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In Topic: When Should We Start Seeing Results?

12 October 2006 - 11:29 AM

Hi, my son's symptom was severe constipation as well. It took about 3 months to start to see results. When he was still eating gluten, nothing worked to get him pooping. Once in the ER they gave him 4 enimas in one day and he still didn't poop. Even that awful drink before a colonoscopy didn't make him poop. So as far as cutting back the meds, I wouldn't yet. The fact that she is going is a good sign because them meds don't work for long if they are still eating gluten (from my experience anyway). I went to one of the best GI's in Jersey for a second opinion and he said that a child can safely stay on a laxative (fletchers) for 6 months and than must be weaned off. The stool softener (Mirolax) can be taken forever if needed, it is harmless. My son is still on the Mirolax (for almoset 2 years now) and istead of the laxative he is taking Yummi Bears fiber which is like gummy bears. I adjust the dosing according to his needs, if he is pooping well I only give him a little, if he is struggling I give him more. If I take it away he struggles. I also give him acidophilus which is a probiotic that is supposed to help him move everything along. I believe it works and can be found at the health food store. From what I understand it takes a long time to heal from constipation that is so severe because everything gets stretched out inside. Well, if I can be of any help, let me know.


My 3 year old daughter had quite the distended belly as well. She did not have constipation but loose stools instead. Once she was gluten-free, the distension seemed to go down dramatically after about a week (the bacteria had nothing to feed on inside there). After about a month is when she finally got to what we are figuring is her "normal" size. She's been gluten-free for 3 months now and it's amazing to see what a different child she is. Hopefully you will notice the same results with yours.


In Topic: My Son Has Endoscopy On Friday

20 September 2006 - 06:24 PM

My three year old had an endoscopy almost 2 months ago and they totally put her out. Her father and I were in the room when she went under sedation and were there when she woke up. She didn't remember or feel a thing.

Good luck Friday!

In Topic: A Real Dirty Question...

11 September 2006 - 06:44 AM

My daughter usually had green poop whenever a blue food was eaten - whether yogurt, kool-aid, etc.

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