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South Beach Anyone?

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Has anyone had experience with a gluten-free version of this diet? Good or bad?

After reading a thread here that mentioned the South Beach Diet, I decided it's the plan for me.

I'm too attached to my beloved beans to go full paleo/primal, so South Beach Phase 1 is perfect. Also, I can introduce fruit, rice etc. one at a time in Phase 2, so I can learn what exactly disagrees with me.

I'm doing this for two reasons:

1) To help treat SIBO and continuing diarrhea, gurgles, etc.

2) To lose around 35 pounds.

I start today and so far, I am loving it. I was eating too much of the gluten-free goodies so hopefully this will help on all levels.


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Just curious...other than gluten, what are some foods that affect you negatively? Are these foods allowed on the South Beach Diet?

Like I wrote, just curious. Keep us posted and good luck. :)


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You know, I'm not sure what else is affecting me. Gluten is pretty much all I've nailed down as a problem so far, but from what I read, all grains, starches and sugars can encourage SIBO, so I want to re-introduce grains and starches one at a time to see how they affect me. Although I've been gluten-free for more than six months, I still have ongoing gut issues.

I was also lactose intolerant for about six months last year, but that seems better now.

Cheese is allowed from Phase 1 onward, other dairy is allowed in Phase 2 (I think... still learning).

Phase 2 of this diet allows some wheat (as well as other carbs like rice and corn) — obviously I'll steer far, far clear of the wheat!


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Whoa... I just discovered that the South Beach diet guy is jumping on the gluten-free thang:

And here on

Seems like he's trying to cash in? Anyway, I don't have any problem adapting the original South Beach recipes to gluten-free, so I think I'll save my money when this book comes out.

Day three and so far, so good! I haven't been hungry at all. :)


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    • Good luck with all the testing.  You are doing the right thing by telling your son to gluten up!  Buy him one of those gluteny cakes at a bakery...if that doesn't spike his numbers, nothing will. 
    • Thank you for this response! You are right, I'm sure. My sed rate was normal. My c reactive protein was 6, which is high. My platelets were a bit elevated and I was slightly anemic. I am going tomorrow for another endoscopy. I know that these things could be related to other things... but I'm thinking there is a change they are all still related to celiac (I'm hoping). What other autoimmune disease do you have, if you don't mind me asking?
    • HIV doesn't turn off the immune system, it destroys it to the point where most people die from complications that arise from having no immune system.  Some end up with pneumonia or cancer, which takes their life. It is pretty amazing the treatments they have developed for it, to slow it down and give people longer, quality time. I am perfectly content with the gluten free diet as my treatment and honestly, if they developed a pill that they claimed would make it possible for people to eat gluten again, I doubt I would. I could not bring myself to eat a food that I am genetically programmed to not be able to digest and that totally pisses off my immune system.  However, if they succeed with some of the meds they are working on now, one of which I posted about earlier this summer, I would take those.  They are working on things that modulate the immune system down so inflammation can be tamed down further.  Even with a strict gluten-free diet, there will always be more inflammation for us than for those who don't have AI diseases.  I do everything possible to tame it down myself but it isn't in the normal range.....yet. Long term inflammation can kill you so something along those lines would be welcome.  You would still have to eat gluten-free but the disease activity would be calmed down.  This is a drug that targets those with lupus and maybe Sjogren's....which I have.  There are possibilities for other AI diseases from that!
    • Hi Anns and welcome   Do you think that I am on the right course to see if I possibly have Celiac?   Yes, it was smart of you to consider the possibility and its good that you've had the tests. Both the aneamia and bloating are symptoms, although of course they may be unrelated. Best way to find out is to check as you are doing.   Can this develope later in life ( I'm 46)?   Yes, I think its most common discovered later rather than sooner.   I ate a meal last night that was gluten free and did not feel like nearly as bloated after eating, would I notice a change that quickly?  Thanksort for your input.   Yes, I noticed far less of a heavy feeling after eating very soon after diet changes. However you would be better off not trying gluten free just yet. I collected some links and other stuff here, it may be of use: Your best bet is to eat as normal and wait for the test results. If your doctors eliminate celiac there's nothing to stop you excluding gluten at that point to see if it helps. But before then you need to keep eating it to ensure an accurate diagnosis.  All the best  
    • Well HIV undermines the entire immune system as I understand it, so that would be akin to using dynamite to put out a kitchen fire! There is some work going on to try and retrain the immune system to not see gluten as a threat though: DDW Data Release FINAL 5.24.16.pdf  I'm laughing as I write this imagining the conversations you could have with people as you tell them you'd like to contract HIV so that you can eat a decent sandwich        
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