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Sultana Raisins

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Hi Gang,

I baked some wheat-free pumpkin muffins for my four year old son on the weekend, and added some No Name pre-packaged Sultana Raisins. I used Stokely's canned pumpkin, and Club House brand pumpkin pie spice, which I believe is made by McCormicks and therefore gluten free?

The rest of the ingredients are ones that I use in his banana muffins, which he never reacts to. I've noticed he'll eat about half the pumpkin muffin before handing it off to someone else to finish. He never does this with the banana muffins I make him. However, whenever he starts eating something that could have undeclared wheat in them, such as potatoe chips that may be contaminated from having been run on the same lines as wheat-containing ones, he takes a chip or two before announcing that he can't eat them. Wheat foods irritate his tongue almost immediately.

Tonight his ears are scarlet red, like after he eats wheat, and he is a bit whiny, which is also another of his numerous symptoms.

We live in Canada, in case any of the products may be known to be different here than in the States.

I am trying to figure out what may have caused his possible reaction today, and suspect the pumpkin muffins. Any thoughts to confirm or disprove this theory?


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hi terri anne :) sounds like he must have gotten gluten somehow--it may just be the pumpkin pie spice, maybe the raisins--i have used at least 2 different kinds of raisins and not had a reaction, but that doesnt mean it's not possible--for everyone's information here, i buy a brand of raisins called "Rosendahl Farms" and they are very nice--it's a fancy mix of raisins grown in california--there isnt a website listed on the product and the only place i have seen them is here in a meijers store, but they have to be other places--they are wonderful in muffins---maybe he has an allergy to some other flours too, i cant have soy--i hope you figure this out :blink: sorry i dont have an answer--deb


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    • Hey guys, the last year and a month of transitioning to totally gluten free was hard, but I now seem to be healthy. The first six months I got horrible cramps that would suddenly come and hit hard, but I really havent seen any of those since about February-March. One thing that I wouldnt say has gotten better is my psyche. I was always sort of an anxious person (hard not to be when you dont feel well yet you have "IBS" and you're just "nervous", which all of you probably know), but I am borderline hermit now. I finally went to the doctor today and was prescribed prozac, so hopefully that helps, but I was just wondering about you guys? Thanks  
    • Thank-you, thank-you! I am so relieved to have input from others who have experience with celiac disease. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the school cafeteria. I'll ask our very nice and experienced Cafe Mgr for realistic info and details. My primary concern is the safety of my daughter and packing a lunch will not be that big a deal, even though she prefers the fresh prep instead of lunchbox offerings. Sigh. It sounds as if the 504 is unquestionably the preference over the IHCP, since the 504 is binding and follows the student through his/her academic career. I have a meeting with the admin team on Tuesday. Until then, I'm reading lots so i can be informed. And, dkader, I sent you a private message via the blog's feature. I'd certainly love to read the 504 info you have squirreled away. Thank-you so much!
    • The risk of a non-celiac getting intestinal lymphoma is extremely tiny.  The risk of someone with refractory celiac disease is higher (I think maybe double?) but 2 x extremely tiny is still extremely tiny, and an elevated antibody level is not enough to say you have the refractory version.  You could have a repeat endoscopy to look for damage.  Are you still having symptoms?
    • Hello... i got dignoised July 11th... since then I found out I can't handle corn, garlic or dairy.... her stomic might be extra sensitive right now.... im not a doc but I have noticed with out those three foods I have felt better but I belive I might have to cut out more  good luck with you child!!! Its hard
    • About the dairy...I have been giving her lactose free milk and she doesn't have much else for dairy. I am lactose intolerant and I get nausea right away and then get diarrhea later. My daughter doesn't seem to have the same type of reaction I do, so I don't think it's that. For those that are lactose intolerant, were you sick right after eating lactose, or did it take a few hours or days?
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