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Glutino Strawberry Creme Wafers!

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So as my family spent the weekend with me, my mom and I did some thrift shopping in a different direction than we normally go in. We decided to pop into the Annville Natural Foods store which I shopped in when I lived at the old house, back in my first days of a celiac.

Anyway before I bore you, I purchased the Glutino Strawberry Wafers, man were they good. They were even tastier than those gluten filled pink colored strawberry wafers. The texture was good, they didn't crumble, nor were they cardboard and rock hard. I was impressed. On a side note I have tried the lemon flavor and didn't care for them.

I also got the Chocolate Peanut Butter bars by Glutino...I thought those were good too. I did want you guys to know about the strawberry wafers the most, the kids will love em!


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