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Hi All pretty new here. I got the results of my biopsy today and everything came back normal, I haven't had any blood testing for celiac but small intestine biopsy came back normal. I feel like I'm getting the run around, I have been sick so much since 1997 to start I was having utering hemmoraging which resulted in an emergency hysterectomy so I would not bleed to death I has lost so much blood and was so anemia, my hemaglobin was 7 but they never gave me blood and after the hysterectomy , it took me a year on iron medicine 3 times daily before my iron was back to normal but my whole body iron count has never returned to normal. They couln't find any reason why I was bleeding, my uterus was healthy looking, no cancer. Then 3 months later I get hepatitis virus of my liver and my liver is inflamed in and out of hospital 3 times off work for 6 weeks, not to mention all the work i missed from the bleeding off and on for over a year , I hemmoraged 4 times over alittle over ayear. Ok irecover from hepatitis virus then 7 months later I get mono (the kissing disease) ha ha I hadn't kissed any body with it. Took me about 6 months to recover from that completely, off work for 6 weeks with that also. Then I am tired all the time and diagnosed with hypothyroidism, ok still tired all the time, get every virus that seems to come around. Have essential thrombytosis, can't find ou the reason why but elevated platelett count between 500 and 700 thousand, not to mention that now I bruise so easily that if my 15 pound dog clims on my lap I get a bruise where every step he takes, I look like somebody beat me up. Ok I just wanted to vent and ask for everybodsy help, my own gp tells me ther is nothing wrong with me and she claims that she can't find what is causing all of these problems, I don't have diarrhea but constipation instead and acid reflux problems for several months plus neausea and sometime vomiting in the morning. I am taking prevacid twice daily but still nautious. Please help somebody I know im not crazy and no body seems to want to get to the bottom of this problem.


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DEMAND to have a routine blood culture performed. This would most likely identify any active virus, fungus, bacteria present in the system.

Also, try to insist on having a C-reactive protein test run, along with the CBC, ANA, and Sed Rate, if these tests haven't been performed in the last 6 months. Have an A1C test performed to rule out Diabetes.

Odds are one of them will at least point the way to the path of the active problem which is at work, meaning that you will have the doctor's attention.

Thankfully for you, the endoscopy is the most precise test available for the detection of Celiac disease. If he said your test was normal, that means you have no damage to the villa. It may not rule out the possibility that you are in the birth stages of the disease, but even that is unlikely.

Evaluate any and all prescriptions and over the counter prescription medications you may have begun taking within 6-9 months of the onset of your new symptoms. As is the case with any and all medications, new side effects can always appear in individual people, regardless of whether or not they are known side effects.


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Also check the ingredients of the medicines...they sometimes contain starches etc as fillers or binders ...good luck!


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Your digestive problems may be caused by the Prevacid. Ask your doctor to prescribe another medication. Or better yet, tell them to fix the cause, not the effect!

As for your biopsy, find out how many samples were taken and from what parts of the small intestine. This is crucial to getting accurate samples. Also, several so called "normal" biopsies came back positive for celiac disease when given to a pathologist experienced in Celiac for a second opinion.

You may also wish to consider a new doctor. Much of the complaining on this and other boards about doctors is partially the fault of the patients for not changing doctors. Let's face it, just like not every auto mechanic is equally competent, not every doctor is equally competent.


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    • I'm actually scared to go to the doctor and could use some advice
      Hi you think you would have better luck obtaining a full Celiac panel from your GP or a gastro doc?  You really need to be tested for Celiac because of all your symptoms.  Many other people probably thought they were dying of some horrible disease because they had so many symptoms that docs ignored.  Very common problem for us.  Plus, your Mom has had "IBS" all her life.  I should add that IBS is not a diagnosis.  No one needs to be told their bowel is irritated......they already know that.  This is where the medical establishment, no matter where you live in this world, fail us.  They need to find the root cause and there always is one.  You also do not need to have any gastro issues to be a Celiac but you do have some, along with all your symptoms mentioned.  Anxiety is a huge problem with Celiac Disease and for many, it goes away just fine on the gluten-free diet, without need of meds...which should always be a last resort measure.  I have never had an anxiety problem in my entire life until after I was diagnosed with Celiac.  I may have had it but with all the other numerous symptoms I had, the anxiety may have gotten buried somewhere.  But guess what? On the extremely rare occasion when I am glutened or cc'd, I get major anxiety for about 4 days and then its gone. B12 is a water soluble vitamin so whatever you don't use, it exits the body in your urine.  It is pretty damn hard to overdose on the stuff.  I take a B vitamin everyday, very high quality ones and my B12 is usually in the high 600 range.  Optimally, it should be between 650-800 so yours was abysmal pre-supplementation.  Absorption can also be affected by PPI's.  You did notice improvement with the tingling sensation and fatigue once your levels were way up so take notice of that. My biggest advice is to get your mother and you tested for celiac, with a FULL PANEL. Then you'll have to wait and see what that shows. You could always trial a gluten-free diet if all testing is complete and the results were either negative or inconclusive. That sometimes happens with people, especially if they have Celiac's other cousin......non-celiac gluten intolerance.  This would be the best route to go with regards to your anxiety, unless it becomes disabling and you need meds, short term. Make sure you tell them that anxiety is a HUGE symptom of Celiac and it is not normal for younger people to have extreme anxiety like that, for no reason. Good luck to you and please call and make the appointment. I understand your fear....I hate doctors and it's pure mistrust. But sometimes you have to address a problem head on.    
    • newbie diagnosed mom - testing 8 yr old now
      good to know. I am not going for a biopsy. I do not have health insurance, i know i know please no political comments. My children do. My husband and I don't right now. If we lived in another state, we would have coverage. I just made an appt to do a full blood panel for my daughter this week. I would rather find some confirmation for her through a blood test, i feel a scope is too invasive for a child. 
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    • I'm actually scared to go to the doctor and could use some advice
      Well, if I were you, I would go see your doctor and talk to him/her about all this.  Tell your doctor about your anxiety. When I finally did, my doctor prescribed a low dose of an anti-anxiety med and it has made a world of difference in my life.   About the whole thing with the B12 and the weird symptoms . Keep taking the B12 in the meantime to see if that helps again. But talk about it anyway.  If you want a celiac test, ask for the panel to be done. Your doctor may or may not want to send you to a GI for that. Remind him your mom is being tested. You do not have to wait for her results.  Work with your doctor if possible and if not, maybe find a doctor you can work with. If all you end up needing is b12, that's a good thing. If you end up needing more help, starting with your doctor and a heart to heart Talk will have you going in the right direction.
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