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North Dallas (frisco/plano/mckinney)

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Just wanted to put the word out to anyone in the North Dallas area that there is a new informal support group.

It's called "Gluten Free Frisco" and at this point it's just a message board with two members, but I'm hoping it will grow into something much bigger.

If you are in the North Dallas area, please feel free to register and participate! (Or even if you aren't in the area, but I"m really hoping to grow into a group that gathers every so often for lunch/dinner/whatever and/or some other type of organized functions.)

Also if you know anyone in the North Dallas area that is looking for local support/friendships with other people living a gluten free life style, please tell them about this.

Gluten Free Frisco Website

Thanks, and hope to see some people join up!


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I was wondering if this group still exists? I clicked on the link and it was not working... I found out today that I have celiac disease and my doctor recommended finding a support group.



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    • Congratuations!   You and 30% of the population carries the genes to potentially develop celiac disease.  A gene test just excludes celiac disease but can not diagnose it.   Have you been on a gluten free diet?  Is that why you were not able to take the standard celiac blood test?  
    • Back to Dr. Google for you!   A histamine intolerance is not a true IGE mediated allergic reaction.  Read up!  It does often (like many intolerances) occur with celiac disease because the small intestine is damaged.  It can resolve once the gut has healed.   celiac disease antibodies can take time to build up (in your blood stream for the test or skin).   That's why the gluten challenge is 8 to 12 weeks.  In the case of DH, you can eat something and days or weeks later, the DH rash will appear and you'll go crazy trying to figure out when you got "glutened" (but don't take any serious gluten advice from me because I don't have it).   You can have several things wrong with you and a wheat allergy and celiac disease can occur at the same time.  Add on something like Mast Cell Activation, Autoimmune Hives, Histamine Intolerance.......the list can be endless (at least that is how some of us feel.)  Of course your high school could be making you ill.  Think of all that stress!  Who knows what lurks in your building, but let's face it, you ate some gluten.  Best of luck to you on your challenge!  
    • Hi, I need help understanding these results please. Can anyone help me.  DQ2.5 (HLA1*05 DQB1*0201 AND OTHER NON-RISK ALLELES CATEGORY# 4 DQ GENOTYPE: DQ2 HETEROZYGEOUS INCREASED RISK: 10X RELATIVE RISK: HIGH My doctor is out on vacation from now until the end of August and I couldn't get an appointment until the end of September.  
    • Ugh!  So, you have early stages of celiac disease and that was after being gluten light?  It is a shame that your doctor is not comfortable about giving you a formal diagnosis because you don't have enough damage!  Time for a new GI.  You can also as for another pathologist to read your biopsies, but seriously....... Have a conversation with your current doctor about the reasons why he is hesitating.  He would rather you continue to become more ill or improve your health?   Are you going to be scarred for life with a celiac disease diagnosis? Maybe he is one of those people who think it is impossible to live with wheat, rye or barley!   I don't get it! 
    • Thanks for the comments. With Dr. Google, I have seen mast cell disorder pop up.  It seems like I need to eliminate some basics before heading in that direction. So, another it possible that symptoms of celiac need time to "build up" over time? For instance,  I started reintroducing gluten and coffee last week to prepare for my GI appt.  However, nothing really seemed to happen except a little knee crankyness (which I can easily attribute to hiking).  Yet, yesterday I had a huge bagel at work, had itchy forearms, and then had two huge hives appear later.  Today, I had another bagel and in a few hours I had a few red fingers that were itchy and numb feeling in the tips.   I know histamine intolerance is a possibility, but wouldn't that show up as an extremely large hive with my allergy skin test? Also, I had to go into work today and yesterday. I'm wondering if that environment could contribute to the issue (I'm a high school teacher).  
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