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No Celiac

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Well, my diagnosis is no Celiac Sprue from my endocscopy.

My results are in. No Celiac, and no h.pylori, thank god!

He did say that because I've been gluten-free it could effect results, BUT he said he saw none of the typical signs of sprue. I asked him what those were and he said there were certain "histological" signs, whatever that is, and he said I had none.

He also didn't think I had it just from looking at my bloodwork.

So, the diagnosis is no Celiac.

That is good for getting health insurance:)

I have no intention of eating gluten again, but I won't panic so much when I eat out now.

He says I have reflux but no damage. I am taking Nexium for this.

He also says I have IBS ( I knew this of course) with lactose intolerance. I'm not sure how he "knows" this but it's what he suspects at least.

Not a problem since I've been eating well and rarely eat dairy.

But I need a sour cream and cream cheese subsitute for sure!

Are they any lactose intolerant people who can handle cheese?


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Well, how do you feel about these results? Are you concerned that questions might not be answered in regards to your overall health? Are you relieved? Do you have some concern that the results are wrong? Or do you feel that the results make sense for other reasons?


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Well if you have been gluten free of course the endoscopy would show negative. The damage would heal, you would get an endoscopy, it would show negative, and he would say you don't have celiac...that then may not be true.

Which blood tests did you have done originally and what were the results?

If it's not this then what is it? There is obviously something going on.


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That has to be a little disappointing. I have been diagnosed with IBS, and I guess since we still know so little about it, it still kinda seems like a bogus diagnosis. If you have predominant const., try Zelnorm. It does help some. I have heard that Zoloft really does help with the spasms too and is not diagnosed just because some doc thinks it's all in your head. :P A good resource with an active forum like this is Heather's IBS page. If you google it, it will come up on top. I would stay gluten free, but also stick to soluble fiber and not insoluble - there is a big difference with IBS. She also has an article about which types of fiber supplements are good and which contain chemicals that might cause spasms. (Like Benefiber powder vs. the chews - they are different). Best of luck towards feeling better - did they say yea or nea yet on the thyroid trouble? I remember your stuff sounding very much like thyroid...


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My blood test results were:

Antigliadin ABs IgA 8

Antigliadin Abs IgG 47

Transglutaminase IgA 4

Dr. told me just from looking at this before endoscopy he did not think I had celiac disease.

He said the most important test, the one they really look at is the bottom one, the Transglutaminase. He said it used to be they looked at all of them but in the past few years they have realized the bottom test is the most important in identifying celiac disease.

It says in the report of the 3 tests:

Test 1: Reticulin IgA antibodies are specific for celiac disease and occur in 60% of patients with active disease.

Test 2: IgG antibodies are NOT specific for celiac disease and occur in 20% of patients with active disease. This is the only one I tested high in.

Test 3: Tissue transglutaminase has been identifed as they endomysial antigen. Studies have demonstrated that endomysial IGA antibodies have over 99% specificity for gluten sensitive enteropathy.

According to this I only have a 20% chance of having celiac disease. (of course I could still be gluten intolerant)

Because of this and the fact that he saw no histological signs or biopsy problems he says I don't have celiac disease.

I'm not going back to gluten, or anything like that. I will just be a teensy bit less worried when I eat out that there was a cross contamination issue.

They tested my thyroid and that is not the problem. It came out it is still a mystery! BTW, I can't use Zelnorm b/c my main problem with IBS isn't's the other side, if you know what I mean! LOL

He did give me a brand new IBS drug called Nu-lev or something like that. He says his wife has IBS and swears by it. When you get pain you pop a pill that dissolves under your tongue. He says it literally abates the attack.

I'm going to try it as soon as my tummy acts up again!

He also says I have "reflux without damage" which he says is obviously better than its counterpart, reflux with damage. I am taking Nexium and it has really been helping.


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Hi Matilda,

I don't know what to think at this point. My dr. thinks I do not have celiac disease because of my bloodwork and endo. I never had an endoscopy before this one. If I had had a positive endoscopy earlier, of course I would believe I have celiac disease! I would not have even bothered with further testing.

My other GI dr. also did not believe I had celiac disease but he never did the endo so he couldn't say with certainty.

I didn't really say I was going to relax about gluten, I just said when I eat out I won't have as much anxiety; I won't worry about it as much. Usually I freak out when I'm in a restaurant b/c I'm sure they're going to gluten me.

To me it looks like I have about a 20% chance of having celiac disease. That is not very high. It's not to say I don't believe I have it, that is just not very high.

I'm not eating gluten either way so it's not like I'm in denial or something.

I also heard candida can make it look like you have celiac disease and I know for certain I have candida issues. Perhaps that is why my blood work came back as it did...

Don't know...but I am staying gluten free for sure.


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How long have you been following the gluten-free diet? I know I became lactose intolerant shortly before I got my actual diagnosis of celiac disease, but after a few months on the gluten-free diet, I was able to eat dairy again with no problem...perhaps this could be true in your case even if you are only gluten intolerant or something like that?



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I've been gluten-free for 6 months.

My dr. thinks I'm lactose intolerant. He says this b/c he says that IBS and lactose intolerant are almost always seen together, and I have IBS.

I've already cut down on dairy but now I'll probably go even less or none.


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    • I was in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana & South Africa this summer, with very few problems.  I brought a ton of Kind bars, Justin's peanut butter packets and Costco beef jerky just in case!  I get the Kind Bars and Justin's on Amazon Prime.  Africans eat a lot of meat (try the Kudu, it's awesome!) and veggies.  Stay away from sauces.  I don't recommend eating the Mopane tree worms, even though they are gluten-free.  I tried to get out of it, but my tour leader said they were gluten-free and I had to try it as part of the experience....ewwwww!  lol  gluten-free is quite popular in South Africa...they call in the Banting diet.  Maybe they know it up north as well?  I would definitely stay away from chips because you have no idea what else has been in the same fryer oil.  One chicken nugget and you're toast.  I've never had a problem with rice.  Have a great trip...Africa is amazing!  
    • Hi Jan, Have you had any allergy testing? Could be you are allergic to something else. My daughter is Celiac and was still getting ill & feeling awful after going gluten-free. Found out through several blood tests that she is allergic to shrimp, wheat, yeast & sesame seeds. Many GlutenFree foods contain the things she is allergic too so her food choices just had to change. But she was recently diagnosed with EoE from her lastest endoscopy after being  sick with horrible acid.  Go have more testing with a GI doctor that is current with celiac disease and it's many different symptoms. Knowledge is a powerful weapon and you need to try and stay positive. You have many people who you can turn to and a big Celiac family that is always ready to listen & help where they can! Welcome to the forum 👍🏻
    • Hi Janst, It might help to simplify your diet.  Eliminate possibilities of gluten sneaking into your diet.  It's pretty easy to make mistakes with your diet when transitioning to gluten-free eating.  I suggest eating only whole foods for a 6 month period until you get used to things.  Cross contamination is another thing to look out for.  Shared peanut butter, butter, or other condiments can spread gluten in small amounts and make us sick.  Sometimes medicines or vitamins can have gluten, even teas and spices are possibilities.  Kissing a person who has eaten gluten recently can cause problems too. Keep trying because every time you make a mistake you learn something. You might want to try stopping all dairy for a while to see if that helps also. And welcome to the forum
    • I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last year in December. Right before Christmas. — I am no longer in contact with a family member after cancelling on going to a cookie exchange. Instead of being understanding, I got attitude about how I just don’t seem to want to attend any family functions. Anyway, fast forward… After a self inflicted relapse earlier this year (I just had to see if I had been misdiagnosed, how far I could push things…), I have been extremely careful about anything I eat, drink and even prepare for my husband. We have completely stopped eating out. I went through my kitchen and gave away or threw out all of my plastic containers. I am still getting sick, at least once every two weeks. I broke down in tears earlier. I am so fed up with feeling so awful. My house is a mess most of the time. I am not getting outside chores done. I am exhausted. I finally filed for intermittent FMLA because I am on the verge of being fired due to excessive absences. I suffer through many days at work as it is. I get home and don’t have the energy to do any chores. It’s all I can do to fix dinner. The weekend finally arrives and I have all of these tasks on my “To Do” list that need to be accomplished before bedtime on Sunday. Today ended up being a typical Saturday — I have apparently been glutened. So, I am not venturing out of the house to go grocery shopping. I have felt absolutely wretched. So, I will have to cram all of my chores into one day tomorrow. That is, if I am feeling better. I really don’t know what else to do. My Doctor has helped me as much as she can without sending me to see a GI doctor. Help please!!
    • I understand. Poor thing, made doubly rough because 13 is a really hard age even in the best of times. OK, at 13 she should show the damage in the biopsies. I didn't know if she was 2 or 3 yrs. old & in those cases sometimes they just plain haven't lived long enough to be damaged where the biopsies pick it up - it can be so patchy then.  Gosh, I'm really feeling for her & you both and I so want to say take her off gluten the moment the endoscopy is over but I'm afraid to say that b/c I've seen some pretty weird things go on that you would never expect. Docs can be so uninformed! Please let us know how things turn out & send your daughter some hugs from me and tell her I believe her. Please let her know that most of us had been told by doctors they think it's all in our heads, didn't believe us, blew us off so we know exactly how she feels. Remind her her pedi believes her & he's been more helpful than the GI has.  Press the GI for 6-8 biopsies but a bare minimum of 6.  {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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