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In Topic: Do I Confront The Pediatrician With Our Discovery?

13 January 2008 - 10:37 AM

I had a similar situation. My daughter started slipping on the growth chart at the same time as solid introduction. There were a few other symptoms that we didn't quite connect at first. Due to her growth issues, celiac was one of the things her ped tested. Since it wasn't a common test, it took over a week for results.

She had her blood drawn on Friday. I spent all day Saturday researching celiac disease and discovering the host of other symptoms we had written of as "just how she is." We made the decision to go gluten free after reading that the tests weren't reliable in infants. I figured even if it was negative, I would still wonder

By day 2, she was standing-something she had never done before. By day 4, she was crawling which was a milestone she was behind. Her nap schedule went from 2 2-hour naps plus 1 1-hour nap to a short morning nap and a 2-hour afternoon nap. Her energy levels were clearly way up!

She was sick later that week (older sisters in school!) so she was seen at the doc and weighed. She had gained 5 ounces in 5 days of gluten free! When the doctor called the next day to tell me her test results were negative, I told him what we had experienced. He said to keep her gluten free and see what happens. 2 1/2 months later at her 1-year checkup he was amazed at her progress and declared the gluten free diet a success.

He still would like to do a challenge when she is 4 or 5, but we've had enough accidental challenges before her older sisters went gluten free to decline that with clear conscience. I would just let him know what you have seen and inform him that your family is officially adopting the gluten free lifestyle. He can take what he wants out of that.

In Topic: Salt Dough?

11 September 2007 - 07:57 AM

how old is your daughter? i was cautioning my daughter about checking ingredients on some "goo" she was playing with and she said, "mom, i know how to wash my hands."

Well, that's true. She's 9, but can sometimes be irresponsible. In a situation where I won't be there to remind her if she forgets, I think I'd rather not risk her getting ill. It's been a rough few weeks with my girls and their food issues (we have recently discovered a red dye reaction and done quite a bit of travel which included dining out).

In Topic: Rice Dream

15 May 2007 - 07:56 PM

What concerns me is that the email mentions it will soon be "marked gluten free" and not that it is becoming gluten free. Would the FDA guidelines that are coming out allow the malt content of Rice Dream to be labeled gluten free? I was thinking some of the information I had read about the guidelines was that there would be a certain threshold to mark gluten free.

In Topic: What's The Difference?

14 May 2007 - 11:09 AM

From my understanding, having the celiac gene means you can (and probably will) develop celiac disease at some point in your life. Having the celiac gene and symptoms would absolutely mean celiac!

In Topic: Mi-del Cookies?

11 May 2007 - 09:52 AM

My youngest is very sensitive and she eats these all the time. That's not to say that there couldn't be a risk of CC, but in 6 months and several bags of both the animal cookies and ginger snaps, she hasn't gotten sick.

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