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Igg Iga Blood Test

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I'm hoping you can give me some insight. I interpret my IGG IGA test results as negative, yet my physician does not. Here is what he sent me with his note:

I am writing in regard to these suboptimal antigliadin test results, since at 30 =100%;

IGA 6/30 which reflects > 20% impact from gluten on the immune system.

IGG 5/30 which reflects > 16.6% impact from gluten on the bowel lining


Latest Ref Rng 6/19/2012


<11 U/mL 5


<11 U/mL 6

These levels do document that these % of damage are happening to your immune and intestinal systems at this time.

Should I expect results of zero if I haven't been exposed to gluten?

Thanks so much for any insight!


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