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Looking for answers

Member Since 01 Sep 2006
Offline Last Active Dec 10 2012 09:27 AM

#733747 P.f. Chang's

Posted by on 24 September 2011 - 06:32 PM

I eat there often: Anaheim, Long Beach and San Diego...no problems. I also eat at Pei Wei, which is their take-out chain...so good. I eat there at least once a week in Newport Beach or Seal Beacg and never have had a problem. Other locations of Pei Wei are not as trust worthy, I have found.
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#712301 Sibo Treatment - What Worked For You?

Posted by on 27 June 2011 - 10:07 AM

Follow-up: I read the blog on GAPS and ordered the book. I have to say that I really liked what I've read about the diet and have the highest hopes it will help me. I made two huge batches of the soup last night and just ate my first bowl...very tasty. I fasted Friday, Saturday and Sunday (using the Master Cleanse) and am so glad I did. I sort of reset my mental attitude about food and how much I need to consume. Plus, all of the bloating and gas is gone, and I think I'm in good shape to begin.

My plan is to follow GAPS (trying to do my best during a backpacking trip to Europe at the end of July) and then go back to following the Eat for Your Blood Type Diet. I loved how the latter was making me feel, but my stomach just can't handle all the fiber necessary for Type A just yet. I'll get there though...

Thank you so much for the information. That's why I LOVE this forum. I would have never known about GAPs without it!
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#710342 Sibo Treatment - What Worked For You?

Posted by on 20 June 2011 - 06:55 AM

I don't have SIBO but wanted to put it out there that GAPS might be looking into for you. The whole point of the diet is to starve out the bad critters in your gut and to introduce the good guys, restoring your gut flora balance. If you've got the good guys in the wrong part of your digestive tract I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

I have a couple posts on GAPS on my blog. The original posts (on the blog linked from my profile, not the mirrored site hosted here on celiac.com) have links to the books and products mentioned.
GAPS Resources
Starting GAPS

Thank you. I just checked out the diet and it seems very good, a lot of work, but I'll do anything at this point. I cannot tolerate milk, nuts or eggs, but maybe after some time I will be able to eat these things. Are you currently on this diet?
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#710171 Anyone Alergic To Eggs?

Posted by on 19 June 2011 - 12:36 PM

I accidentally found out through a allergy blood test. Since cutting them out my often late ngiht sore throats went away and I now sleep through the night (used to wake up to everything). I probably would have never figured out on my own. Recently, I ate some gluten-free bread that contained eggs and I woke up all through the night, just like the good ol days. Interesting.

I've hears (never tried it) that the "gel" created when you let chia seeds soak in water for 5-10 minutes makes an awesome substitute for eggs.
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#709151 Low Dose Naltroxene

Posted by on 15 June 2011 - 07:49 PM

Hey there!

I was prescribed it by a doctor at the Whitaker Wellness Center. I started taking it but then stopped as my hubby and I started talking about getting pregnant. I did a lot of research into it and it really seems to help people with autoimmune problems - all types. My doctor said it helped her reverse Lupus. I would defintely do your research, find a good doctor to work with. The only side effects I had was some vivid dreams. Dr. Mercola's site was the first I learned about it, so start there. He recommends it.
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#705144 Blood Type And Food Intolerances

Posted by on 02 June 2011 - 07:14 PM

you just have to find out what works for you REGARDLESS of what others say... as long as you're GLUTEN FREE, who cares which route u take to find out if you need additional changes to your diet. i dont FORCE the Bloodtype Diet down everyone's throat- i only share once in a blue moon if it might help. i cant tell you how many times i bite my tongue just so i dont have to see everyone's jokes & ridicule. i dont see why it has to be like that- i dont ridicule everyone else's diets & supplements or what might work for them.
i love all the bloodtype books & the "science" behind it... and i love that all of his supplements are gluten free, soy free, corn free, etc, etc, and great quality.... his "Connectivar" is the only thing that seems to have quieted my Hemmohroids..

but whatever... i dont think that we should ridicule eachother

I agree, it's one of those don't knock it until you try it thing. I've been adhering to the Type A diet and feel better than ever. It's made a huge difference. Perhaps, it's coincidental, but what do I care at the end of the day. I have no more cravings, I don't wake up feeling unrefreshed any longer, my skin is clearer than ever, and my mood is wonderful. I thought I would miss eating a lot of meat, but now all I want is vegetables. Meat a few times a week, like salmon or chicken is all I seem to need. I wouldn't have ever thought I would feel this way. Someone also mentioned that it's written so that half of Americans can eat what they want (Type O). Not true. It doesn't permit much gluten (only some sprouted bread for those who can handle gluten) or dairy or potatoes, sugar, processed foods and suggests avoiding corn and wheat...that doesn't sound like the typical American diet to me.
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#696702 These Seem Gluten Free- Why Are They Bothering Me?

Posted by on 03 May 2011 - 05:52 PM

They seem to be full of chemicals and additives. I think my stomach would be upset too...I know the gums in it would make my stomach hurt.
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#693868 Blood Type And Food Intolerances

Posted by on 21 April 2011 - 08:23 AM

A good starting point, I totally agree. I can't eat dairy anyways...causes bags under my eyes and acne...lovely, so that wasn't hard for me. I do eat a lot of tomatoes and red peppers, but what I decided to do is to strictly follow the diet for a month with as little cheating as possible. I'm taking note on how I feel, and then I may try adding back a couple of things to see how I react. Realistically, in the long run, I can only follow the diet 90% of the time because when eating out, it will be hard to completely avoid the do not eat list...we gluten-intolerance folks, first and forth most, have to ensure there's no gluten in our dishes and then worry about the other possible intolerances secondly. Meaning if I'm out and my only gluten-free option contains bell peppers, I'll eat it.

So far so good. In the past I usually feel like a mack truck hits me about 8:30 every night...this last week, I have to force myself to go to sleep by 11 p.m....I just have so much energy. Also, my cravings for sweets and the almighty chocolate are gone.
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#693771 Blood Type And Food Intolerances

Posted by on 20 April 2011 - 07:09 PM

over a year ago maybe i listened to the radio show online when Dr. Oz had Dr. D'Adamo on. Dr. Oz was very polite & open minded to the possibilities- but his partner (forgot his name) was a little more closed off. but it was a good show. Dr. Oz is bloodtype O, and i wondered after his colon cancer discovery-> if he should reconsider some of the diet- specifically taking wheat out of his diet. im assuming he DOES he wheat- as he's always advocating a whole grains & somewhat food pyramid diet.

Good point. He should probably take a closer look at the diet...it could do him some good!
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#693584 Blood Type And Food Intolerances

Posted by on 20 April 2011 - 10:12 AM

I've been following the diet for about a week now and can't believe the improvements. I thought I would feel hungry and tired if I didn't consume meat, and I've experienced the opposite. I've only eaten very small amounts of turkey since I started and feel like I have a suge of energy that I haven't felt since going gluten-free. I think it's definitely worth a try for those with lingering issues. BTW, this diet was mentioned on the Dr. Oz show last night and he didn't knock it...he said he can see it making sense for some people and perhaps it helps to explain why some people thrive on carbs while others do poorly on them.
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#691486 Blood Type And Food Intolerances

Posted by on 11 April 2011 - 06:45 PM

Thanks to you both for the responses. I'm just learning about this "diet" and found it fascinating. I wish I would have read about it years ago because I think it provides a nice starting point for elimination diets, once one is gluten-free and is still having problems. I'm going to adhere to it for a few weeks to see if I notice any difference. All in all I'm in great health, I just have ongoing stomach sensitivities that I can't seem to overcome. I wasn't at all surprised to find out I have type A blood - I usually feel very lethargic after eating red meat.
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#691380 Blood Type And Food Intolerances

Posted by on 11 April 2011 - 10:59 AM

I recently became interested in the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet after some successes a friend of mine has experienced on it. I got my blood tested and I am A positive blood type.

As you know, once you become gluten free, many of us have ongoing issues with trying to eliminate/figure out other food intolerances. Well, to my surprise, most the stuff on the "do not eat list" I created myself through elimination diet and trial and error were also found the "don't eat" list for the blood type diet.

I also found it interesting that my friend here at work who has celiac and is struggling to regain her health is a Type B. The book says Type Bs are closely linked with autoimmune disorders.

Anyone else have anything to share?
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#679583 I Have A Gluten Free Bun In My Oven !

Posted by on 01 March 2011 - 09:32 PM

God's hands are the perfect place to place your fears. Congrats, momma! This is great news. So many of my friends are pregnant right now, in fact, my best friend just found out she's having twins. A lot of blessings on the way!
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#679582 Can H Pylori Give False Positive On Endoscopy Biopsy?

Posted by on 01 March 2011 - 09:30 PM

No, hpylori is VERY common and does not cause that kind of damage. I have hpylori as well. I've kept it in control though dietary changes only.
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#675789 Diagnosed And Very Upset Now

Posted by on 16 February 2011 - 09:19 AM

Something to keep in mind: our bodies often become addicted to foods we are intolerant/allergic to. I never thought I could live without spaghetti or bread... but I don't even think about those things now. It will get easier as your body lets go of the addiction, I promise!
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