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In Topic: Want To Cut Down Your Healing Time In Half Without Dr.'s And Drugs?

03 December 2006 - 06:32 AM

I swear by L-glutamine. It really does work! I was accidentaly cross-contaminated awhile back but had been religious about taking the supplement and my recovery time was greatly reduced along with the symptoms. (even the irritability!) I would highly recommend taking it as a matter of course even after healing in case of accidental glutening or cross-contamination.

I actually take two supplements three times daily...and 3 months after i was diagnosed i was almost completely healed :)

In Topic: Want To Cut Down Your Healing Time In Half Without Dr.'s And Drugs?

02 December 2006 - 06:00 AM

I just would like to add that if you are taking L-Glutamine you should be taking a good probiotic at the same time. They work together to build up healthy bacteria in your gut. Don't take the Garden of Life probiotic -- a number of us have reacted to it even though it is supposed to be gluten free. It contains barley and oat grass.


Isn't it good to know there is a natural form of fast relief/healing for us? Thanks for your input for everyone ;)

In Topic: Lack Of Menstral Cycle Before Being Diagnosed

02 December 2006 - 05:54 AM

This may be a stretch but......I didn't have a period for 2 years before I was diagnosed with Celiac. Since being gluten-free it's back to normal. Did anyone else have similar issues? I can't help to think that it was all from eating gluten since I'm totally normal being gluten-free! Thanks!

YEP...i was so scared that i wasn't going to be able to conceive with my daughter because of the irregular cycles...but low and behold being gluten free put me on the right track. So much for those pointless GYN visits for them to say..."some people are just irregular and that includes you"

In Topic: Scared To Eat

29 November 2006 - 05:36 PM

I got my test results back and they were fine. I have been gluten free (other than accidentally or lapse of reason) for a while now so it's what I expected. I tried going to dinner for my mom's birthday the other night. It didn't go well and now I am scared to eat with out having a bathroom nearby, preferably mine. So for the past few days I haven't eaten breakfast or lunch and very little for dinner. I am scared to eat because my stomach has been so sensitive lately. I am losing weight again even though I need to be gaining it. I drank an Ensure today and it made my stomach hurt. Not gluten hurting, but like maybe I ate something that didn't settle well. I am so frustrated! How can I get over this problem?

I need some advice because I am feeling so down on myself right now. The holidays are normally so hard with all the food, but I am just not hungry. I have been taking my vitamins everyday, but had to cut them out because they are high in iron and I have a colonoscopy scheduled for next Monday. I am still taking my B12 and Calcium though and trying to drink some milk. But all I want is coffee (b/c I am exhausted) and water. I really need to gain weight (I am 5'4" and weigh 100 lbs) because none of my clothes fit me anymore. They are so baggy on me and make me look even more skinny than I am. Any suggestions to help me put on a few pounds? Thanks in advance!

I can almost guarantee that DAIRY IS YOUR CULPERATE!! Do you have alot of excessive gas?? Try a dairy free and gluten free diet for two months and then see what happens...you'll be suprised ;) . Oh, and start taking L-Glutamine and Digestive Enzymes if possible...these are natural supplements...see my newest post regarding them.

In Topic: Bloated Abdomen?

29 November 2006 - 05:31 PM

hi everyone!

I suspect to be intolerant to gluten and I had some blood test done last week and will have a colonoscopy and gastroscopy next week.
I have a lot of stomach/bowel issues for years now, but the last two month they really got worse.

anyway, the last days I constantly have a bloated abdomen, it looks like being pregnant which I am not. I always had a big belly like a beer gut, but I am thin and it was mostly after I ate something. usually it's acceptable (though not flat) in the morning after toilet visiting before breakfast.
but now it's 24 hours, although I am eating not much and nothing with gluten and lactose (was diagnosed once as positive, second test was negative...but I am confused and I can live without lactose).
BUT I have no pain.
does anyone have the same symptom, looking pregnant or lika a Biafra child (you know the african starving kids) almost constantly.
sometimes I feel so depressed as this is a punishment for something I might have done in another life and I cannot imagine someone can really look like this. I am just feeling being a freak and I am very ashamed of it. how are you coping with it?

I am pretty sure that my test will come out negative and after searching for answers the last years I do not have a clue what to do.
Iam really thankful for answers!!

thanx, best wishes, Sonja

Oh yes, i would definitely try a gluten free/dairy free diet for at least 2 months...then start to write down everything your eating and you can start to eliminate other food intolerances if necessary.
and eliminate any bothersome problems

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