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Sugar Is Out

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Posted 16 January 2005 - 07:34 AM

Is this normal? Does this go away once the intestines heal? Is anyone else having this struggle?

Once your intestines completely heal, you should be able to digest sucrose. The enzyme sucrase, which is needed to digest sucrose, is located in the center of the villi in the small intestine. When your villi are damaged because of injesting gluten, then you may have a problem digesting sucrose. Without the enyme sucrase, sucrose goes through the digestive tract, undigested, and causes gas, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and pain. (Not all celiacs will have this problem, it just depends on the extent of villi damage).

If you had extensive villi damage (meaning the villi may have been completely flattened), then it may be a few more months until you can digest sucrose again.

I read this info in Wheat-Free Worry-Free The Art of Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free Living by Danna Korn pgs, 309-310.
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Carrie Faith

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Posted 26 February 2005 - 05:51 AM

Thanks, Medaka. At least it explains why I am having trouble with sugar and potatoes. Starch turns to sugar. I have really bad acid reflux and burning when I do any sugar. It gives me hope that when I stick to this very difficult thing of no gluten, that the villi will heal and maybe I can start eating some good things again. I am a vegetarian, so no meat, too. It's really hard to find foods to eat that are diary free, sugar free, soy free, wheat free ...................................!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 01 March 2005 - 11:08 AM

I don't get stomache problems when I eat sweets but I noticed that the muscle and joint pains would get worse and would stick around longer. I tried cutting down on the sugar but didn't notice any change. It wasn't until I gave up corn and corn related products that I noticed a significant difference. It's difficult if you crave sweets because it seems like everything contains corn syrup but it can be done. I like Trader Joe's chocolate covered raisins, soy nuts or almonds (that is of course if you can eat soy and nuts).
Someone else suggested watching potatoes because your body uses them as a sugar. That's true, also the same for carrots, peas and corn. :rolleyes:
Try the corn thing, see if it helps, hope you feel better , Wendy
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    Stef and Luke

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Posted 01 March 2005 - 11:40 AM

Hm, that's quite interesting. Lately I discovered, I have problems with sugar, too. But not all kinds of sugar though. I'm still experimenting. I can eat potatoes though, without any problems.

Hugs, Stef
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