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Eating After A Reaction

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Posted 01 October 2011 - 12:27 PM

How long after you have been "glutened" and had a "bad" reaction, do you eat food/ have a meal? I seem to have been glutened with cross contaminated reeses peanut butter cups, only thing I have eaten thus far today and 20 minutes later the 911 call was almost a reality. I am so hungry right now and its been 2 hrs since the episode hit. Curious how long you all wait before you attempt to digest food again. I am starving at the moment. Incredibly tired, the headache is here too. As for the reeses, yes they do make mini ones (not the ones I ate), that have gluten in them.
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Marilyn R

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Posted 01 October 2011 - 01:41 PM

So sorry you are feeling bad, JBaby!

I don't eat until I feel hungry, and then I go for some homemade chicken soup which I keep in the freezer, s soup with root veggies and herbs, celery, no grains at all, and lots of chicken. I will drink homemade ginger or sage tea until I feel like eating. Both sage and ginger are good for digestion. (Bring a cup of water to the nearly boiling point, and dump it over a nickel sized piece of fresh ginger or a tsp. of dried sage or a T. of chopped fresh sage. Let it sit for four minutes covered and then drink it. I've read that the sage tea is good for headaches too.

I soak in a tub with hot water with epsom salts and baking soda, force fluids, and visualize that nasty poison getting sucked out of my body, and relax. I like peppermint oil in the bath too, or just smelling a drop or two on a tissue stuck over a lamp. Those are the things that help me, hope they help you.

I try to exercise too, sweat it out. My neurologist told me that exercise helps everything. Hope you feel better soon.
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Positive improvement from elimination diet. Mother dx'd by Mayo Clinic in late 1980s. Negative blood tests and Upper & Lower GI biopsy. Parathyroidectomy 12/09. Recurring high calcium level 4/10. Gluten-free 4/10. Soy & Dairy Free 6/10. Corn free 7/10. Grain free except rice 8/10. Legume free 6/11. Fighting the battle of the battle within myself, and I'm going to win!

As of 2/12, tolerating dairy, corn, legumes and some soy, but I limit soy to tamari sauce or modest soy additives. Won't ever try quinoa again!

Discoid Lupus from skin biopsy 2011, discovered 2/12 when picking up medical records. Systemic Lupus Dx 6/12. Shingles 10/12.

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