it

    in there. Use your best judgement. :) If you're

    deciding on using your diagnosis story for each story

    you write, make sure it's not word-for-word because

    that could get boring if you submit 5 stories. LOL. Be

    creative and use where necessary.

    4. Will all stories (written by different authors) be

    lumped together in each chapter and appear as if one

    person wrote it?

    NO! Each chapter will consist of several stories

    written by different people. This is 'Chicken Soup for

    the Soul' style.

    5. Will you make changes to my stories?

    We will only edit for spelling and grammar, and if we

    need to take out parts of your story, we will contact

    you for your permission first. Although, I don't think

    that will be happening because Mary Lou would have

    mentioned that. There currently is no length limit.

    6. Will you change my name?

    If you want us to. You can be credited if you'd like

    or we can keep you anonymous or we could create a fake

    name for you (I'd actually enjoy that because I love

    names so much! Tee hee.) or you could create a fake

    (pen-name) for yourself. It's your choice. :) My hope

    is that everyone will want to use their real names,

    and your name will appear at the end or beginning of

    each of your stories. I think this is only fair to

    you. :)

    7. When does it need to be finished?

    August 10th... so get started soon. I'll be sending

    reminders during the next few months. :)

    Happy Writing!

    Stay strong.


    p.s. Let me know what chapters you'd like to write

    for. If you don't want to write any stories, let me

    know that as well. :) Thanks girls! I'm looking

    forward to hearing from you.

    I really hope I get responses from people because she really wants lots of stories for this book.

    Thanks so much!!!



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    P.S. you have to be a teen to write for this book, no parents writing about their, or their children's experience



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