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Brain Lesions And Celiac Disease

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I found this article while looking at the Clan Thompson site. I had no idea that Celiacs HAD brain lesions. Do we ALL have them? Does anyone know more on this subject? Maybe I am just reading the article wrong, help me understand. Here is the article I found:

QUESTION: I have heard that the brain lesions between MS and celiac disease are identical but I've been unable to locate any info on this. Can you help? ?

DR. RUDERT: Neurologic disorders may be associated with Celiac Disease: The majority are uncommon except for migraine headaches. It is thought that at least 4% of migraine headache sufferers are undiagnosed celiacs.

The brain lesions in cerebellar ataxia, which can be seen with Celiac Disease are identical to MS. Both involve "white matter" changes. The NIH in Bethesda, Maryland is looking to enroll patients with cerebellar ataxia. Ataxia is diagnosed in a patient who has difficulty walking a straight line. They are screened for celiac and regardless of the results are placed on a gluten-free diet and monitored. The Nurse Coordinator can be reached at 1-301-435-8518, or call Barbara Kimber at 1-301-496-0600.

An article you may find of benefit: Ghezzi, A., Zaffaroni, M.: "Neurological Manifestations of Gastrointestinal Disorders, with Particular Reference to the Differential Diagnosis of MS", Neurol Sci 2001; 22 Suppl 2:S 117-122. Also, Pengirna, T.C., Wills, A., Holmes, G.: "Neurological Complications of Coeliac Disease", Postgraduate Medical Journal 2002; 78(921): 393-398.


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    • Thank you!  I emailed the company too but the last time I did that with one I never heard back.  I hate to chance it but could use some relief!
    • Hey all, I'm new here but not new to celiac. Wheat intolerances are all over the place in my family  as well as AI thyroid issues (Hashis). When my CRO and ESR rates were extremely high, my doctor suggested it could be gluten/dairy and I was gluten free for the better part of a year. I've been tested in the past twice, once with a "false positive" and one totally negative. Going gluten free didn't help my inflammation rates go down (they went up actually) and I became more lenient with my diet recently because of the nature of my work (I'm a chef), with little negative effect. At my last appointment, I confessed to having had eaten gluten with no real issue for the past several weeks, and when the doctor prescribed other blood work I wanted a celiac panel "just in case" but we both agreed they'd all be negative.  WELP I just got my results back via email, and the primary panel came back all within normal range, but the celiac reflex panel came back positive  my results are posted below  I've googled what a celiac reflex panel is and haven't come up with anything, I've searched these forums and others and can't find anything that even really explains what this test is. I'd love some help understanding the different tests as well as my results. Thank you in advance!        Ps, it looks like my crop job lopped off the top result, but for those who can't tell, the result is Anti-Gliadin Ab Iga 7    Thanks again!      
    • I say good for you!!!! There are many skin conditions associated with celiac disease so it's not too awfully surprising about the psoriasis but the psa must be an amazing relief for you! Congrats!!!!! You might be interested in a Paleo diet. Elana's Pantry has some outstanding recipes. She has both celiac disease as well as MS.
    • No gluten ingredients (click on the "+" next to "description" to expand that section and see the ingredients).  But this doesn't say anything about possible contamination.
    • Hello everyone, Thank you for the many months of support. I was unable to get through the 14 day gluten challenge. I made it 6 days stopped due to d and all my other symptoms and dehydration issues. Then I had to go gluten-free a few days ate one more day of gluten. So I was unable to do 14 days. They did both colonoscopy and endoscopy. They said no signs of celiac but they said they were shocked to find Barretts and gastritis of stomach. They were shocked to find it since what they found did not match my symptoms. I had reflux at the end of my daughters pregnancy 12 years ago but did not realize I am/was fluxing. It appeared standard pregnancy related and then gone shortly  after delivery . While I am not celiac I may still visit your forum because my husband, my children, and myself know gluten is bad for me. I bloat 45 minutes after consuming in addition to many symptoms. I tried to search if people with Barretts have an association with NCGS but was unable to find anything. So thank you for your time and knowledge during my challenge. I am off on my Barretts journey and hoping I remain without dysplasia. I will remain gluten free because despite no damage found -gluten causes symptoms for me. My best to all- wish me luck. Awol
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