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Seeking German And Croation Restaurant Cards

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Hello all,

I haven't posted in ages. I'm traveling to Austria and Bosnia soon and am looking for a restaurant card in German and Croatian. Can anyone help?


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Saw a link to this site in another thread and it looks like they have Croatian and German cards. Hope that helps!


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I think Jukie forgot to include the link to that site. Here it is:

The problem is, that the German cards have a very bad spelling mistake. They say "Lutenunvertraeglichkeit" instead of "Glutenunvertraeglichkeit". Which in English would be 'luten intolerant' instead of 'gluten intolerant'.

I did a google search in (as the American didn't come up with anything other than the above, and it has a mistake), and found this, to print out yourself:


Ich habe Zöliakie (eine Gluten-Unverträglichkeit) und kann deshalb aus medizinischen

Gründen keinen Weizen, Dinkel, Roggen, Gerste und Hafer essen. Auch alle daraus

hergestellten Produkte wie Teig und Teigwaren, Brot, Kuchen, Paniermehl sowie

mehlgebundene Saucen und Suppen darf ich nicht essen.

Reis, Mais, Hirse, Kartoffeln, Gemüse, Salate, Früchte, Fleisch und Fisch, Eier, Milch und

Milchprodukte sind erlaubt, ebenso mit Mais- oder Kartoffelstärke gebundene Saucen und


Besten Dank für Ihr Verständnis.

I like it, and it is accurate information.

Here is a link to that pdf file, it has a bunch of other languages as well. I think it's a Dutch site.


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