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Parent To Gluten Intolerant Adult Daughter

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Hello everyone. I found out my daughter was gluten intolerant thru blood work at a new doctor I made an appt for her as soon as she came back home, from being away for a few years. I was shocked. I felt so bad for her for it seems that she had been feeling "not well" for a very long time, but the doctors she was seeing never had her tested, never really listened it seemed.

I am just glad she is home now. Been gluten-free for a year. We are extremely careful about cc to the point where we/she cannot attend some family functions. It's difficult for her since she is young and her friends all want to go out after work for eats and drinks. She can't eat any of it and brings her own bottled water :(

I am so excited I found this place. I have learned so much already and hope to share any information I can that could help others.


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