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Celiac Returns?

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I was diagnosed with celiac as an infant - back in the late '40s. My parents were told that I would grow out of it. As I understand it, the connection to gluten wasn't really made until the 50's. As a child I don't remember having any problems. Nor did I have any as a teenager, young adult or until recently. It seems as if it was in remission for 50 years! I have never really liked bread. Did not like pasta or pizza very much. Ate very small portions of those. Preferred corn tortillas to flour.....

Two years ago I started having stomach problems, bloating, gas, but not the diarrhea I had as an infant. In additon to to stomach problems I started breaking out in a rash all over my body. Never thought of it as celiac related. Was referred to an allergist who put me on Zyrtec. That controlled the rash, but I was always hungry. I attributed it to the medication and kept trying to wean myself. I could be off for about 3 - 3 1/2 weeks and the rash would be back. Burning, itching... Went back to the allergist after a year. Saw someone new and mentioned that I had celiac as a child, but didn't know if it was a correct diagnosis bucause I did eat wheat products. After a blood test came back 10X higher than normal, I was referred to a gastrenterologist and diagnosed by endoscopy at stage 3 this March.

Has anyone ever heard of celiac going away?


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celiac does not ever go away, but some people find - particularly during adolescents - don't experience much in the way of symptoms, even though damage is being done. many people can be asymptomatic for lengths of time, but it doesn't mean that they are in remission - as demonstrated by your antibody levels.


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I can completely understand how you feel. I was diagnosed with celiac when I was an infant (1970) but there was not blood test then, or at least none was given to me. My doctor said that I would grow out of it and I began eating wheat again around the age of 6 or 7. I am now 34 and the symptoms just returned last year. I, unlike you, loved bread and pizza so I was consuming a lot of gluten. My blood tests show that I am "highly allergic" now. I wish my doctor had known better back then. Think of all the damage we have done over the years! I haven't had the biopsy done yet...just the blood I'm not sure exactly how much damage...not sure I WANT to know. Well, at least I enjoyed pizza for a few years...


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    • So I've been glutened....
      Yeah I did all the bone broths and sauerkraut after my challenge. Although I wasn't very good at making sauerkraut... Its summer here now so I've eased up on the bone boiling, plus my local butcher is struggling to obtain them. As you say healing to the point where microscopic cross contamination doesn't get you would be a big win.  I was ok with coffee until last few days. I drank decaff black and would have several cups a day without issue. I'll be gutted if I can't handle it any more. I hadn't realised you could get gluten-free miso soup. Will have to look for that    
    • So I've been glutened....
      Coffee is a no-no for me!  I actually gave up coffee since my diagnosis back on 2/2016.  I was diagnosed by a biopsy in the villi.   Coffee is a stimulant to the GI system and it really irritates your GI when you are having a flare up.  I was tested by stools and was informed I barely had good bacteria in my gut which is typically for people with celiac. I went on a high dose of probiotic (just started) twice a day, multivitamin, lots of fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, kimchi, miso soup and tons of bone broth.  I am going to a local farm today to pick up organic bones to make my broth.  I am so desperate to heal my gut, not to introduce gluten but to be able to tolerate an exposure without being knocked out by it....Eat very light, I stick to vegetable juice, resistance starch food such as banana, apples, potatoes boiled until my diarrhea subsides.  I am currently in a flare up stage; did something and I have been glutened I am on day 7 and my symptoms peak after a few days, around day 4-5 and it last a few days of Diarrhea, nausea, sensation of feeling full, back pain in the rib cage on left side and hip/lower back pain on left side.  Its horrible!  I feel weak right now due to the diarrhea and since I am not hungry it makes it worse.  Hope this gets better.
    • DNA Testing
      I got the print out and took it to my new dr because what my RA was saying didn't seem to add up.  When I pressed him for more info, he said I didn't have any of the markers. Turns out he read the test wrong!  Since then, my new doc also questioned all my previous bloodwork and asked why I hadn't been told that my counts were really low or tested for ferritin levels. My ferritin was at 10, so, yeah, 4 other Dr's missed anemia on my labs. It's been frustrating to say the least, but I am finally feeling a little bit hopeful with my new primary doc. She's just referred me to a specialist focusing on celiac. Considering my former gp told me "that whole celiac thing is just a fad", I'm feeling a bit more secure. 
    • So I've been glutened....
      Thanks for the kind responses  Last night I went out and had a black coffee, non decaf.   Big mistake... I started getting gas almost immediately and it went on for the rest of the evening. It seems like anything which might annoy my stomach at the moment results in churning and an uncomfortable feeling. the weird thing is that I ate a huge lunch including gluten-free bread earlier with no effects whatsoever. Just as well as I couldn't face food last night and am not enthused with breakfast now.  C i think I'll dig out some probiotics and try and eat simply for a few days and hope things settle down. I'm just worried that something has changed and this is the new normal... That would suck...  
    • Toblerone
      It's on the safe list here in the uk and I eat it without a problem. theres also a really nice almondy toblerone cake available now. 
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