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In Topic: Time To Lose

20 November 2014 - 12:27 PM

OK...I realize I am one of the skinny Celiac's but I work out at a gym with a personal trainor and the vast majority of the women at the gym are not like me. They are there to lose a lot of weight and many of them are middle aged......like me.  The things I have learned about maintaining weight and gaining muscle are good for losing weight too and followed by the larger ladies trying to lose weight.


Protein is your friend and should be the first thing on your plate in the morning.  That means eating things for brekkies that you are not used to eating for brekkies, like turkey and veggies.  Eggs are good also and they do NOT raise cholesterol. 


Limit those carbs but you do need to eat some healthy ones.  Eat the ones that don't come with a sugar hit.  Yes, sugar makes you fat, plain and simple but it is OK to eat a little, if you are active.  Unless it derails your diet, eating a small amount is OK.


Weight train.  This is so important as you age and will boost your metabolism, which becomes slower and slower with each passing decade.  I cannot tell you how well it works for weight loss, coupled with a good diet.  I have seen women who swear they can NEVER lose weight, turn around and after 6 months, they have lost 40-50 pounds. It's the number one exercise for burning calories.  I can eat a lot of food for my size because I weight train.


Lastly, eat every 3 hours approximately, no exceptions.  I mean small, healthy snacks and keep total calorie count at the right amount for your size.  Eating that often actually keeps your metabolism ramped up.  Fasting or not eating enough slows it down.  So, eat brekkies, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and then small snack but not right before bed. This really works......I have seen it many times over and none of these women are complaining they are hungry.  Just make sure the snack portion is not too large....5 or 6 almonds and a small piece of fruit.  It doesn't take  much to keep you feeling full.


Remember, you burn more calories doing nothing with more lean muscle mass.  Having more body fat slows down your metabolism.  This is why men burn more calories than women do, at rest.  They have more muscle mass.


Good luck, everyone!

In Topic: Celiac Testing And Insurance

19 November 2014 - 07:45 AM

The plans are more affordable than before IF you had to buy a private policy...since your employer has to pay at least 50% of your premiums for a group plan at work, you don't see how much your plan really costs.  The plans on the exchange are a similar cost with similar out of pocket costs if you compared apples to apples, however, you pay the full premium, not the subsidized cost through your employer.  Those making under $95.000/year getting subsidies ARE saving money if they have to buy a plan on the exchange.  Those that had "cheaper" plans had very limited coverage and they were not a full medical plan....but people will argue otherwise because it makes for a good news story....

I know you obviously think the ACA is the greatest thing since sliced bread and will continue to discount the obvious but what you have said is not true. You can't keep bulldozing over other people's experiences with it because you don't like what is being said.

I know what my employer pays for their share because they tell us every year. They actually are pretty transparent about it, unlike the government. If I bought a policy on the ACA directly that was the equivalent of what I have now, it would not be the same....not even close. My out of pocket expenses would be much, much higher and so would the premiums. This is why people who actually work for a living and make decent money hate it....they know they are getting screwed. I know people who have opted to get a part time job at Starbucks because they have good insurance coverage for their employees and it's better than what the government is offering. The government has made the mistake in thinking that every American out there is stupid and can't do math....not so.

So keep on trying to pretend that people will receive low cost, quality health care because there is no such thing. Looks like many will find out the hard way.

ONI...don't worry about your post.....you did nothing wrong. I'm glad you have good health care so hang onto it as long as it lasts. Being covered under an employer has it's benefits, especially if they offer Blue Cross. I've had Blue Cross for 35 years and it's good insurance.
I do pay for that privilege though........not like I get it for free.

In Topic: Celiac Testing And Insurance

17 November 2014 - 06:16 AM

Oni.......I have the same situation as you do. I have Blue Cross, provided by the university I work for. It is good insurance and I am lucky that the university picks up about 75% of the cost because if they did not, the alternative would not be good. Your rates would not go up as a result of a diagnosis under a group plan, except for the yearly increases that happen to everyone now.

Like you, if I had to buy directly through the exchange, which is not something I would do, I would end up with much more expensive insurance with far less coverage because of my age and the fact that with age come more medical issues. The deductibles are ridiculous and if you want insurance with smaller deductibles, the premiums are really high. The title "Affordable Care Act" is a joke.....I don't know who they think they are fooling.

In Topic: Celiac Testing And Insurance

15 November 2014 - 07:16 PM

You are correct, Arlene! What is being done is the shell game. Older adults will be charged up to 3x more for insurance because of all the pre-existing conditions that happen by then and any health problem is considered a pre-existing condition. It appears you don't even have to be older, from what I have seen. Younger people with good jobs will also be charged higher premiums to subsidize everyone else. They have to or the whole system will go bankrupt long before it really will. This is all simple math and anyone can find this out if they try to purchase insurance through the ACA. This is why the majority of people that have signed up are those over 50 with health issues who cannot get insurance so the push is on to recruit young buyers. Many young people go to college today and eventually find a good job with good insurance so they aren't going to purchase it from the government, where they will have higher premiums and huge deductibles. It's the large deductibles that are the show stopper.

Like it or not, this is the way it works and if you have a pre-existing condition, it will cost you more for insurance through the ACA. No...they cannot refuse you but many are finding the coverage unaffordable.

In Topic: Celiac Testing And Insurance

15 November 2014 - 12:14 PM

SMRI......I made the point of saying I was not trying to start an argument but I knew someone would. My information is 100% true. You haven't read the law because it's in there. It is illegal to refuse insurance to anyone but like it or not, those with pre-existing conditions WILL BE charged more than healthy, younger people. I am sorry that you have a problem with the truth but the truth it is. That is part of the reason so many people are unhappy with the law, as it stands. It is not going to work like insurance in other countries with a single payer system. You have to buy a policy and how much you are charged depends on many factors, one of them being age and pre-existing conditions. The only people who will not pay more are those with very limited income, which is as it should be. I have no problem subsidizing Americans with limited income.