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I'm 6 months gluten free, and in the expanding my diet phase. I'd like to add back a cup of coffee here and there. I know unflavored coffee is gluten free, and flavored might have gluten. So, here are my questions:

1) Can I use the same coffee pot as the ladies at work?

2) My current coffee pot has had gluten exposure in the form of cross contamination from a coffee grinder grinding oatmeal for a facial (pre-diagnosis). Would you get a new coffee maker, or just a new grinder.

3) If I get a new coffee maker, do I need to limit its use to plain coffee to avoid the risk of cc from gluten in flavored coffee?

4) Anyone know of any gluten-free flavored coffee?

Thanks for fueling my caffine fix.



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I did not get a new coffee maker. I did get a new grinder. You can put the coffee pot in the dishwasher to make sure it gets a good cleaning. Dunkin' Donuts french vanilla coffee is gluten free (sold at BJ's, too). I only make it at home. Starbucks coffees are usually gluten free. Wegman's store brand offer several flavored varieties that are gluten free.



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I'm sorry if I missed this, but why did you give up coffee?

Many flavored coffee beans are gluten free. How do you find out? Contact the company that makes the coffee, this is what I do.

I would think if you ground other things in your grinder there wouldn't be any residue left from the oats but thats just me.

Rice is used to clean coffee grinders often.


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Why did I give up coffee?

I'm not a big coffee drinker.

It was summertime.

I was consuming 2 excedrine/day to deal with the pain. (excedrine has caffine).

I was worried my coffee pot was contaminated.

I like tea.

Basically, with all the things to figure out with going gluten-free, coffee was low on my priority list. Now I'm craving a sweet cup of creamy coffee.

OK, so the pot can stay, and I'll get a new grinder. I'm not sure about cleaning it out. There are so many parts to this crazy thing and it was a hand me down from my father in law.

Do you all drink from the office coffee pot?



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I drink from the office coffee pot with no problems. And if you are looking for a flavored coffee that is gluten free, Green Mountain brand is safe.


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    • I have 2 insurance policies, one with my husband's company and one through mine. I also stretch out the more major work into the next year, so I can make the most use of my benefits. So, a dental implant for me takes about a year for me to complete.  I have the post put in at the end of one year and the tooth made about 6 months later. Honestly, the insurance company probably hates me because I max out my benefits every year. You do what ya gotta do!  I still have to pay for some of the work out of pocket but about 75% gets covered. If you pay cash for procedures then they usually charge a lower price. Haggle with the dentist over price. They like getting cash.
    • Did your doctor check for SIBO, H. pylori, ulcers, etc. when he was obtaining biopsies to check for celiac disease?  
    • Oh, and as I mentioned in my own post on pain, xanax. I swear. I tried it just to deal with the occasional panic I had at weird scary symptoms and clueless doctors. I am not a fan of long term use. But I recently found that .25 mg seems to aid with the neuropathic pain. It does not go away, but it helps. 
    • It does sound like a Glutening and you are just a few months into the diet.  It might help if you read our Newbie 101 thread under the "Coping" section.   Here is some information about rice milk: Many, many celiacs are often lactose intolerant temorarily or permanently if you are naturally genetically inclined.  When I am glutened, I lose the ability to digest lactose for a while.   Salad?  Great but it can be rough on a sore gut!  Think soups, stews, easy-to-digest foods that you prepare yourself until you feel better.  Did your folks give you salad after a bout of flu?  Or did you stick with jello and broth?  I am intolerant still after three years to garlic and onions (the lactose resolved, thankfully).  You have a leaky gut (Google zonulin and Dr. Fasano who is a leading celiac researcher to verify that this is true) and that means you can become intolerant to anything (hopefully, just temporarily).   If you are 100% sure that you have had no access to gluten....did you eat out lately?.....then see your doctor.  Remember, celiac disease symptoms can change.  And here is the can take weeks, months or years to heal from celiac disease.  Two months in is nothing, really.  Why?  It takes time to figure out the diet and time for antibodies to come down.  celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder triggerEd by gluten.  once triggered it can go on and on damaging your gut especially with repeated glutenings (accidental or through cross contamination). I hope you feel better soon!  
    • I concur! I literally feel your pain as well. Like, at the moment, lol. Did you have an endo to see inflammation or damage? I am close to begging my GI for carafate or something to coat and protect. How about testing your antibodies to see if they are still rising? I read somewhere here rice milk may not be a good option.  Folks here have also suggested to me to stick with whole foods. Limit processed. Especially stuff that is not certified gluten-free, like chex. I think small amounts of gluten are in processed foids and can add up. I too reacted to lettuce the other day like I was ingesting glass. My sibling  had a food sensitivity panel done and it came back positive for a few things he had been eating a lot of. He can now eat them, but had to cut them out of his diet. Lettuce is probably on mine.  I have been drinking carrot and pomegranate juice,  dandelion root tea with hiney, aloe water, lots of squash, fish. Mild, no garlic, no onions or hot sauce. No coffee. It sucks.  Inflammation can tick off other organs, you mention a "Pain below". Not exactly sure which side, but certainly call your doc Monday. Sooner if the pain increases.
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