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National Celiac Organizations

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In a post in this topic entitled "Leaving", some interest was expressed about a national celiac organization to get the word out about Celiac Disease to both doctors and potential patients.

While there are currently several "National" organizations, it is my opinion that they are not getting this job done - either because their focus is in other areas, or because they do not have enough resources.

Another contributing factor is the fact that there are SEVERAL of these organizations and they sometimes are in conflict with each other.

What are your thoughts about this? Do we need still another group? Or should we rally behind one particular group who has this as a primary mission? Is this issue (getting the word out) the main issue that needs attention?

Would greatly appreciate any input!


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I think you're right and maybe the groups should merge and then make a TV commercial about celiac disease.

I've been thinking about writing a one page flier about celiac disease, just basic true medical text book info -- nothing but the facts -- and passing the flier out at the local supermarket parking lot, or under the wiper blades of cars (like the advertisements you get when you are in the store) or anywhere. I'd mention how one "gets" it, what tests are done for it, what you do for it (diet), why it's a difficult diet to follow and why you should be concerned (i.e., many people have it and don't know, it could lead to lymphoma of intestine, you can develop it at any point in life if you have the gene for it, and you or your loved ones could get it one day & then you'll want to be able to have resources, like gluten free foods, available).

All celiacs are Celiac Ambassadors to the world to inform and educate people. A little like evangelization of the masses.


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Diabetes, epilepsy, HIV, even penile erectile dysfunction get lots of good press. The organizations that are supposed to help and educate us need to get some public info out for the masses. The problem is, no pharmaceutical company can market a pill to correct celiac disease. Money greases the wheels, and motivates people most. Maybe some of the manufacturers we depend on for gluten-free food will be willing to upgrade their advertising? I didn't know these companies existed until I found this site.


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Hi All

I am doing what I can to get the celiac disease info out. I ordered "Full Life with celiac disease" from CSA, but I find it to be too long and boring for a non-celiac disease person to read. Well I ordered some of them and I have started leaving them in my doctor's offices (ob-gyn, X-Ray lab, chiropractor, etc.)

I have also written my own 1-page flier based on celiac disease info as found in CSA literature. I condensed it to one page and made it read like an advertisement. I've been leaving them in stores. I handed one to a mother of a Girl Scout who was selling cookies in front of our local supermarket. She didn't know what celiac disease was (I was explaining to her why I couldn't buy the kid's cookies).

Funny thing is that 99% of the people I speak to who were born in USA don't know what celiac disease is; but I spoke to the Polish lady next door who still has an accent and she knew right away what celiac is. Go figure!

It's up to us Celiac Ambassadors to enlighten the masses. It appears that all of the celiac disease non profit orgs are not going to do a commercial or magazine advertising any time soon. We have to "hit the streets" ourselves.


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A wonderful lady that I love to visit with at church got an education on celiac disease at our ladies meeting last night. The only thing on the refreshment table that I could have was a cup of Sprite, and she asked why I wasn't eating anything. I make it a point to tell as many people as are willing to listen!


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    • Weird things people have said
      I've had people say strange things about celiac to me lately... Like someone said, "Oh I'm just a mild celiac so I don't have to worry about cross-contamination." And then someone else said that they're celiac but things have calmed down now so they can have a bit of gluten here and there. And I told my doctor that back in 2014 I thought I had been gluten free but I actually wasn't because I had been repeatedly glutening myself with an old colander. And he just looked at me like I was insane, like a colander?? Sure... I'm not crazy, right? Even if you have no symptoms you have to avoid cross-contamination because you can be doing damage internally right? You can never have 'just a bit'. And a colander is a big source of cross-contamination right?? I know all this but why do these other people not? Why does my doctor not know? So confusing and spreading misinformation... And then they look at me like *I'M* crazy.
    • fructose malabsorption and gluten intolerant
      Look up FODMAPS.   That might clarify things for you.  There really are a lot of diet recommendations so make sure you bring a list of questions regarding foods to your doctor's  and dietician's appointments.  
    • Recovery?
      Thank you for sharing those web sites. I will look at them. We have been gluten free since December so it's been a while. Once, he had a gluten free beer, the kind that they take the gluten out, and his legs felt very heavy and had a more difficult time walking. I really don't want to experiment.  Although I am very careful about what we eat, I am concerned that some of our medication could contain gluten. Is there any easier way to tell if medication has gluten. I did find a website which listed drugs and known gluten but every drug was on it or was determined to be gluten free
    • fructose malabsorption and gluten intolerant
      I don't have celiac but doctors or amazed I don't so they told me to fallow the gluten-free diet like I have it... any way I was wondering if one can have corn, corn starch if they have fructose malabsorption. I am so confused on what I can and can't have.. i have an appt next week hopefully with a dietitian... also can you have sugar free stuff since it's not sugar.. I'm reading online and I'm getting a bunch of mixed info on both. 
    • Depression / anxiety issues
      Hi all.  Still feeling the same way this past week. I'm thinking of dropping dairy starting from today, I don't know if I have a problem with it or not, but I drink 2 coffees a day with milk. I'm just constantly tired all the time, and getting trough the day is pretty hard, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my sleep was improving but the last couple of days I have been waking up at least 3 times during the night, then when I get up in the morning it feels like I have been hit by a bus, like I haven't slept at all. I keep waking up during the night needing to drink water as I feel dehydrated, I don't know why as I drink 2-3 litres of water everyday 
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