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Nausea Meds

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For those of us who suffer from terrible nausea, do you have meds that work? Someone today told me about Phenegran or whatever it's called and I wondered about that b/c I've never heard of that. I think it's the morning sickness med and it makes you sleepy but that's all I know.

is anyone here presribed nausea meds? I'd just like to know because mine gets bad lately SINCE going gluten-free...oddly enough. Before gluten-free I had more burning pains and gas, now I have more nausea. Go figure....I can't figure out which is worse.


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I currently have a prescription for Phenergan. I also received a RX when I was pregnant with awful morning sickness.

What I know is that it is a medicine very commonly dispensed for nausea. The one side effect that I did notice each and every time is sleepiness. As a result, I take it at night whenever possible. Of course, the effects vary I imagine with the dosage (once a day or twice etc.). Also, I am on other GI medications which also produce a sleepiness side effect.....probably intensifying that from the Phenergan.

So I would check with the pharmacist if you are taking any other medications. Perhaps you can break them up, taking them at different times to lessen any effects.

Without going on and on, I've taken Phenergan on and off for 5 years including during the first trimester of a very high risk pregnancy and would consider it safe. Everyone is different but it is the only nausea medication that I can actually say worked.




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Jknnej, how long have you been gluten-free? I noticed that after about two months gluten-free, I became SO nauseous for a couple of weeks--it was pretty bad. Now, I only have occasional bouts--I figure my body is still working out the gluten, healing, and just readjusting in general. I also was prescribed that med, but didn't take it because I hate taking medicine and my doctor told me it would knock me out, and as I'm a professor, I can't afford to sleep while I teach! I also had someone suggest taking non-drowsy Dramamine to help with the nausea, so you may want to check on that--I haven't checked if that's gluten-free or not, though, because my nausea began subsiding a bit after someone recommended it.

Good luck, and I hope you feel better very soon!


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I hear ya on this one, lol! But then nausea was my main complaint before going gluten-free, too. Though it's different nausea now than then, if that makes any sense.

Did you see the thread a while back on peppermint candies and tea? It won't cure anything, but might give you some temporary relief, just make sure they're gluten-free. :)



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Nausea was my main symptom before going gluten-free. When I accidentally ingest gluten I get nauseaous but for the most part it had gotten 99.9% better. It does take time though. For some people it takes longer to feel better. When you first start the diet many things slip in at first because you don't know all the stuff gluten is hidden under. I had that problem at first. It will get better your body just may need more time.

There was a post a while back about different things to help with nausea. You may want to look at that there is a lot of great info on there and could definately help. :D


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    • Weird things people have said
      You are right Dania, you cannot have "mild Coelic" disease and you cannot eat "a bit of gluten here and there" if you've been gluten free for a while. Coelic disease is a lifetime commitment to being gluten free, even if you don't have symptoms, it is still damaging the villi in the gut, which can lead to more serious health problems, (not that Coelic disease is not serious, because it is).  Some people may question whether it is safe to use the same colander as those cooking gluten, but it depends how well it is washed up as it is quite easy to miss bits. Personally, I bought a new one and I would definitely not use the same sieve as the mesh is far too tight not to collect  small amounts of gluten. I'm not too surprised at doctors not knowing all they should know about Coelic disease, it's the same here in the UK where Coelic UK actually advise doctors on the disease. 
    • Depression / anxiety issues
      Hi Chris, haven't had a chance to read the whole conversation but regarding dairy, if you are suspicious of something, drop it for some time and see. You are still healing so maybe dairy is bothering you now. Also look at the nightshades, corn, dairy, soy, and eggs. I had a horrible time last year. I had muscle twitches, brain fog, pain, was tired,etc. I searched online and decided to drop all of those things I mentioned above. I am not sure what bothered me since I dropped them all at once but i slowly began feeling better. Now, i reintroduced eggs again and sometimes have lactose free milk with my coffee. I recommend eating salmon, tuna, bone broth soups, using olive oil and coconut oil and not eating much or not at all processed food even if it is marked gluten free.
    • Weird things people have said
      I've had people say strange things about celiac to me lately... Like someone said, "Oh I'm just a mild celiac so I don't have to worry about cross-contamination." And then someone else said that they're celiac but things have calmed down now so they can have a bit of gluten here and there. And I told my doctor that back in 2014 I thought I had been gluten free but I actually wasn't because I had been repeatedly glutening myself with an old colander. And he just looked at me like I was insane, like a colander?? Sure... I'm not crazy, right? Even if you have no symptoms you have to avoid cross-contamination because you can be doing damage internally right? You can never have 'just a bit'. And a colander is a big source of cross-contamination right?? I know all this but why do these other people not? Why does my doctor not know? So confusing and spreading misinformation... And then they look at me like *I'M* crazy.
    • fructose malabsorption and gluten intolerant
      Look up FODMAPS.   That might clarify things for you.  There really are a lot of diet recommendations so make sure you bring a list of questions regarding foods to your doctor's  and dietician's appointments.  
    • Recovery?
      Thank you for sharing those web sites. I will look at them. We have been gluten free since December so it's been a while. Once, he had a gluten free beer, the kind that they take the gluten out, and his legs felt very heavy and had a more difficult time walking. I really don't want to experiment.  Although I am very careful about what we eat, I am concerned that some of our medication could contain gluten. Is there any easier way to tell if medication has gluten. I did find a website which listed drugs and known gluten but every drug was on it or was determined to be gluten free
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