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I only just saw this thread down at the bottom of the list!

I'm new (though have beenr eading and posting a bit higher up the board), so I'll just recap

Have had D, migraines, bloating, gas, acne etc for ages and bought the York IgG Elisa test a year or so ago, but only just got around to taking it.

Apparantly I have higher than normal amounts of things that came up - scoring 1-4 (4 being highest it can be):

Dairy (4)

Wheat 2

Gluten/glidin 2

Corn 1

Egg white 2

Egg yolk 1

Molluscs mix (!) 1

carrot 1

Kiwi 1

Garlic 1

Ginger 1

sesame seed 1

Coffee 1

Yeast 1

and 15 that came up in the moderate reaction so I should rotate those

I spoke to a nutritionist and she said to cut out dairy and gluten definitely, and eggs - which I have done for 3 or 4 weeks now (I hope! not used to all the things they can be found in yet). Another nutritionist said I should also cut out yeast, as that might be one of the main probs, even though it only came up as a 1..which I did for a while, then forgot and had a wine leaving that one for now.

They both mentioned that I might have a leaky gut (also nearly died from spontaneous peritionitis, so was on strong antibiotics after my op - not sure if I think that the bacteria got across through my leaky gut, or that the antibiotics caused some inbalance, which lead to the leaky gut), so I've got some good probiotics too (just got them yesterday)

Anyway, enough of the I'll read this whole new set of posts I've just discovered!



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Going gluten-free, dairy free, and egg free should clear up a lot of your problems.


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