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Knee Swelling

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About 2 years ago I had paralyzing pain and stiffness in both knees for no apparent reason. All xrays, MRI showed nothing but mild arthritis. Cortisone shots did little. I had the pain for over a year before deciding to try going gluten free. Within three days, I was pain free. Well, I've been ok until now. I haven't been 100% compliant, because it seemed I could tolerate a little gluten without feeling it. But suddenly, the swelling and stiffness is returning. So I buckled down and eliminated all gluten, no cheats. However, the condition is just not responding like it did the first time.

I know I have a wheat/or gluten condition of some sort because eating a moderate amount gives me horrible gas, which I've been free of with gluten free eating. But the swelling and joint pain is making me wonder if its related or not. Went to a rheumatologist when it first happened and all tests were negative there too. Just wondering if you get more sensitive as time goes on and why the knees aren't getting better since I've been 100% compliant. If anyone has had a similar experience I'd like to hear it.


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Before I knew I had celiac, I had problems with knee swelling from tendonitis and ruptured ligaments. You see, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can be affected by celiac disease. I found out that my muscles just weren't "right," and I had to see a physical therapist about strengthening certain muscles and stretching others. For the knees, I had to strengthen the quadriceps and stretch the hamstrings in order for the pain, swelling, and weakness to go away.

Now that I know that what I have is celiac disease, I know that when I'm low in manganese and zinc, I have trouble with muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It's best to take chelated forms of both...and you might see if this would be a fast fix for your knees. You should do some form of therapeutic exercises, though, to strength your quadriceps muscles.


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You may also be lactose intolerant. I was having feet, knees and leg issues because of lactose. It was blocking me from absorbing calcium and magnesium. I cut the lactose and started on Caltrate.


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    • As a GI specialty nurse who also has celiac I can tell you that it can not be diagnosed by CT and rarely unless you have severe disease can it be diagnosed by colonoscopy.  Those that have had it diagnosed by colonoscopy have such because their MDs were above to get into the small bowel from the bottom and take biopsys.  Celiac damage is not seen in the large intestine.  Also many people do not have diarrhea, many have constipation or a 50/50 mix between the two.  Celiac has 300 connected symptoms and sometimes no symptoms at all.  It's called the " great pretender" because of this.
    • Okay, thanks! I am 24 but my husband and I don't plan on having kids. However, the more I thought about it, the more I think I should get one for my brother's sake. Especially after my doctor's office called this evening to say my bloodwork tested positive for Celiac. Guess I will be on this forum longer than I thought!
    • You just got diagnosed Celiac and are wondering how serious this really is. What if there is just a little gluten in your food? What if you use the same toaster for your gluten-free bread as your wife's/husband's regular bread? What if those french fries are gluten-free but they fry them in the same fryer as those nice gluten coated onion rings? View the full article
    • Hi, I've never been on a forum before but thought I might find some answers here.  I have never been tested for celiac but a nurse practitioner I saw a few years ago told me she thought I would benefit from a gluten free diet.  At first, I thought I could never do this but after some encouragement I did try.  I did feel much better after going gluten free.  She never tested me for celiac. I turned 50 years old last year and I had a colonoscopy for the first time and had three polyps removed.  The surgeon said that my colon looked like I was a chronic laxative user.  I haven't used a laxative for a very long time.  I was at the time drinking a natural tea to help me to have bowel movements.  Before starting the tea I had always had difficulty with bowel movements and never had them once a day but with the tea I was able to go once a day. At the end of last month I developed severe pain after I would eat (I had my gallbladder removed at the age of 19).  One night the pain got so bad my husband had to drive me to the ER.  My liver functions were high as well as a few other things.  They did a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis that showed wall thickening of my transverse colon and minimal irregularity involving the transverse colon.  My descending and sigmoid colon were collapsed.  There were a few tiny mesenteric lymph nodes present on the right.  They diagnosed me officially with colitis but said that most likely I had a gallstone (even though I don't have a gallbladder) that had come from the liver and had gotten stuck in the common bile duct (it did not show up on the CT scan).  I usually have a high ferritin level too.  I've been home from the hospital stay for about a month now and still have tenderness in the epigastric area. Some of this may not have anything to do with celiac but was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with celiac by CT scan or colonoscopy or if anyone has had the same problems that I have had and found out what has caused it.  I cannot see the gastroenterologist who saw me in the hospital for a couple of months.  Can you have celiac and not have diarrhea as I am just the opposite? Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!  
    • I had an acne flair up after going gluten free but it ended up improving and some long-term back acne I had been dealing with actually went away.  I think going gluten free was a shock to my system and at first I actually felt worse but after about a month things got better. 
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