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"traveling" Gluten Free

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I'm heading out to St. Louis for two days for business starting Monday, and we're staying at my company's training center there. They've got a fab kitchen that apparently makes amazing food, and they're supposed to be great about adapting to all sort of dietary needs, but my request for gluten-free foods the last time I was there didn't make it in time, and the chef was too busy to really do all that much for me. This time, I couldn't even find the option to tell them of my dietary restriction, not to mention not being able to do the arrangements until two days ago, so I've been worried about food.

I decided that, to be on the safe side, I would be taking two days worth of calories with me. I've noted before my hypoglycemic tendencies, and it's usually _zero_ problem, if I can have access to a grocery store or refrigeration/cooking, but this time, it's a problem. I'm trying to travel light (just a large laptop case, I only need one change of clothes...), so I decided to think of it much like a camping trip. Only, when you go camping, you've got more space in your backpack, more weight you can allocate towards food (even if carrying a 38lb pack on a 115lb frame sucks), and the possibility to cook things with hot water at the end of the day. And you don't need to look reasonably presentable so you can eat tuna straight out of a can ('cause you can also bring your own can-opener). It presented an interesting dilema.

After going through many iterations of planning (and knowing that too much salty food would not only make me feel bad, but be bad planning since I'll be on a plane at one end of both days), I came to the final "menu", as it were:

* 2 Organic Food Bars (website), the gluten free flavors, of course)

* 3oz Just Veggies (website, to get my veggie craving satisfied)

* edamame (2 servings, for the fat and protein, but I find it very drying, so I couldn't rely on this)

* 2 travel size boxes Soy Dream

* a mix of 1/2 cup rice bran, 1/3 cup quinoa flakes, and some vanilla and cinnamon (cereal for the morning I've got a microwave)

* Tillamook's Smoked, Dried Beef Nuggets (website, which I called to confirm that their Old Fashioned Flavor is gluten-free)

* 2 packages AlpineAire's Wild Rice Crunch (website, which is one of their numerous gluten free items)

* 1 serving honey-sesame almonds (from Trader Joe's ... quite the tasty treat!)

* 2 bottles gatorade (and lots of refills of water when I finish them :-) )

* (fortunately, I'll be able to make a filling smoothie the morning I head out to the airport)

I know a lot of us have had trouble with short term travel and day trips where refrigeration issues or weight restrictions are problematic. Finding the camping foods (AlpineAire's and Tillamook's stuff) was very fortunate, and I will likely use their items to update my emergency preparedness kit, as well as for airplane food and other such uses as this trip. With shelf lives of 3-5 years, I'll feel better about not checking up on the food every six months!

Just thought I'd share what I'd found, in case it helps someone, and remind people to check out camp food for filling out their emergency preparedness kits.


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Hey Tiffany:

Thanks for sharing your list of gluten-free foods for your 2 day trip. You gave me several ideas for my future trips. I just planned what to take on my next plane trip which only serves pretzels (not gluten-free) and beverages. I'm taking rice cakes, sardines packed in olive oil and a package of mixed dried fruit for my lunch--I spread the sardines on the rice cakes. (Laugh if you must but I depend on canned fish bones for calcium :lol: ) I can use the leftover rice cakes with peanut butter and leftover fruit for my first breakfast before I get to a grocery store close to my hotel. Since I have a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's nearby, I can buy the rest of my gluten-free/df/saf supplies the first day. Do the TJ honey sesame almonds have soy oil (which I can't have)? How about the 'just veggies'? Is that all they contain?

Have a great trip. ;)



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It's funny... my husband has teased me about knowing where the bathrooms are in all local retailers (the wonders of a small bladder!), and now I feel like I'm getting to know where the specialty grocery stores are in a number of cities. :-)

Do you like sardines? I keep contemplating trying them, but "their reputation preceeds them"....

The ingredients on the honey sesame almonds: "almonds, sugar, sesame seeds, butter, salt, cocoa, honey". Not _quite_ CF, but I think close enough for my system.


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Are you soy intolerant or allergic? I'm soy allergic and can tolerate soybean oil and soy lecithin. Any other part of the soybean and I'm horribly itchy all over.

I was bummed about the honey sesame almonds containing butter. <_< I was looking forward to trying some after a friend told me about them. Oh well. I could probably try making some at home.

God bless,



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I never had any allergy tests, except when I was very small for sinus/hay fever allergies--the doctor didn't both to ask my mom about her chain smoking habit. <_< I only did the Enterolab gluten and milk sensitivity tests which showed antibodies to both gluten and cow's milk. When I tried to substitute soy products for dairy products I experienced symptoms VERY similar to my 'dairy' symptoms. I wrote to Dr. Fine about that reaction and he said it sounded very much like an intolerance. I also read in 'Dangerous Grains' about gluten/dairy/soy being 'diabetogenic' foods. I have LOTS of diabetes history on my dad's side of the family and I've had hypoglycemic symptoms all my life. However, I have tried tiny bits of soy (soy lecithin in sprays or in gluten-free/DF chocolate) every few weeks and I STILL get those cramping pains, gas and bloating. Never any skin reaction, just all the intestinal stuff I got somewhat with gluten and even more so with dairy. I HOPE I can eventually eat soy without symptoms, but my history doesn't look like I can ever do that. :( Maybe if I completely avoided soy for a year???? What do you think?



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    • I have seen articles linking celiac to Barretts and esophagitis.  I've actually been subtly hinting to my boyfriend to get tested for celiac as well because he has some strange Autoimmune arthritis as well as Barrett's  and some white spots on brain MRI Not MS). One of the articles I read on Celiac and Barrett's actually suggested that most of the patient did not have actual acid reflux symptoms. Not sure if you ever did antibody testing for celiac, but sounds like you certainly want to avoid gluten. 
    • Ahh good point! She is 13 and has been miserable for over two years. It started with chronic hives. We have been to a dermatologist, and a allergist and they brushed it off to her seasonal allergies and now she has joint pain,bloating,constipation,fatigue,headaches just all around miserable. I just want answers quick. she is getting depressed and says she hates her life cause she doesn't think anyone believes her. It's heart breaking . I hope we get answer soon. Thanks for the advice I will keep her on gluten. She is just miserable and I figured the sooner she is off gluten the sooner she will feel better. 
    • Welllllllll, in this particular case it would be best to keep her on gluten until the results come back. The reason I say this is b/c this GI seems whacky. There's a chance you may need to go to a different GI & have the endoscopy redone. I was going to say get a new GI but since the endoscopy is on Monday then I would go forth with it rather than waiting the time it would take to get a new GI & schedule an endoscopy. This GI seems set that it's not celiac & when they get that in their brain it's usually pretty darn hard for them to admit they were wrong. My concern is that she won't take enough biopsies from the right places b/c she's either dumb about how many & where or letting her personal (already formed) opinion influence what she will do. The problem is that you can't be there in the OR with them standing on the GI's shoulders making her do the right thing. Not knowing your daughters age, the other concern is that there may not be "enough" damage just yet, it may be patchy, etc..... that with the mindset this doc has, she will poo poo the dx.  Let me say that it would be a travesty & wholly awful IF you had to put your daughter through another endoscopy but we know how very important it is for her to have an official, dyed in the wool dx. So I'm just trying to think down the line & prevent problems before they come up. I mean, this doc may not even take any biopsies. That sounds insane I realize, but really, it happens more often than you would think. I can't tell you the number of times we've had people come on here after having an endoscopy for celiac where the doc didn't take any biopsies b/c the doc is so stupid as to think they can see the damage & doesn't realize there MUST be biopsies! If you take her off gluten & heaven forbid, you have to end up putting her back on it to get further testing then chances are she's going to get much, much sicker when she's put back on gluten. That most often happens with us and I'm talking about radically sick. See, I'm basing all my thinking on the fact that despite ALL the positive celiac blood work, this dimwit doc doesn't think it's celiac & instead it's all related to the constipation. That is just so far out there, it's NUTS! She's flying in the face of hard evidence! Every test you listed was positive. I can't even begin to understand how this GI comes to her insane conclusion. THAT'S why I am so concerned. 
    • Thanks for your reply. That's what my husband and I thought too. She has a ton of symptoms that's fit celiac. Also I was going to start her gluten free diet after her biopsy on Monday cause the dr said the results take two weeks. Is there a reason I should keep her eating gluten until we get the results? Thanks for your help.
    • In reflex testing they look at a result and decide if the next test is needed.  Another example, some labs only do EMA if the Ttg is positive.
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