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Symptoms And Celiacs?

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For 6 months now I have had the same symptoms occuring once-twice per month:

2 days of stomach pain at the bottom of my left ribcage (feels like bloating and not debilatating pain, but enough where you don't feel like doing much.

Then 2 days of no bowel movements, but i have gas (belching following by flatuence)

Then 2 days of feeling like I need a bowel movement 3 times a day, but only a small squirt of liquid and little or no feces comes out.

Then 2 days of relatively normal bowel movements 3 times a day.

Then back to normal BMs and no pain.

This is my third visit to a GI doctor. They have done pancreas blood tests, and upper GI and an endoscopy on my stomach (but not my intestine). All tests were negative except my intestine showed a bit of irritation on the upper GI.

Now, the GI doctor says he suspects Celiacs Disease and wants to do an Endocopy on my intestine.

Do these symptoms sound like other peoples sysmptoms for Celiacs?




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Everybody has different symptoms so it's hard to say. The most common symptom is fatgue. But your doctor really should start with the celiac blood panel, not an endoscopy.



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First I'll list my symptoms so you can compare: stomach pains, vomiting, nausea, gas, bloating, low weight, etc.

Okay, now.......stomach pains are one of the classic and relatively common symptoms associated with celiac disease. Bloating, gas, etc. are probably even more common. I have never had this, but I've heard a few on this board that mention a pain under the right ribcage, I believe.........yours is left, but that's the same sort of thing. Celiacs often have trouble with bowel movements: most often diarrhea, but in some cases constipation. Now, there are no set symptoms for celiac disease......some have no symptoms, but I'd say that your symptoms definitely could be celiac disease.......and if your GI thinks so, too, I'd definitely recommend that you get the endoscopy done......regardless of negative or positive bloodwork....good luck........ :)


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    • I would be very careful in giving this kind of advice, she is in an advanced stage. I was there and one additional symptom that I was getting was a strong urge to commit suicide so eating gluten for three months might not be the way to go for some people. If a gluten free diet stop the problems them gluten is the problem or a least part of it. I eliminated MSG from my diet because I notice that the common denominator for some products that affected my well being was MSG. I eliminated oats because I notice that I would get canker sores every time I ate it. Wheat is what affect my brain the most, irritability gets uncontrollable, my mental capacity greatly diminish, rash in my arms appear, can't sleep,etc. Barley makes my stomach groan, and constipated. Will try testing how Rye affect me some later time. 
    • Hi Aly and welcome You may want to repost this in a new thread, that way more people will see it and can advise you.  I think you would be much better off getting the celiac test now, if you stay off gluten you will need to go back on it and that can be much harder. That said, loads of your symptoms look like they could be gluten related.  I had a persistent 'trapped nerve' for instance under my eye which would twitch like crazy. Since I went gluten-free doesn't happen any more.  Best of luck! Matt
    • Your scalp sounds like seborrheic dermatitis. I have that and although its better after going gluten-free its very persistent. The dermatologist recommended Nizoral shampoo for it and it does help. I think dairy has a big part to play with skin problems, for me at least. 
    • I was diagnosed this year and I live on Oahu. I have yet to meet another celiac, so that tells you something about our limitations here. I work in Waikiki and do frequent Rouffage. It is nothing fancy, small place, but keeps me fed when I need something. I also like Greens and Vines. It is a vegan restaurant and worth every penny. Greens and vines sets up at the KCC farmers market on Saturdays too. Places in Waikiki that do offer a gluten-free menu include, PF Changs, Dennys, Big City Diner and California Pizza kitchen. I do not trust those places due to the risk, but they "offer" gluten-free options. I did try and order a beer at Yard House in Waikiki. They label clearly states that it contained wheat, so yeah sent that back with the waiter. I have also tied Doraku in Waikiki. I called ahead and spoke with management. That went well and they offer gluten free soy sauce. There is a deli at Down to Earth Grocery store in Honolulu that has gluten-free options, but the whole foods here do not offer hot food that is gluten free. They do have a hot food bar, but you have to stick to the whole plain salad and veggie options. It's good to hear the hotels here are getting better, beyond Waikiki hotels there is no one really interested in being gluten free.
    • Just found this site today. Did you ever find one? I was diagnosed this year and I live on Oahu.
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