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Smithfield Foods

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Posted 19 May 2009 - 04:35 AM

Allergen Statement from Smithfields Foods:


Most of Smf products are gluten-free. Hams, Sausages, Bacon, Picnics, Loins-with the exception of honey, bbq marinated items and the HEB Private Label Honey Glazed Hams.

Products which do contain gluten.

Honey Barbecue Flavored Products
Precooked Beef Patties, Cheeseburger Patties, and Bacon Cheeseburger Patties
Precooked Entrees (Beef, Pork and Chicken)
Stuffed Pork Chops
Lykes Brand Red Hot (Sausage Product)

****** All of our spiral sliced hams and glazed hams (both honey glaze and
Brown sugar glaze) are gluten-free. *EXCEPT for HEB Private Label Glaze.
****** There is no gluten in the casing used on our hams or on any of
Our other products.
****** Natural Flavorings consist of Rosemary - no gluten.
****** Our pork broth consists of dehydrated, powdered pork stock with
Water, salt, sodium phosphate, potassium lactate, and natural
Flavorings (Rosemary).

Gluten if presented will be identified as wheat, rye, oats or barley.

MSG must be listed as Monosodium Glutamate on the ingredient statement.
Sausages do have whey protein and casinate derived from milk.
“Spices” contain no known allergens.
NO peanuts/tree nuts/NO Casein-which is milk, eggs, dairy/NO Soy/NO Shellfish
NO Chance of Cross Contamination because all lines are sanitized between products.

Potassium Lactate-salt preservative derived from corn—no Casein (milk, eggs, dairy)
Sodium Lactate is a salt lactic acid to reduce staling/as a moisturizer in hot dogs.
Sodium Diacetate is a lactic acid to neutralize salts, purifier-derived from beet and cane sugar.
Sodium Phosphate is a salt acid preservative
Modified Food Starch is derived from corn.
Carbon Monoxide is not used as a processing aid.
Sodium NitrAte is a type of salt preservative
Sodium NitrIte is chemical preservative used as color fixative and to prevent bacteria growth
Dextrose is a sugar refined from corn starch
Maltodextrin is corn based.
Fibrin is a natural glue in beef tenderloins that hold the meat together.
Sodium Erythorbate is a preservative and keeps the color in processed meats.
*And NO it is not made from Earthworms. Made from beet and cane sugar.
Fully Cooked: Hot dogs and Smoked Sausages and Spiral Hams
*Some Country and Smoked are but WILL STATE FULLY COOKED-otherwise is not
Tyramine (anything smoked, salted, aged)and Tyrosine (anything w/ soy)-
Both are naturally occurring amino acids
BHA & BHT are anti-oxidants used in lard to keep it from going rancid and protects flavor.
Lard is NOT hydronized No Leaf Lard

Antibiotics-Smf products are free of any antibiotic residue.
No growth hormones are approved by FDA therefore, we do not use them. *Dennis Treacy
FEED- grain combinations used *Jerry Hostetter (or animal treatment)

Gluten in GW products whey(dairy) is in Spiced Luncheon Loafs, Cheese added products
Casein(dairy) in GW products-whey(dairy) is in the olive loafs ( non-fat powdered milk)
Soy in GW products- hydrolyzed soy protein is in the salami
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Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

"Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkien

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Posted 19 May 2009 - 05:47 AM

Gluten if presented will be identified as wheat, rye, oats or barley.

This makes them one of the good guys.
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Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

"Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkien



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Posted 19 May 2009 - 11:26 AM

Thanks for posting, Lisa. Another 'safe' company to add to my growing list. :)
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Gluten Free - February 16, 2008

Diagnosed with positive bloodwork and biopsy.

No digestive symptoms for the past 25 years, but did have severe anemia, osteoporosis, lactose intolerance and RLS at time of diagnosis.



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Posted 20 May 2009 - 08:28 AM

Thanks for posting this info. :)
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Courage does not always roar, sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying
"I will try again tommorrow" (Mary Anne Radmacher)

celiac 49 years - Misdiagnosed for 45
Blood tested and repeatedly negative
Diagnosed by Allergist with elimination diet and diagnosis confirmed by GI in 2002
Misdiagnoses for 15 years were IBS-D, ataxia, migraines, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, parathesias, arthritis, livedo reticularis, hairloss, premature menopause, osteoporosis, kidney damage, diverticulosis, prediabetes and ulcers, dermatitis herpeformis
All bold resoved or went into remission with proper diagnosis of Celiac November 2002
Some residual nerve damage remains as of 2006- this has continued to resolve after eliminating soy in 2007

Mother died of celiac related cancer at 56
Twin brother died as a result of autoimmune liver destruction at age 15

Children 2 with Ulcers, GERD, Depression, , 1 with DH, 1 with severe growth stunting (male adult 5 feet)both finally diagnosed Celiac through blood testing and 1 with endo 6 months after Mom

Positive to Soy and Casien also Aug 2007

Gluten Sensitivity Gene Test Aug 2007
HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0303

HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0303

Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 3,3 (Subtype 9,9)

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