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Anyone Receiving Social Security Disability?

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long time no see, hope your doing ok

I have been on SSI since May 2003. I was accepted right away. (it took a total of 3 months for them to get situated)
I hadn't been able to work since 1996? due to my body being out of control! cool.gif
good luck Sweetie


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Just an FYI - this was a 4 year old thread so the original posters may not still be around.


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Is anyone receiving social security disability benefits for their celiac disease? If so how hard was it to get and how long did you have to wait. I have been our of work since February 2008 and thought it might be possible to get this coverage as I cannot work right now and need some income. Can anyone with any knowledge of this share their story.

      In January of 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) ruled in a case in Massachusetts that effectively identified celiac disease and gluten intolerance as legal disabilities.

The story is fairly simple - students at Lesley University, in Cambridge, objected to the available meal plan. Those who had gluten-related health concerns were being offered a regular diet of gluten-containing foods, so they had to either go hungry or find another option. Because they had purchased a meal plan with their tuition, however, they insisted that the school find a better solution.

In the legal case, the school agreed to recognize the gluten issues as disabilities and to accommodate this by providing gluten-free meals, dealing with any cross-contamination problems, and even training the kitchen staff about food allergies.

This is unprecedented and made me wonder what it means for food service as well as the millions of people diagnosed with gluten intolerance and celiac.



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    • yes, I was tested for it. They said after stomach surgeries and other major things causing that much stress on your body you can become intolerant to gluten. It happened to my aunt as well who was in a horrible car accident. They said you can always carry the gene in your body and having that much stress on your body can start it.
    • A new study confirms a link between intestinal viral infections and celiac disease. View the full article
    • Good luck with all the testing.  You are doing the right thing by telling your son to gluten up!  Buy him one of those gluteny cakes at a bakery...if that doesn't spike his numbers, nothing will. 
    • Thank you for this response! You are right, I'm sure. My sed rate was normal. My c reactive protein was 6, which is high. My platelets were a bit elevated and I was slightly anemic. I am going tomorrow for another endoscopy. I know that these things could be related to other things... but I'm thinking there is a change they are all still related to celiac (I'm hoping). What other autoimmune disease do you have, if you don't mind me asking?
    • HIV doesn't turn off the immune system, it destroys it to the point where most people die from complications that arise from having no immune system.  Some end up with pneumonia or cancer, which takes their life. It is pretty amazing the treatments they have developed for it, to slow it down and give people longer, quality time. I am perfectly content with the gluten free diet as my treatment and honestly, if they developed a pill that they claimed would make it possible for people to eat gluten again, I doubt I would. I could not bring myself to eat a food that I am genetically programmed to not be able to digest and that totally pisses off my immune system.  However, if they succeed with some of the meds they are working on now, one of which I posted about earlier this summer, I would take those.  They are working on things that modulate the immune system down so inflammation can be tamed down further.  Even with a strict gluten-free diet, there will always be more inflammation for us than for those who don't have AI diseases.  I do everything possible to tame it down myself but it isn't in the normal range.....yet. Long term inflammation can kill you so something along those lines would be welcome.  You would still have to eat gluten-free but the disease activity would be calmed down.  This is a drug that targets those with lupus and maybe Sjogren's....which I have.  There are possibilities for other AI diseases from that!
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