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What Symptoms Have Been Alleviated For You Since Becoming Gluten Free?

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 08:40 AM

I am amazed at how I discover new things every time I come to this forum! Someone mentioned dry heels and elbows, that are now getting softer. I never attributed that to celiac, but yes, mine are softer now too. I always had a lot of trouble with my heels, and now they are fine. Amazing what gluten can do to your body.

That may have been me, but I also noticed that my hands are softer. I wear a wedding band that has rubbed a callous on my palm from finger movement, but that callous is now completely flat. It's still a bit hard and the color is the same as a raised callous, but the actual bump is gone. I just noticed that one today! I've had this ring on for 22 years and the callous has been there for most of them since I've worked with my hands most of my life.
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Posted 02 November 2012 - 12:49 AM

Part of this info is in my signature, but I'll say it anyway! LOL

Once I went on a nightshade free paleo-ish diet (not just gluten free... that didn't do much for me) the following things cleared-up pretty quickly: Arthritis, soft tissue pain (tendons), crippling mysterious knee pain, really dry hair, itchy red patches on my face, blood sugar instability, painful muscle spasms, brain fog, fatigue, and I was underweight. Life sure is sooo much better now!!! :) The disc degeneration might be around forever, since spurs have formed on some of my vertebrae, but now that I can exercise the pain is much less.

Take care!
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Debilitating tendonitis in both arms in 2003, at age 23, declared "permanent and stationary" by workman's comp doctors.
Fibromyalgia diagnosis in 2010.
Mild hyperthyroidism diagnosis 2011.
Disc Degeneration diagnosis 2012.
Life long battle with hypoglycemia.
Gluten Free since 2010. On Paleo-type diet since May 2011.
Suffered years of brain fog, back spasms, nausea, and recurring connective tissue pain and injuries. After years of misdiagnosis, I did my own elimination diet and discovered a severe reaction to wheat gluten and casein. After going on a grain free, nightshade free, Paleo-ish diet, my symptoms are nearly gone, and I FINALLY KICKED THE BRAIN FOG!
Cheers to health! <3



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Posted 04 November 2012 - 01:22 PM

Lets see I've been gluten free since 10/19 except on episode. I'm non-celiac gluten intolerant.

Energy has increased, no more extreme fatigue but I don't think I'm still at 100% although that may be hard to figure out since they took 1/2 lung 2 yrs ago.

No weight loss yet, I'm maintaining taking in 1700-2000 calories.

Healthier skin, hair-I hope this improves and turns out to be gluten related

Bowel movements-C seems to be gone and it doesn't float anymore

Depression-never an issue

Bloating/gas-mostly gone, although eating beans five days in a row isn't smart

Joint/bone pain-gone except when ate gluten Friday

Neausa to point felt like stomach virus after every meal, low blood sugar felt better-gone

As to heels, elbow still dry and rough. Knees use to be. Hopefully this is gluten related and will go away later.
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Gluten Free since October 2012
Negative blood work, positive dietary response
Endocrinologist offered referral to GI if I needed formal diagnosis to follow the diet, otherwise just pass on wheat, barley & rye
and save my money



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Posted 05 November 2012 - 10:28 AM

My energy is better, the red dots on my legs cleared up (comes back with gluten), no more chronic headaches, less bathroom issues. The two things I didnt know where associate with gluten that went away were extreame appitite and RAGE if I got too hungry. I still get hungry bit now I dont have the going to hurt someone feeling.
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