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Member Since 18 Aug 2006
Offline Last Active Jun 08 2007 05:18 AM

Topics I've Started

Celiacs And Appendixes

14 May 2007 - 01:50 AM

Apologies if this is a little clumsy, but I've had a worrything thought.

Is there any correlation between having celiacs, and having appendix problems? I mean, with everything else going wrong in the gut, its a risk right?

I'm making this post becase my [supposedly healthy] appendix went foul about a month ago. I had it out no problem. My wife started getting the same symptoms this morning that I had a month ago, [Pain sat high on the left that took two days to move over, backache, C, bladder issues], and is swearing blind that she's just glutened herself and there isn't anything wrong. Am I worrying senselessly, or do I have cause for concern?

As it is, if she's not better by tomorrow I'm hauling her to the doctor. Even so- tell me I'm just making a fuss! :(

Really, Really Foul Breath Post-glutening?

16 April 2007 - 03:57 PM

My wife glutened herself a few weeks back, and about two days after she did it, she developed the most foul case of halitosis. I mean, to the stage of me having to lie with my back to her [we normally sleep holding hands.]

Trying to describe the smell is hard. Part dead roadkill, part super dark chocolate, part really bitter keytones. Kind of stale alcohol smelling. Am I making any sense? It went away after about four days. I didn't think to mention it at the time, until I realised that she had it all the time before she went gluten-free, and it was always worse after a big wheat-based meal. She can't ever smell it, but other people have commented on it before.

Anyone else get this, or is this another one of those random ones?

Has Anyone Else Done This?

23 March 2007 - 05:23 AM

I decided when my wife was diagnosed that the best way of doing things was for us both to go entirely gluten-free. That way, we minimise the risk of cross-contamination or fiid mix ups, and we don't end up with me eating things that she wants can can't have...

I have toast cravings. I'm so tempted to walk to the nearest shop and get me a loaf of bread, even though we have a sign in the kitchen politely reminding people that this is a gluten-free zone. But, I did promise.

Right now, I'm resenting that promise somewhat. Anyone else get this?

Cadbury's Cream Eggs

16 March 2007 - 04:32 PM

So, after six months gluten-free, the DH, brainfog, tiredness and random joint aches were back with a vengence today for my wife.

The only thing my wife has eaten in the past three days that she didn't read the ingredients for was a Cadbury's Creme egg. This is probably one for the brits, but if anyone can tell me if this was the culprit or not I'd be really greatful. I hope this is in the right section.

Toronto- End Of March To Mid April

11 March 2007 - 04:57 AM

My wife and I are taking our first ever holiday together. To Toronto. For two weeks. Not only have I never flown before [which I'm sure will be an adventure] but we've never had any experience of eating gluten-free away from home. She's hasn't glutened herself for six months, which we're pretty proud of.

Does anyone have any advice at all? We're staying in a TravelLodge for the whole two weeks, so we're effectively going to be eating out for two, if not three meals a day, depending on what hotel breakfast turns out like.

I mean, what is classed as Gluten Free in Canada? Over here it seems that it either is or it isn't. There isn't a problem with oats [we've been living on flapjacks] which also seems to help, but the holiday is coming up and were sorta realising that we might be in a bit over our heads. Got got a safe meal for the flight and then sorta had a 'what now?' moment.

The other complication? I'm caffiene intolerant, recently diagnosed diabetic and developing a lactose problem. Feels like we're gonna be flying into a divorce...

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