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#827654 gluten-free Options In Gluten-Using Restaurants

Posted by on 05 October 2012 - 09:02 AM

I think the way to think about it is that risk is not a yes/no question but a scale.

If you cook in your home and have a totally gluten free house, the risk is very low but if anyone leave your house or visits, opportunities for contamination start to creep in. If humans work in the production of your gluten free ingredients, there is some level of risk.

If you get something gluten free from a business that uses flour directly, you have lots of risk. If all of the flour based products are prepared off site, the risk for their gluten-free options is somewhere in between.

The best you can do is get lots of advice then make informed decisions about what you are being exposed to.
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#453921 Still Drinking Regular Beer - No Problems

Posted by on 06 August 2008 - 05:17 AM

There is so much variation from human to human it is hard to generalize.

I'm not sure what "... I definitely have Celiac and I always tested negative..." means considering that celiac overlaps other diseases/conidtions in symptoms, etc. A true wheat allergy could symtomatically be exactly like classic celiac symtoms, test negative on all standard celiac tests and still allow someone to consume gluten in the form of barley or rye.

Just to be clear, I really don't care how someone chooses to describe their "condition". I am concerned that someone might try to extrapolate one person's experience into a general statement about celiac and beer.

Added note: I have accidentally consumed malt from barley with no symptoms. I didn't have an immediate blood test so I don't know if there were other things happening. I would not jump from that to starting to consume all foods with barley (although that would make cereal selections significantly better).
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